"11/9" is the fourth episode of Cult. It premiered September 26, 2017.


Harrison trains a new client at his gym. Beverly contends with competition in the workplace. Ivy has a violent confrontation at a rally. [1]


Election Night 2016 is being reported by Beverly Hope, interrupted by professional rival Serena Belinda. Dr. Vincent, the Mayfair-Richards, Winter and her friends, Serena, Beverly, her cameraman R.J., and the Wiltons are all in line at the polls. As expected, Ally votes for Jill Stein. Harrison votes for Gary Johnson, Serena votes for Trump; and Ivy, Beverly, R.J., Dr. Vincent, and Winter and her friends all vote for Clinton. Meadow, nothing like any of candidates votes for Oprah Winfrey as a write-in. Kai carries a bleeding Gary Longstreet to the polling booth, both voting for Trump, and as Gary emerges from his booth, he holds up his freshly severed stump of an arm in exclamation.

Kai meets Harrison as his personal fitness trainer (by request) the day after the election. Kai presents himself as an application developer with a strong interest in politics. Kai indoctrinates Harrison into his world-view. Harrison's boss, Vinny, attempts to humiliate him by making him clean up emissions in the steam room. A noise draws his attention to the happy face logo drawn in steam in a mirror. Later, Harrison catches Kai openly and loudly masturbating in a shower stall. 

Harrison returns home to a despondent Meadow, who has received an eviction notice. They argue over finances and whose fault the foreclosure is. To distract him, Meadow unsuccessfully attempts to seduce him. Harrison's boss, Vinny, berates him at work for not up-selling sessions to Kai. Kai objects to harder tactics, and Harrison reveals his financial dilemma to Kai, who inspires him and draws him in. Another humiliating clean-up later (with Kai drawing the happy face again), Kai subtly convinces and motivates Harrison to stand up to Vinny. Harrison pins Vinny under barbells, crushing his chest and breaking his ribs. Harrison finishes him off with a dumbbell to the head. Kai helps to cover up the murder and its electronic trail. Kai has been grooming Harrison for indoctrination, and they dispose of the body by dismembering it in their hotel bathtub. Meadow comes home to the hotel room to find them in the act. Without significant surprise at what they're doing, Harrison introduces Kai as "someone to believe in".

Beverly reports on Vinny's discovered corpse in a landfill in December, while Serena gets to report on fluff pieces. Kai replays Beverly's report wondering about a mentioned absence. Beverly attacked a teenager after being interrupted throughout several broadcasts by bystanders interjecting "grab her by the pussy"; she spends a month in anger management treatment. Beverly interrupts Bob and Serena in an intimate moment, and Bob urges Beverly to compromise her stories to favor time for Serena. Later, Beverly takes out her aggression on Bob's tires. Kai catches her and offers tips and takes her out for coffee. He outlines his plan for world domination, and they discuss her rage that inspires him. She notes that his campaign for city council is premature, as there are no open seats. He invites her to visit his campaign office in a few days.

Serena reports on a pet adoption event, and while on camera she and Cole, her cameraman, are viciously butchered by Meadow, Kai, and Harrison, in clown costumes designed by Meadow. Beverly accuses Kai of the violence, and when he admits that he did it for her, she declares her allegiance to him in shared equal power. Beverly scoops the story when Vinny's head is located.

The day before the election, Ivy tries to convince Ally to come to a rally. Ally doubts Trump has a chance and dismisses the idea that Clinton will lose. Ivy and Gary argue at the rally, and Gary sexually assaults her. Winter intercedes and Gary drives away. Together, Winter and Ivy ditch the rally and eat at The Butchery. Ivy is upset that she didn't defend herself, and they discuss the politics of misogyny. That night, Gary closes up the grocery excited about the next day's election. Winter distracts him while Ivy stuns him from behind.

Handcuffed and bound, Gary swears at the women, who intend to keep him until after the election. Winter comes home, and Kai questions the blood on her. He asks how it felt to hurt someone as she did. Later, Kai tracks down Gary, who pleads with him for release so that he can vote. Kai riles Gary up, and they saw off his hand so that he can cast his vote, with Kai watching in pleasure.

Featured Characters

Vincenzo 'Vinny' Ravoli

Vincenzo 'Vinny' Ravoli was a guest character in American Horror Story portrayed by T.J. Hoban.

Personal trainer and owner of the Funtime Fitness, a local gym, he used to harass and humiliate Harrison with his biased homophobia, forcing his employee into degrading tasks. He found his premature death when Harrison fought back, fueled by Kai's persuasive speeches. Dismembered and thrown into a landfill in the Hoyt area, the pieces of his corpse were found weeks later.


  • Harrison: "I like to start by asking people their life goals."

     Kai: "World domination."

  • Kai (to Harrison): "Harrison.. I'm just a mirror. Anything you see in me is in you. I am you. And if I say you're great, then you're great."
  • Kai (to Harrison): "We are gonna wipe out everything you know, and build something bigger and better than anything you can possibly imagine."
  • Kai (to Beverly): "You have IT. Rage. It defines you, like no one I've ever seen."
  • Beverly Hope (reporting Ravoli's murder): "How much carnage must we the people endure before we finally say 'enough!'?"

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