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1940s wedding

The 1940s living room


Occupants appear to have been an Army Infantryman returned from WWII and his newlywed bride. Clues allude to a man calling himself "Brother Ronald", though whether or not this is the infantryman or a third person is not entirely clear.

Evidence in Room[]

A few bloodstained garments are all that remain of their special day. Visit the living room to piece together the bride's story.

Dead bride in wedding gown
Exact circumstances of death unknown, but there is evidence of blunt trauma to the head, and blood pooled in lap.
Champagne Bottles
Several Arte de Brut bottles depicting (from left to right) a bride and groom, the bride and groom sideways with blood on the bottle, then what appears to be the bloody drag marks leading to the husband. The last bottle is difficult to discern, the label torn and bloodied.
Dead Bouquet
A bouquet of dead, dried white roses under a glass cover. Two insects are visible inside, as is a small amount of blood droplets. In floriography, dried white roses signify the phrase "Death is preferable to a loss of virtue."
Slaughtered Lamb
A lamb figurine with what appears to be blood drips near the mouth and underside.
Wedding Photo
A picture of the soldier and his bride standing near their wedding cake. If the view is pulled to the right the bride morphs into a skeleton, with bloodstains visible over the bride's stomach area.
Wedding Souvenirs
A bloodied wedding trinket of white lace and silk flowers.
Wedding Garments
Blood covered lace undergarments.
Scratched Floorboards
Four scratches in the wooden floorboards. Photo evidence suggests it was the bride's hand.
Husband's Photos
A note dated 10-10-44, the recipient's name scratched out, reads "I just came home from work, remember your hat and your ring. Love, Brother Ronald." Two photos flanking the note have (on the left) a man and women with their faces indiscernably scratched, and (to the right) a lone man with his face similarly hidden,
Bloodied Crime Photos
The photos are of the dead bride, but the very obscured crime reports appear to be from the 1950s kitchen situation. The reason for this is unknown. The note has been translated as follows (a group of crosses represents a indecipherable word):

Detective, Lead Investigator: ____________________ Date: +++ 4/?/57 Location: William and Loraine Baxter Summons: +++ +++ by mail carrier from the home of Celia Jacobs of 1322 to +++ and +++ similar reports of homicides and missing persons Witnesses: No eyewitnesses. Body discovered at approx. 8:00 pm +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ Suicide Victim Loraine Baxter d.o.b. 4/4/25 32 years old, approx. 5’5’ 120 lbs. brown hair light build. found in kitchen with head in heated oven. Blood stains on clothing, hands and skin with no indication of bleeding. Appearances of +++ +++ +++ +++ and arm. Severe bruising on left shoulder. Possibly +++ light bruising on face +++ and +++ +++ +++ mouth appears to Homicide Victim William Baxter d.o.b. 5/28/22 35 years old, found cut into small pieces and placed in canning jars. Approx. 13 jars. No additional remains of victim found. Blood upstairs appears to have come from victim two and covered the clothing and skin of victim one. Cause of death, possible poisoning of drink or food. Evidence Collected Kitchen knife 13 inches in overall length: Measures 5 inches and is +++++ inches, 16 diameter. Blade edges have coagulated blood and hair embedded Bowling bag contains unused blue bowling shoes, white shirt and black bowling ball, +++. note found in inner pocket of bag with message, “nice to see you, +++ +++, hope you like the house.” Empty bottles of vinegar. 12 gallon jugs, empty. Scattered across the floor and table. Hand held food chopper, 12 inches high glass +++ and +++ and +++ appears to have blood on the inside, possibly used to chop several body parts Small kitchen knife, 7 inches in overall length and found in kitchen sink. ++++++ ++++ ++++ blood. Possibly used for cutting eyes, ears, ++++, tongue, and fingers. Search of house Front and rear door locked. Search of house showed no evidence of robbery or vandalism, orderly appearance. Blood tracks contained to kitchen floor area. Victim one William Baxter. William was found on the kitchen table. No ++++ evidence removed from house.