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This article features a single room of the house featured in You're Going To Die In There.


Occupants appear to have been a young boy named Alex and his young sister.

Evidence in Room[]

What mystery will be revealed in the attic of the American Horror Story house? Be the first to uncover its legacy.

Dialogue (Man's Voice, possibly adult Alex)

I was young, I don't remember much. She was... special. I wanted to feel that way too. I DIDN'T hate her though. She was my blood. When I woke up, I saw her... and I couldn't put her back together. I don't think anyone could have... It was done. It had to be.

Mummified Creature

Looks to be part dog and part rabbit. This could possibly be a reference to the "Bell Witch" legend. The "Bell Witch" poltergeist first manifested itself with a half rabbit, half dog creature. A possible further reference to the "Bell Witch" legend is made on the "Family Portrait" webpage.


Shows video of a girl in dress along with beach footage featuring a boy. A hand is making bunny shadows, which are similar to the ears of the mummified creature. Before the footage of the girl ends, the hand is replaced by a pair of hands that make a strangling motion over her.

Brother and sister painting with blood spots on it.

Blood soaked ice skates

Cigarrette Box

Bug specimen collection on it

Child's Fable

A short story written and drawn by a child that describes a young boy's encounters with a "monster" that his mother believed to be an imaginary friend that eventually made him kill a cat and rhinoceras. He hid the bodies in his drawer and described people looking for them for twenty-four hours. Possibly written and drawn by the child, Alex, himself. "Monster" may well be the mummified creature, though whether or not is was real or a figment of Alex's worsening mental condition is unknown.