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This article features a single room of the house featured in You're Going To Die In There.



Occupants were Stanley Samuel Argento and his wife Marie Nikki Argento. Other characters were Daniel Miguel Sanchez, V. Miller, Robin T Hooper, Clive Kaufman, and Matthew Lussier. Hooper, Lussier, and Kaufman were officers who responded to a police call by passerby Daniel Miguel Sanchez, who used the phone of neighbor V. Miller.

Evidence in Room[]

Something unnatural occurred in the library. Their bodies were used as objects, but was it for pleasure or pain?


The bodies of Stanley and Marie, left in the middle of the room

Audio of Unknown Woman

"Strange things happened in that house. I've been here through them all, so I can't put all the blame on those two. They provoked it, I believe, but no one deserves to leave this world in such a way. Oh! Strange and demented! I don't understand it and I try not to think about it. No one deserves that."

Police incident report

Dated 9/23/1984. The couple died during acts of BDSM. Both Stanley and Nikki were found severely bruised due to the acts of knife play, erotic asphyxiation, and also blunt-force trauma. They were still bounded, Stanley's shoulders were dislocated, and Marie had her throat slit. They were covered in their blood. One of the gag-balls used was still in Stanley's mouth and he and Marie were shown to have inhuman scratches on their bodies. As the couple owned no pets, the officers were at a loss as to what caused them.

Video Tape

It appears to be a video Stanley and Marie were recording of their acts of BDSM when an unknown third figure entered the room and murdered them.


Pictures showing a story, the two discuss how they met and fell in love. The last few seem to be of the murder taking place, though there is no third figure and there appears to be a jump in time between their deaths and previous talk.

A piece of torn wallpaper with words written in blood: "You fear what you desire. You desire what you fear."

The 120 Days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade

Bitten Ball Gag