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This article features a single room of the House featured in 'You're Going To Die In There.


Main occupant was a person named V, and clues allude to the presence of a significant other and a possible family.

Evidence in Room[]

It was all very clean on the surface, but not clean enough.

Audio of (presumably) "V"

"It was everywhere. No matter how hard I tried, it was never enough. The filth just oozed out of them. I could see it. I could even smell it. I could hardly breathe. It was all through our home. I didn't want anyone to find out we were contaminated, so...I had to clean them out."

Petri dishes that spell out "UNCLEAN"

Anthropology Book: "The Canela: Kinship, Ritual and Sex in an Amazonian Tribe: Bonding Through Kinship, Ritual and Sex" by William H Crocker and Jean G Crocker.

This is an actual anthropology textbook from 2003. It is a case study of an Amazonian people, the Canela, which traces changes through time, a group uniquely held together by social and sexual bonds, and reveals the ethnographer's fieldwork practices. The authors present much of the material through short narratives and examples with Native points of view are expressed through their diaries. The reader is introduced to the Canela with an account of one of the author's arrivals in the tribe. This is followed by a brief history of the Canela that clarifies how the network of the kinship system holds the society together, and how the unusual sex practices create satisfying bonds among the people. The case study also shows how the practice of rituals affirms the group way of life for the individual."
The Canela are referred due to this belief of the tribe: “Canela Relationships with Ghosts: This-Worldly or Otherworldly Empowerment,” by William H. Crocker. In theLatin American Anthropology Review, 1993, Volume 5(2), pp. 71–78. "Aboriginally, the Canela did not have God or gods. They did not try to manipulate supernatural beings to bring them aid. They did, however, have ghosts—their recently dead relatives, who, still longing for their living kin, tried to coax them into their otherworld, thereby killing them."

'Love Notes' from "V".

  • "Remember to decontaminate your hands after every touch. There is so much dirt all around you, on your skin and inside of you. We must all do our part to keep clean. V."
  • "You have needs. I have needs. The scrub, antiseptic, and gloves serve both our needs. Three times before touch. V."
  • "I remember a time when none of this mattered. We were pure and your love protected me. Then came the filth. I need you to know that I did all this to protect our home and family. But, it was inside you. Even in the beginning. I was just blind to it. V."
  • "Micro-organisms have colonized this bed and I can only do so much to control this problem. Please complete and full decontamination treatment before bed. Respect the regimen and things will get better. V."
  • "We can't trust the barrier anymore. It came from a factory with hands and mouths. The filth will always find a way in. V."
  • "Please wear gloves and follow procedures. (I found fingerprints on the door...did you think I wouldn't know?!") V."

Field Notes

Bloody Perfect Clean Kit

Must Clean List

An exhaustive list of daily cleaning items that clearly belong to a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder (V). Notably, "bodies" are listed over twenty times as needing to be cleaned.

Apple iBook Blueberry on Desk

This laptop model was sold from 1999 - 2001. On the screen, called "Manifesto", it says:

"2/5 Notes:

The peeling away of morality, exposure of the animal beneath and the normalization of animal behaviors in human sexuality creates the perfect environment for contamination.

The loss of an omniscient 'god' had made room for man's animal instincts to be honored in private, revealed to the public space and celebrated in the media. The borders between instinct/impulse, behavior, and public knowledge of behaviors have been torn down. Exposure of moral transgressors has led to wide acceptance of what some regard as moral decay. Others see the outcome as a simple acknowledgement of the 'truth' of the animal that man has always been.

Moral weakness weakens the physical body. And modern western culture has no cleansing rituals to regain the balance in the body, and purify the mind. There are actual moral diseases transferred during sexual behavior. They attack the body, and our special treatment only strengthens the disease. The ultimate morality is biological. There is no disguising, no excusing, and no denying the legitimacy of this morality/disease structure.

Personal freedom and sexual liberty come at an unconscionably high price. Sexual permissiveness becomes physical enslavement, bodies become victims of man's desires."