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Adam Carpenter is a young gay man tired of systemic homophobia and hate crimes targeting his community. He is a character in NYC portrayed by Charlie Carver.


Adam is down in the dumps over a recent breakup. His friend Sully tries to cheer him up by taking him with him to Central Park. Pretending to deal drugs, Sully actually wants to cruise. The two boys are pursued by a giant hooded man in a harness and other leather attire, but only Adam manages to escape him. The following day he reports Sully missing at Precinct 6, but Detective Patrick Read can do nothing unless he has been missing for 24 hours. Disappointed, Adam goes to the Neptune Baths where he spots the man in a photo behind the counter taken by Theo Graves.[1]

Adam visits the photographer in his penthouse. In exchange for shirtless shots, Theo tells him what he knows about so-called "Big Daddy." Namely, that he is dead. Adam then visits Gino Barelli at The Downtown Native, a reporter he spoke to at the bathhouse, seeking help. The reporter makes him aware of his recent abduction and both complain of systemic homophobia leading to an interview for which Adam is grilled by the cops. Chief Marzara and detectives Read and Mulcahey urge him to recant and a wide man in jockstrap and cowboy hat comes in to slap Adam off the chair. Morris picks Adam from detention and the two go the the Warehouse for a show. On the subway, Morris and Adam are startled by a woman rambling about something coming for them. At the warehouse, Adam argues with Theo about promiscuity.[2]

The murders continue and Adam teams up with Gino to discover the identity of what they call the Mai Tai Killer. Meanwhile, Adam has a date with Theo at the exclusive Ascension Club; still troubled by receiving a Mai Tai from a stranger, the club is set on fire by Big Daddy. The survivors are rushed to the ER. Dr Hannah Wells, a friend of Adam's, attends to him. In the throes of a crisis caused by smoke inhalation, Adam urges Theo to phone Gino, and warns them the killer is amongst them. [3]

At the Native, Gino reads aloud Adam's first article. Adam is using a pseudonym to distance himself from the article, and Gino encourages him to put more of his outraged recollections into the story. The city is in a sultry cape and Adam and Theo make amends by sleeping together. Awakened by a phone call, Adam fears it is the aggressor but it is only Morris who invites him to an event at the warehouse. During a blackout, Adam is stalked by Sam, Theo's former lover who threatens him. Adam arrives at the warehouse where an orgy is in progress and warns bystanders of the danger of at least two active serial killers targeting their community.[4]

Adam and Hannah visit a Psychic Reader Parlor; they will have a child together and are concerned about recent events. The psychic is Fran, a free-lancer at the newspaper as well as a conspiracy theorist who reached Hannah weeks earlier. The two are even more skeptical when the tarot readings predict death. Adam accompanies Hannah to the gynecologist, who reveals complications due to low blood cell count. While the gynecologist is dismissive, Hannah found the same symptom in the fire survivors, including Adam. Theo wants Adam to have a positive psychic experience, self-proclaiming himself a psychic as well, but even this second tarot reading by Fran turns out to be frightening. He later talks to Gino about it.[5]

Patrick walks Adam to the morgue to see if he recognizes his friend Sully in the pieces Whitely, aka the Mai Tai Killer stitched together to create a "Sentinel" in his homicidal frenzy. Adam and Hannah meet with Fran, KK, and Lita to discuss what is happening-the entire community is suffering from mysterious symptoms that Fran believes are caused by government experiments and dying at the hands of serial killers. Although Patrick and Gino have killed Whitely, there is still Big Daddy on the loose. Gino, however, dismisses Adam's theories.[6]

The gang goes to Fire Island to celebrate having survived the horror of the Mai Tai Killer. Avoiding Sam's attempts to sabotage their fun, Adam and Theo have a great time even though Theo is unwell. At the bungalow where they are hosted by Patrick and Gino, the two boys try to cheer Patrick up after a love quarrel and later Adam saves Gino from Big Daddy's attack. The two are cornered by the leather man until Patrick shoots him in the head. While the three are panicking in the living room about what to do, Big Daddy disappears.[7]

Adam is distraught over Theo's death, which is coupled with the discovery that Hannah and their baby have also died under mysterious circumstances. The coroner dismisses murder–Theo died of fungal pneumonia, exacerbated by his crucifixion and drugs, but didn't suffer. Adam repeatedly listens to tapes of Hannah's research, giving more credence to Fran's stories about the research on Plum Island, and that there is some truth to the conspiracy theories. The labs have requested tick samples to document the newly discovered 'Lyme disease', which is not identical to the other contagion from Fire Island.

Adam visits Kathy Pizazz at the Neptune Baths to post flyers about safe sex and the woman reveals that they are closing down. Gone are the moments of glory in the midst of death. Before saying goodbye, Kathy tells Adam that he is too young to think about not dying. On his way home, on the subway, a poster depicting a Plague Doctor with the word 'Daddy' all over it is behind him. By 1987, the mysterious virus has been identified as HIV/AIDS. Adam and Gino continue their fights for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and Adam takes his mentor Gino to Patrick's funeral, who died from complications of AIDS. Adam delivers the eulogy at his mentor's funeral in 1990, after more than 150 thousand have died. [8]

Personality and Appearance[]

Adam is a young idealist who dreams of being able to live openly and freely in a systematically homophobic society. In a conversation with Theo, it emerges that Adam is monogamous and has a different view of relationships than many of his peers who seek the thrill of hooking up. [2] Under the guidance of Gino Barelli, Adam finds a way to voice his anger and becomes a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. [4] Adam, just like his mentor, is not afraid of repercussions from the authorities whom he challenges head-on.[2]

Adam is in his thirties with auburn hair, dark eyes and an athletic physique. His attire is causal and easygoing, reflecting his affable personality.



  • Adam is the only known character to survive the season.


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