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Adeline Harding is the deceased wife of Dex Harding. She is a character in American Horror Story: Delicate portrayed by Annabelle Dexter-Jones.


Adeline was born to Ivy in 42 A.D. Western Europe alongside her twin sister Sonia.[1] Overtime she grew guilty and repulsed by mission of Delicate Coven that she renounced and defected to the goddess Hestia. Eventually she married Dex Harding and opened her own vegan restaurant "Hestia" devoted to the goddess.[1]


Personality and Appearance[]

Adeline was a youthful woman with a blonde pixie cut hairstyle and fair skin. Compared to her twin sister, Adeline has a more benevolent personality and loathes the Delicate Coven's evil ritual practices.


Adeline was one of the first witches and disciples of the Delicate Coven. She later renounced the coven and was empowered by Hestia.

  • Immortality - Adeline appeared to be immune to all aging, disease and death. However, this power has been revoked upon defecting her family's coven.[1]
  • Potioncraft - Potioncraft is the ability of witches to create/produce mixtures and substances with magical properties. As a former member of the Delicate Coven she can be assumed to perform this.[2]
  • Spellcraft - Affinity for casting spells and performing rituals.[2]


To Hestia: "Salve, o puer. Ave Hestia. Vivant liberi Domini nostri"
To Sonia: "What you need, you take without permission. But I already left, and I know too much to ever go back."


  • It's possible during Sonia and Adeline's knife game that they are using Concilium to harm the other.



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