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Agnes Mary Winstead is an actress far too fond of her role. She is a character in Roanoke portrayed by Kathy Bates. Agnes portrayed The Butcher in "My Roanoke Nightmare".


Right from the moment when Agnes booked for the part of the Butcher, she felt a strong connection with the character; So much as to become obsessed by it. Her nuanced portrayal garnered rave reviews all around and was even nominated for a Saturn Award. Despite this, Agnes has embodied so much into the part that has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder after attacking tourists on the streets of Hollywood. She was hospitalized soon after at Holly Hill where she was followed by experienced counselors.[2]

Personality and Appearance[]

An aging actress diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, obsessed with the character of the Butcher after having portrayed her in "My Roanoke Nightmare". The glimmer of madness is visible in her eyes when she is made uneasy by innuendo.

Despite her sadistic side, she does feel remorse for killing Alissa (one of Sidney's crew members) as Alissa had a baby. Thus, Agnes had robbed a baby of its mother, an act Agnes believed to be one of the worst things a person could do.


Agnes is interviewed by Sidney Aaron James at her apartment at The Oaks furnished apartments, where the man recalls the past successes of the actress in her role as "The Butcher". Sidney leads quickly the interview to Agnes' period of break out, causing her chagrin since she was all absorbed in her musings about connections with the character and the role of the historical Thomasin White. The woman is in fact visibly uncomfortable about the question about her mental health and the obsession with the infamous killer she played in "My Roanoke Nightmare", including accusations of stealing props from the set. Excited to return to play the Butcher for the second season entitled "Return to Roanoke: 3 Days in Hell," her dreams are suddenly shattered by a policewoman who gives her a file of restrictive injunction wanted by Sidney. The fact that the producer wants her to be at least 150 meters from the set causes a sudden outburst in Agnes, who began to insult him starting to speak with the same accent of the Butcher, while Sidney, Diana Cross and the rest of the troupe leave the apartment.[2]

Agnes, dressed as The Butcher, brutally kills Sidney and two crew members in the vicinity of the production trailer. On the same night, sneaked in Roanoke House, Agnes assails Shelby Miller striking her shoulder with an ax blow, but is stunned by Dominic before she can kill Shelby. Mysteriously disappeared from the room, Agnes finds refuge in the bunker used as a shelter by Elias Cunningham, where she is carried away by delusional speeches, finding herself surrounded by wooden totems appeared out of nowhere in a moment of a blackout. Agnes then launches a second attack, this time to the detriment of Monet, Audrey and Lee Harris wandering in the woods, but the latter shoots at her, forcing Agnes to go back again in the bunker where Agnes removes the bullet from her shoulder with pliers. At the mercy of yet hallucinations, Agnes amasses some fuel cans in front of the mansion, but when the real ghosts of the Lost Colony approach brandishing torches, Agnes falls to her knees before the real Butcher, who splits the actress's skull with a single cleaver hit.[3]


  • Agnes is the fifth character portrayed by Kathy Bates. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • Agnes portrayed The Butcher in My Roanoke Nightmare.
  • According to Audrey Tindall, Agnes went mental on set and tortured her. During a call to 911, Audrey reported an attack by Agnes outside her home, furious for not having won the Saturn Award for which she was nominated, won instead by Audrey.
  • In "Chapter 7," Agnes pronounced some phrases in Gaelic, probably prayers to the ancient gods since she was reciting one of these phrases while she was about to sacrifice Shelby Miller.


  • Agnes: "The Butcher... She's the role of a lifetime. And I felt a connection with her from the very first moment that I booked the audition."
  • To Sidney Aaron James: "I dove too deep into the part. But I got help. My meds are completely regulated, and I'm excited to start the new season."
  • To Sidney: "But you need me. You can't do Roanoke without The Butcher."
  • Agnes: "It was my destiny. They chose me. I was the fan favorite. All my life, people have underestimated me. They only booked me for three episodes, but I got five. 'Cause the fans wanted more. They wanted The Butcher."
  • Thoughts on Sidney, imitating The Butcher: "Damn, treacherous, despicable serpent. Hurling wicked insults at mine every turn. He should not have cast me aside so. He deserves to roast for an eternity in the flaming depths of all this blood."
  • To The Butcher: "You're The Butcher. My idol. My maker... I'm sorry... I just wanted to be on TV."
  • Agnes, imitating The Butcher: "Deliver yourself onto me and I shall grant you a merciful death!"



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