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Agnetha is a Scandinavian tourist who checked into the Cortez but won't get the chance to check out. She is a character in Hotel portrayed by Helena Mattsson.


She is a naive Swedish girl who came to LA to have some fun with her friend.

Personality and Appearance[]

She is a tall and sexy young blonde with beautiful light eyes. She wears short and comfortable but also provocative clothes.


Agnetha comes to Los Angeles with her friend Vendela to visit Universal Studios. They booked one night at the Cortez Hotel, but while checking in, they discover that the place isn't as was advertised; it was too far from the attractions and just too spooky. She relied on the English speaking Vendela to ask for a refund, but Iris refused so they agreed to give the place a chance.

In their room, Agnetha sensed a strange smell coming from the mattress. When they took off the sheets, they found that the mattress had large, irregular stitching sewn down the middle. When Vendela cut away the sutures, a decrepit creature crawled out and terrified the girls. They attempted to check out, but Iris convinced them to wait in Room 64 until the police arrived.

There, as Vendela slept, Agnetha fell prey to the Countess' children in the bathroom before they were interrupted by her roused roommate. Later, the girls are imprisoned in neon festooned cages, where Iris chastised them for the pills found in their luggage and told them they were going to be cleansed by her recipe of blended organ meats and white wine. After Iris left them in the care of Sally, Agnetha looked on as the mischievous ghost released her friend, leaving her begging not to be left behind as Vendela followed Sally's command to run.[1]

Agnetha dies as she is being fed upon by Elizabeth's children. Liz wheels her corpse to a garbage chute, and after Miss Evers removes the bloody sheet over her for cleaning, she is sent sliding to a basement room to join the bodies of her roommate Vendela and the decrepit man they found in their mattress.[2]

Agnetha and Vendela run into Donovan in the hotel penthouse, where they ask for directions on how to visit the Fast & Furious at Universal Studios. Donovan confirms Vendela's suspicion that they are dead. The girls are ghosts, who have been wandering aimlessly around the hotel corridors since their deaths. He tells them that there is no way out, but that their 'hamster wheel' existence will be less meaningless if they can find a purpose.

Later, Agnetha comes across Mr Wu in a hallway and he invites her to his room. They have sex, and Vendela appears at the foot of the bed and requests to join them. Mr Wu refuses, believing the girls to be prostitutes who are trying to 'tag team' him and then charge him for the night. He retreats to the ensuite, telling Vendela and Agnetha to be gone by the time he emerges. Vendela takes a knife and follows him. Mr Wu cries out and then stumbles back into the bedroom, bleeding heavily from Vendela's stab wounds. Agnetha leaps onto him for a piggyback as he bleeds out, crying out about her Fast & Furious ride.

In the aftermath of Mr Wu's death, Agnetha and Vendela sit on the bedroom floor and lament their lack of purpose. Alex finds them and says that their purpose could be useful to John, who has always wanted two girls. They find John in a hallway and take him to his room and they have a threesome and blood starts to appear making John uncomfortable and he leaves. John goes back to his room and finds Agnatha and Vendela walking out his door.

Agnetha and Vendela are later seen during the "Ghost Meeting" conducted by James March within the final episode of the season, where it is revealed that she and Vendela have started a polyamorous relationship with the ghost of Mr. Wu. They are also seen when Liz wants her "family" to kill her, but Elizabeth does it instead of the family.


  • To Vendela: "It's retro. Maybe it will be fun."


  • Agnetha is the first character portrayed by Helena Mattsson in the series.

Associated Characters[]

Mr. Wu[]

Wu is a guest starring character in American Horror Story portrayed by Charles Melton.

Mr. Wu is a handsome albeit womanizing man who checked into the hotel sometime after Agnetha and Vendela's death. Trying to find her purpose in the afterlife, Agnetha seduced him and had sex with him, after which Vendela killed him by stabbing him with a knife. Agnetha later joined, from which the two began to stab him repeatedly. At some point after this, he returns as a ghost, and begins a polyamorous relationship with Agnetha and Vendela. He becomes popular among female hotel guests for offering sexual favors from beyond the grave. His room, as a result, has to become booked ahead of time, thenceforth known as the "Wu Room".