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Alana is the manager of The Ditch, a night club in New York City owned by mobsters. She is a character in NYC portrayed by Rebecca Dayan.



At the Ditch, Alana greets Gino whom she had not seen for weeks and the reporter introduces Patrick to her. Gino and Alana discuss the recent murders but she advises the reporter to turn around and go somewhere else if he's inquiring about them tonight. Alana denies any association between the club and the dead men. She also hints at her bosses being mobsters by telling Gino that they "don't pay taxes and they settle their problems in New Jersey." During the evening, a man is stabbed in the neck by an unknown assailant, causing a commotion inside the club that Patrick tries to contain.[1]

Alana recognizes the Mai Tai Killer on Gino's flyer as a Vietnam veteran who frequents the leather bar. She recalls that he had a negative energy that she attributed to having been in the war. When confronted about what happened, for Alana the bar will be packed with patrons as if nothing had happened. [2]

Personality and Appearance[]

Alana is a beautiful middle-aged woman, she has her hair up and can be seen wearing sexy leather clothing.


  • To Gino: "Who's hiding in that dark closet you like to throw light into?"
  • To Gino: "You won't like Jersey, especially not from the inside of an oil drum."



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