Alex Lowe is a mother, a doctor, and the wife of detective John Lowe.. She is a character in Hotel portrayed by Chloë Sevigny. She and her husband are dealing with a major loss in their family when he checks in the Hotel Cortez.


Alex Lowe is a loving mother and a good wife. She works as a doctor and lives with her daughter and a dog.

Alex, John, and their children Scarlett and Holden were at a Santa Monica carnival. John decides to take Holden to the carousel, while Alex and Scarlett spend time together. He puts him on a horse, then checks a notification on his phone. When he turns back around, he sees that Holden is not on the carousel anymore.

After a week of constantly checking her phone, she becomes distant and doesn't talk much. Even after a year, she can't get used to living without her son. She admits that she loved him even more than Scarlett and John. One night John found her dying in the bathtub after trying to kill herself by cutting her veins.

Personality and Appearance

Alex is a young woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slim, light face. She usually wears a beige beret. Her style includes comfortable blouses, skirts, and coats. She is a brave and independent woman and will do anything for her son Holden even if that means being Afflicted to be with him for the rest of eternity 


She is first mentioned while her husband John is reading to their daughter on the phone, and she refuses to talk to him. She asks John to take care of Scarlett because she has to go out and visit a patient. Later, he receives a message with an address and a call for help. He goes to the address and finds disemboweled twin brothers. It turns out that somebody pranked him by texting him using Alex's phone ID. She refuses to protect herself and instead asks John to leave so that they can have a break from each other.[1]

Аlex is still trying to alleviate Max Ellison's measles. After not being able to do it herself, she hospitalizes him. A therapist has come to The Lowes' house for family therapy. Though Alex and John didn't believe Scarlett that Holden is alive, Alex is surprised by the fact that her daughter says that he smells like lavender. She loved his scent when he was a baby. At the Cortez, Alex asks John for a divorce and notices that he is slightly stressed. She goes with him to his room where she gives him some pills and tells him to have a rest. They make out, but Alex stops and advises him to contact her lawyer for any further questions.

After she is reunited with Holden, she finds out about his condition. She seeks to become afflicted so that she can live with him forever. Elizabeth grants her wish and transforms her. She then agrees to be the "governess" for Elizabeth's "children". She proceeds to spend most of her time at the hotel and abandons Scarlett. She is found by John, while she is sleeping in a glass coffin with Holden. She drugs him, takes him to his room, and convinces him that he hallucinated the entire thing.[2]

She finds Vendela and Agnetha after they murdered a young man and persuades them that their purpose could be for them to mess with people's minds, implying she convinced them to do this to John.

She is called to her home after John shot at Bartholomew and refused to talk to Scarlett, instructing the police officer to take her to her grandmother's house. She tells John he needs a good night's sleep in his own bed. She indicates she will be returning to the Hotel. When John accuses her of this she says, "I don't know what you are talking about." He slams the door on her and she flinches.

She finds Bartholomew in the garden of her home, picks him up, and returns him to the hotel. After returning from Paris, Elizabeth comes to visit her son and finds Alex in the room. Alex reports that he was hurt, but that he is better now and he only lost a little blood. Elizabeth says, "You saved my son." Alex replies "You saved mine" before leaving the room.[3]


  • Alex (to John)
    Maybe I should get a gun.
  • Alex (to John)
    Look, I'm not upset because you're leaving. I'm upset because I secretly want you to go.
  • Alex (to John)
    I know how to walk into a hospital and not get noticed.
  • Alex (to Elizabeth)
    Please... I can't lose my boy again.


  • This is the second character portrayed by Chloe Sevigny in the American Horror Story series. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • When working, Alex usually wears her hair in the style of the 1890's Gibson Girl.
  • Alex's "relationship" with police officer Andy Hahn is similar to Vivien's relationship with Luke in Murder House.



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