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Alma Walker is Kit Walker's wife before her abduction by aliens and his admission into Briarcliff. She would return to share him with sister wife Grace Bertrand. She is a character in Asylum portrayed by Britne Oldford.


Because she is African-American, her marriage to Kit was kept secret to avoid social repercussions. The local rumor is that she is his housekeeper, though that is a suspicious luxury for a mere gas station attendant.

Personality and Appearance[]

Like Wendy, she was more concerned than her partner about public opinion, fearing the consequences should her marriage to Kit become known. She finds the time to be both a dedicated housewife and a passionate lover.

She is a slender woman with light brown skin and black hair worn in a natural style.

Episodic Appearances[]

  • Welcome to Briarcliff - At home, she greets Kit's arrival from work. He suggests that they tell the world of their marriage but she insists that they maintain the secret until the world is ready for change. After some passionate love-making she leaves Kit in bed to finish preparing his dinner. She is heard calling to Kit for help during the chaos of his purported alien visitation. There is no sign of her when he returns. She is believed to be among those killed by Bloody Face. While Kit is subjected to Dr. Arden's illicit experimentation, he envisions Alma among the aliens, again calling for help.
  • I Am Anne Frank: Part 1 - An alternate scenario regarding Alma's fate is presented to Kit by Dr. Thredson, who suspects he is guilty of all charges but that his guilt has caused him to go into denial. Overcome with the societal pressures of hiding his marriage to her, and further harassment from Billy and friends, Kit brutally beat her to death before carrying out the rest of Bloody Face's murders.
  • I Am Anne Frank: Part 2 - Alma once again appears among the extraterrestrials, this time to comfort Grace as the aliens surgically incise her abdomen.
  • Unholy Night - Kit has a hallucination of spending Christmas with a pregnant Alma who then transforms into Grace.
  • Spilt Milk - Grace tells Kit that Alma died as a result of a mistake made by the extraterrestrials. When a newly freed Kit and Grace enter Kit's home, he hears a noise coming from the living room. He enters to find Alma holding a newborn child.
  • Continuum - She, Kit, and Grace are living happily and raising their children together. However, Grace sees her experience with the aliens as spiritual, believing the children are miracles that they will return for some day, while Alma thinks them evil and full of malice. She wants to forget and has become paranoid and psychologically shaken by the experience. A conflict inevitably arises and Alma kills Grace with an axe in a moment of madness. She is committed to Briarcliff, and later dies there of an unknown illness. Kit takes her body home to bury her.

Related Characters[]

Julia Walker[]

Julia is the daughter of Alma and Kit. She has a half-brother named Thomas and is the goddaughter of Lana. Julia is mentioned to be a successful leading neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins by Lana. She develops a bond with Sister Jude, even calls her "nana", after she and Thomas cure Jude of her 'illness'.