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Ambrose White is a restless ghost of the Lost Colony. He is a character in Roanoke primarily portrayed by Jesse La Flair. He was portrayed by Dylan in "My Roanoke Nightmare."


Ambrose White arrived in America as a settler under the guidance of his father John White, governor of the Roanoke Colony. When the governor returned to England for supplies, Ambrose agreed with other rebellious colonists that they should move the colony inland. When his mother, Thomasin White, the acting governess of the colony, refused, the colony mutinied and Ambrose was among them. The colonists chose to exile Thomasin from the colony and it was Ambrose who locked the cage around her head, so that he may continue to live.[1] Thomasin came back though and murdered two colonists, but left her son Ambrose to live. The colonists later partake in human sacrafices to the Old Gods in Scathach's religion. He, and the other colonists, wanted to return to Christianity, and abandons his mother to return home to England. Thomasin pretends she has repented, returning to Christianity, only to kill the colonists and her own son.

Personality and Appearance[]

Ambrose is a fearful man, prone to obedience through his mother's murderous intimidaiton.

He shows the physical and mental signs of malnutrition and has a shaggy black beard. As a ghost of Roanoke, he appears to look much less human in appearance than ghosts shown in previous seasons, displaying characteristics more akin to having diseased or rotting green flesh.


He is first seen at the sacrafice of the Piggy Man while Shelby watches in horror but when the Butcher sees her the colonists chase after her, but she escapes. Ambrose is later seen disembolowling Cricket outside the house. Later that night Ambrose and the colonists wait for the three owners to come out and die. Shelby, Matt, and Flora are brought back by the Polks but Ambrose throws himself and his mother in a prye while Shelby, Matt, and Flora escape. Ambrose is seen disembowoling Dylan, the actor who played him much to Sophie and Milo's disgust and horror. Next year on the night the house blows up Ambrose and the other colonists get ready to kill the many cops and reporters on the land.


  • The reenacted Ambrose is the third character played by Wes Bentley. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast.
  • He was portrayed by Dylan in My Roanoke Nightmare.
  • Even though his mother, The Butcher, is based on a real person, there is no historical record of Tomasyn White having a son named Ambrose. However, there is a record of Tomasyn's son, Thomas, who died young, and a daughter, Eleanor.


  • Ambrose: "No! I shall not stand by and watch thou shed another drop of innocent blood!"



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