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American Horror House Call is an official promotional website at[1] for American Horror Story. Under the titles "Get A Glimpse Of Horror" and "Let Us In", fans could register on the website, then enter themselves and an unsuspecting friend or family member to participate in a "House Call", which was a visit by the Rubber Man. For the "house calls", a hidden camera was installed.

Horror House Call - Watch Clip

Horror House Call - Watch Clip

The participants in the "House Calls" were then invited first to a tour of the Rosenheim Mansion (used as the model for the Murder House). Afterward, they were invited to a special dinner in the dark, called "Taste of Terror", which took place in a house in which the rooms were been decorated like murder scenes that would be in the series, some of which are featured on the "You're Going To Die In There" webpage, and their servers dressed in rubber suits.

The menu was prepared by celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck. The dishes were given grotesque names (not described as what they really were) such as "Braised embryos in a white wine reduction sauce with flesh encrusted toenails." and "Cubes of Vomit". The Rubber Man would, at random intervals, interrupt the dinner to terrify the unknowing guests in the dark.

The house tour was called "American Horror Story Terror Tour".

Source with video of the Terror Tour clues.

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