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This is a chronology of events for the American Horror Story titled "1984".





  • Lavinia Richter, aka The Lady in White, has evil influences on Margaret Booth, driving her homicidal.[1]
  • Benjamin Richter aka Mr. Jingles is framed for assaulting 10 victims in what is referred to as "the worst summer camp massacre of all time", by Margaret, who pretends to be the sole survivor.[3]
  • Jonas was another victim and his ghost still haunts the campsite, unaware of his own death.[2]
  • Margaret played a key role in Richter's trial after he was caught.[3]
  • May 4: Richard Ramirez witnesses his cousin Miguel, an Vietnam War vet, shoot his wife.[2]


  • Donna discovers that her father is a serial killer. He commits suicide in front of her.[4]
  • Brooke Thompson's dream turned out to be a "red wedding" when her fiancé Joey shot his best man Sam, Mr. Thompson and then himself.[2]
  • Ray Powell accidentally murders Chan, one of the pledges of his fraternity house by letting him fall off a cliff with his car after a frat party went wrong.[5]
Summer 1984
  • Donna Chambers researches serial killers and studies Benjamin Richter, with whom she makes an alliance for the purposes of her study.[5]
  • Donna Chambers kidnaps Nurse Rita and assumes her identity.[5]
  • Montana teams up with Richard Ramirez to kill Brooke Thompson to avenge her brother's death.[6]
  • On June 28th, the "Night Stalker" brutally murders 79-year-old Jennie Vincow in her apartment in Glassell Park, Los Angeles.[3]
  • On July 27th, The Night Stalker is wreaking terror in Los Angeles. He robs Brooke Thompson but is interrupted before harming her.[3]
  • On July 28th, Camp Redwood reopens, and Xavier, Montana, Brooke Thompson, Ray and Chet start to work as counselors there. They are given a tour of the camp and told the children will arrive the next morning. Chef Bertie, "Nurse Rita" and Activities Instructor Trevor Kirchner also work at the camp owned by Margaret.[3]
  • On July 28th, Benjamin Richter escaped from Red Meadows Asylum, a facility for the mentally insane.[3]
  • On the night of July 28th, Camp Redwood is again the sight of slaughter at the hands of not one, but two serial killers: Mr. Jingles and the Night Stalker.
  • The counselors, nurse Rita and Trevor try to escape from the camp while Jonas realises that he's a ghost.[2]
  • Margaret Booth and Richard Ramirez make an unsettling alliance.[2]
  • Counselors are fighting for their lives while being hunted by the two serial killers.[5]
    • Chet falls into a ditch with wooden spikes and is injured.[5]
    • Xavier has a breakdown due to guilt over Blakes's death, and wants to save his friends and other staff members.[5]
    • The counselors discover the body of the real Nurse Rita, killed by Richter.[5]
    • Donna assaults Brooke and reveals her identity.[5]
    • Richter kills Ray while trying to escape.[5]
    • Turns out Montana and Richard are lovers.[5]
  • Dawn rises and children arrive at the campsite in time for witnessing Brooke killing Montana.[4]
  • Margaret frames Brooke for all the recent murders and Brooke is arrested.[4]
  • Counselors are trapped at Camp Redwood as ghosts.[4]
  • Montana takes the opportunity to shoot a cop dead first thing after coming back as a ghost.[4]
  • Richter and Ramirez drive to Los Angeles.[4]
  • Richter betrays Ramirez, who is chased by an angry mob and later arrested.[7]
  • Trevor wakes up from the coma and blackmails Margaret to pay for his silence. She retorts with a marriage proposal.[7]
  • The ghost counselors headed by Ray are tired of Montana and Xavier's killing of anyone who passes through the Camp.[7]
  • Margaret Booth reinvented herself as a businesswoman who turns crime sites into tourist attractions, including Briarcliff Manor.[7]
  • Brooke Thompson is on death row at St. Quentin State Prison. She rejects Satan and Ramirez's help.[7]
  • Richter lives in Alaska under the name of Donald and has a family, but his wife is killed by Ramirez in revenge when he escapes from prison.[7]
  • Brooke is executed by lethal injection, leaving Margaret disappointed with a "boring death".[7]
  • Donna, who acted as executioner, brings Brooke back to life with an antidote.[7]
  • Donna and Brooke team up to get revenge.[1]
  • Benjamin Richter is assaulted by his own copycats and brought before the ghost counselors.[1]
  • The counselors plan a slaughtering during the Camp music festival.[1]
  • Benjamin meets the ghost of his mother, who still holds him responsible for Bobby's death.[1]
  • Brooke and Donna give a lift to Bruce, a hitchhiker that turns out to be a deranged killer trying to kill them. The two women make sure that his hitchhiking days are over.[1]
  • Trevor and Montana have sex in the woods.[1]
  • Courtney finds the band sacrificed to Satan by Richard Ramirez on their bus.[1]
  • At the pier, Benjamin has another meeting with his mother who incites him to commit suicide.[1]
  • Stacey Phillips blackmails Brooke and Donna due to her interest in the 1984 Camp Redwood Massacre.[8]
  • Hitchhikers Bruce and Jonas meet on the road to Camp Redwood. Bruce kills a woman held hostage in the trunk.[8]
  • Margaret instructs Courtney to get rid of the Kajagoogoo corpses. But their ghosts are stuck at the campsite.[8]
  • Trevor and Montana seem to have rekindled their passion, but later she turns off all enthusiasm.[8]
  • Ramirez, Bruce and Margaret form a deadly trio.[8]
  • Benjamin Richter is tortured by Xavier and the other ghost counselors. He has a nice chat with Jonas.[8]
  • Brooke reveals the truth of the 1984 massacre to Stacey, showing her the spots where it happened.[8]
  • Chet, Ray and Xavier discover that Montana and Ramirez were lovers and blame her for bringing him to the camp in the first place.[8]
  • Richter has yet another fight with Ramirez, who this time is backed up by Margaret and Bruce.[8]
  • Donna helps Brooke not to give in to the evil influences of Camp Redwood.[8]
  • Stacey is killed by the deadly trio.[8]
  • Richter is reconciled with his mother, Lavinia and his brother Bobby.[8]
  • Margaret kills Courtney as she, Bruce and Ramirez plan the massacre.[9]
  • Margaret shoots Trevor several times outside the camp, but Trevor becomes a ghost with Brooke's help transporting him to the campground.[9]
  • Brooke and Montana put their differences aside as the former helped Trevor. [9]
  • Trevor manages to kill Bruce and kick his body over the forest, so he doesn't come back as a ghost.[9]
  • Ghosts counselors slaughter Ramirez and vow to kill him every time Satan brings him back to life.[9]
  • Brooke and Donna fight with Margaret and with the help of the ghosts, Margaret is killed once and for all although it cost Brooke's life.[9]
  • Xavier, Chet and the rest of the ghost dismember Margaret and toss the remains outside the perimeter so she won't come back.[9]


  • Bobby II's Aunt Lizzie dies.


  • Bobby Richter II seeks his origins at Camp Redwood and is guided by the ghosts who have protected him for thirty years.
  • Bertie and Chet guard Ramirez but are easily overpowered by him.[9]
  • Ramirez injures Bobby but manages to reach Red Meadow Asylum, where he meets Dr. Donna Chambers, now head of the asylum.[9]
  • Bobby and Donna discover that Brooke survived thanks to Ray's help. She financied Bobby through all his life.[9]
  • While Donna and Brooke recover the lost years, Bobby intends to find his father.[9]
  • Margaret managed to become a ghost despite having been dismembered outside the premises as she died shortly before being tossed out. She tries to kill Bobby but is stopped by Benjamin.[9]
  • Margaret attacks them but Lavinia appears with the other ghosts to stop her.[9]
  • Bobby leaves Camp Redwood, smiling a silent farewell to his grandmother and uncle.[9]