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This is a chronology of events for the American Horror Story titled "Asylum".


  • June 22 - Sister Jude presumably kills a girl named Missy Stone in a drunk driving accident.[1]
  • The Framingham Herald newspaper says that the police are still searching for Missy Stone.[2]




  • October 14th - A woman is admitted to Briarcliff, claiming to be Anne Frank.
  • Lana is held hostage by Oliver Thredson (The real Bloody Face), but escapes and is re-admitted to Briarcliff following a car crash.
  • Sister Jude is committed to the asylum, and revoked of her nun status after she is viewed as being mentally unstable and framed for the murder of Frank McCann.
  • Hans Gruper commits suicide after Sister Mary Eunice is murdered by Timothy Howard.


  • Lana, Kit, and Grace Bertrand are all released from Briarcliff. 
  • Lana murders Thredson.
  • Monsignor Howard becomes the Cardinal of New York


  • Pepper dies of unknown reasons at Briarcliff.

Late 1960s/ Early 1970s[]

  • (1970) Betty Drake (Judy Martin) is checked out of the asylum by Kit Walker. Six months later she passes away.
  • Timothy Howard commits suicide.


  • Johnny Morgan, child of Oliver Thredson and Lana Winters, assumes the identity of Bloody Face.
  • Leo and Teresa visit Briarcliff Manor. Leo's arm is chopped off by Johnny and they are attacked by Joey, a Bloody Face copycat. 
  • Two more Bloody Faces copycats, Cooper and Devon shoot Leo and Teresa, before being killed by Johnny.
  • Johnny kidnaps Teresa and skins her alive.
  • Johnny kills his therapist, Dr. Gardner, and one of her patients.
  • Johnny Morgan murders a prostitute.
  • Johnny buys a copy of Maniac by Lana Winters, and plots his mother's murder.
  • Lana Winters gives an interview about Briarcliff revealing the truth of her unwanted child's fate.
  • Johnny is killed by Lana.


  1. Newspaper dated June 28 reports her missing 6 days Nor'easter
  2. The date is on the newspaper.

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