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This is a chronology of events for the American Horror Story titled "Cult."



  • June 3- Valerie Solanas attempts to murder Andy Warhol, she fails.
  • SCUM sees Valerie’s assassination attempt as the signal to begin killing couples, so they start to do so.
  • Someone writes a letter to the newspaper saying that they are killing everyone, dubbing themselves as the "Zodiac Killer." Valerie tries to admit that it was the SCUM, but the police don’t believe her.




  • February-April: David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidians sect, set on fire the center of his cult after a siege by the FBI of almost two months. Koresh and 79 others were found dead after the conflagration.


Early 2000s[]

  • The 9/11 terrorist attack triggers Ally's phobias. Ally meets Ivy.


  • Sometime during 2014: Kai Anderson's mother and father are killed in a murder-suicide and he and his brother Vincent lock their dead bodies in their bedroom.


  • November 7th: Outside a Hillary Clinton presidential rally, Ivy Mayfair-Richards is sexually groped by Gary Longstreet. That night, Gary is kidnapped by Ivy and Winter.
  • November 8th: Kai convinces Gary to saw off his arm in order to vote. Donald Trump is elected as the new president of the United States.
  • November 9th: Kai meets Harrison Wilton at a gym Harrison works at.
  • December: Beverly Hope returns to work after a month in a mental institution; Serena Belinda is murdered on camera.


  • March - April: The modern-day events of Cult take place.
    • Ally's phobias get worse. Ally is persecuted and attacked by a gang of clowns in the supermarket. Ally and Ivy employ Winter as their babysitter.
    • Following the release of the video, Kai candidates himself to the vacant seat on the city council.
    • After provoking some Latin-Americans, Kai is beaten by them. The Wiltons videotape the aggression.
    • Thom Chang and his wife Marylin are murdered by Kai's Cult.
    • Harrison and Meadow Wilton move to the Changs old house.
    • Sally Keffler intends to candidate for the city council. She is later murdered by Kai.
    • April 4th: A shooting occurs at Kai Anderson's rally. Several are murdered. Meadow commits suicide.
    • Kai Anderson wins the election and becomes the new city councilman.


  • October - The events of "Great Again" take place.
    • Kai Anderson escapes from the prison. He attacks Ally Mayfair-Richards, who is running for State Senator, at her political rally, but he is shot in the head by Beverly Hope before he can harm her.
    • Ally wins the election and unseats Senator Jackson.