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American Horror Story is a character-driven anthology series. Most of them are dead or have left behind a pile of corpses (or both). Listed below is a chart of all the deaths occurred in different seasons. The listed causes do not constitute a detailed recap of the events that led to the deaths. For these, see linked episodes.

Body Count

Murder House


Name Episode Cause of Death Date of Death Place of Death Killed by
1 7 Troy and Bryan Pilot Throats slit 1978 The Murder House Infantata
2 6 Maria Home Invasion Stabbed multiple times in the back 1968 R. Franklin
3 5 Gladys Drowned in a bath tub
4 21 Bianca Forest

Bleeding from abdominal stabbing

2011 Los Angeles, California Tate Langdon
5 22 Dallas Throat slit The Murder House Maria and Gladys
6 23 Fiona Gladys
7 8 Moira O'Hara Murder House Shot in the eye 1983 Constance Langdon
8 9 Hugo Langdon Shot three times in the chest
9 24 Hayden McClaine Bludgeoned in the head with a shovel 2011 Larry Harvey
10 1 Thaddeus Montgomery Halloween: Part 1 Dismembered 1926 Unknown Unknown
11 25 Adelaide Langdon Traffic collision 10/31/2011 Westchester Pl, Los Angeles
12 26 Molly O'Hara Respiratory failure
Disconnected from life support
Moira O'Hara (mercifully)
13 11 Stephanie Boggs Piggy Piggy Shot in the head 1994 Westfield High Tate Langdon
14 12 Kyle Greenwell Shot in the heart
15 13 Amir Stanley  Shot in the mouth
16 14 Kevin Gedman Shot in the head
17 15 Chloe Stapleton
18 27 Violet Harmon Sedative-hypnotic overdose 2011 The Murder House Herself
19 28 Derrick Shot in the head Derrick's House Unkown burglar
20 16 Tate Langdon Shot in the chest 1994 The Murder House S.W.A.T. team
21 10 Beauregard Langdon Open House Smothered with a pillow Larry Harvey
Constance Langdon (indirectly)
22 18 Lorraine Harvey Self-immolation 1993 Lorraine Harvey
23 17

Margaret and Angela Harvey  

Burned in a house fire
24 2 Charles Montgomery Shot in the head 1926 Nora Montgomery
25 3 Nora Montgomery Gunshot to the mouth
26 29 Joe Escandarian Smothered with a plastic bag 2011 Larry Harvey
27 20 Chad Warwick Rubber Man Neck broken and shot in the chest 2010 Tate Langdon
28 19 Patrick Beaten and anally penetrated with a fire iron
29 4 Elizabeth Short Spooky Little Girl Accidental overdose of nitrous oxide 1947. David Curran
30 30 Travis Wanderly Stabbed repeatedly in the chest 2011 Hayden McClaine
31 31 Phil Critter Smoldering Children

Poisoned with extermination gases

Tate Langdon
32 32 Jeffrey and Vivien Harmon Birth

Malnutrition in utero caused by intrauterine omophagia and postpartum hemorrhage after giving birth in labour dystocia

2012 Michael Langdon
33 33 Ben Harmon Afterbirth Hanged from a chandelier 03/2012 Fiona, Dallas and Hayden McClaine
34 34 Flora Throat sliced 2015 Constance's House Michael Langdon



Name Episode Cause of Death Date of Death Place of Death Killed by
1 6 Wendy Peyser Tricks and Treats Stabbed 10/30/1964 Bloody Face
2 7 Jed Potter Heart attack following Satanic possession 1964 Briarcliff Manor Satan
3 29 Joey Nor'easter Stabbed 2012 Leo and Teresa Morrison
4 30 Leo Morrison Shot in the head Devon
5 31 Devon Unknown Bloody Face
6 32 Cooper
7 8 The Mexican Stabbed in the neck 1964 Sister Mary Eunice
(while possessed by Satan)
8 1 Grace's Stepmother I Am Anne Frank: Part 1 Struck in the back with an axe Grace Bertrand
9 2 Grace's Father Struck in the chest with an axe
10 9 Josie The Origins of Monstrosity Unknown Jenny Reynolds
11 10 Sally Stern Tuberculosis Nature
12 11 Shelley Strangled with a rosary Timothy Howard
Herself (indirectly)
13 12 Jenny's Brother and Sister Throats slashed Jenny Reynolds
14 13 Jenny's Mother Stabbed in the back
15 14 Miles Dark Cousin Bled to death
given the kiss of death by Shachath
Briarcliff Manor Himself
16 15 Unnamed Car Driver Gunshot Wausaukee County, Massachusetts Himself
17 16 Sam Goodman Throat slit Unknown Sister Mary Eunice
(while possessed by Satan)
18 17 Sister Felicity Throat ripped out Briarcliff Manor Rasper
19 18 Grace Bertrand Gunshot
given the kiss of death by Shachath
(later resurrected by Extraterrestrials)
Frank McCann
20 3 "Santa" Unholy Night Gunshot 12/19/1962 Leigh Emerson
21 4 Mr. Lancaster Lancaster Residence
22 5 Rhonda Lancaster
23 19 Frank McCann Throat slit 12/24/1964 Sister Mary Eunice
(while possessed by Satan)
24 34 Dr. Gardener The Coat Hanger Unknown Unknown Johnny Morgan
25 33 Teresa Morrison Skinned alive 2012 Briarcliff Manor
26 20 Kit Walker Injected with potassium chloride
(later revived by Arthur Arden)
1964 Arthur Arden
27 21 Sister Mary Eunice The Name Game Thrown from a staircase
given the kiss of death by Shachath
01/1965 Timothy Howard
28 22 Arthur Arden Self-immolation Himself
29 23 Oliver Thredson Spilt Milk Gunshot to the head 01/12/1965 Oliver's House Lana Winters
30 25 Grace Bertrand Continuum Struck in the back with an axe 1967 Walker Residence Alma Walker
31 24 Pepper Presumably pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis 1966 Briarcliff Manor Nature
32 26 Alma Walker Heart attack 1969 Nature
33 28 Sister Jude Madness Ends An unknown illness
given the kiss of death by Shachath
09/1971 Walker Residence Nature
34 27 Timothy Howard Slit wrists
04/02/1971 Unknown Himself
35 35 Johnny Morgan Gunshot to the head 2012 Unknown Lana Winters


In Order Chronogical Name Episode Cause of Death Date of Death Place of Death Killed by
1 Charles Taylor Bitchcraft Brain aneurysm 2013 Orlando, Florida Zoe Benson (accidentally)
2 Misty Day Burned at the stake
(later resurrected by herself using resurgence)
Lafayette, Louisiana a Pentecostal mob
3 Dr. David Zhong Life force drained using the Vitalum Vitalis Los Angeles, California Fiona Goode
4 Unnamed Director Lighting equipment dropped on his head using telekinesis Madison Montgomery
5 Seven Fraternity Members Telekinetic bus accident New Orleans, Louisiana
6 Kyle Spencer Telekinetic bus accident
(later resurrected by Madison Montgomery and Zoe Benson using Resurrection Spell)
7 Archie Brener Brain aneurysm using Black Widow Troost Medical Centre, New Orleans Zoe Benson
8 Anna Leigh Leighton The Replacements Throat slit with letter opener 1971 Miss Robichaux's Academy Fiona Goode
9 Alicia Spencer Bludgeoned 2013 Spencer Residence Kyle Spencer
10 Madison Montgomery Throat slit with letter opener
(later resurrected by Misty Day using resurgence)
Miss Robichaux's Academy Fiona Goode
11 Henry Fearful Pranks Ensue Hanged New Orleans, Louisiana White supremacists
12 White supremacists Disembowled Zombies
(summoned by Marie Laveau)
13 Queenie Gored
(later resurrected by Fiona Goode using Vitalum Vitalis)
Miss Robichaux's Academy The Minotaur
14 Kaylee Gunshot to the head Unknown Hank Foxx
15 Myrtle Snow Burn, Witch. Burn! Burned at the stake
(later resurrected by Misty Day using resurgence)
Fiona Goode
16 The Axeman The Axeman Cometh Repeatedly stabbed
(Soul later released by Zoe Benson)
1919 Miss Robichaux's Academy Millie and other witches at Miss Robichaux's Academy
17 Helen The Dead Trauma after being crushed by a plate cabinet 1919-1971 The Axeman
18 Spalding Stabbed in the heart 2013 Miss Robichaux's Academy Zoe Benson
19 Cecily Pembroke Head Dismembered 2013 Myrtle snow
20 The voodooists at Cornrow City Gunshot Cornrow City Hank Foxx
21 Hank Foxx Shot in the head using Injury Transference Queenie
22 Luke Ramsey Smothered with a pillow Joan Ramsey
23 Misty Day The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks Buried Alive Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, Louisiana Madison Montgomery
24 Joan Ramsey Drank bleach under the influence of Concilium Nan
25 Nan Drowned in bathtub Miss Robichaux's Academy Fiona Goode and Marie Laveau
26 The Delphi Trust men Protect The Coven Hit with an axe The Axeman
27 Delphine LaLaurie Go to Hell Stabbed LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans Queenie
28 Misty Day The Seven Wonders Destroyed after being trapped in Hell using Descensum (Released from Hell by Papa Legba) Miss Robichaux's Academy / Hell Herself
29 Zoe Benson Fell on fence post using Transmutation (Resurrected by Cordelia Goode using Vitalum Vitalis) Miss Robichaux's Academy Herself
30 Madison Montgomery Strangled Kyle Spencer
31 Myrtle Snow Burned at the stake 01/2014 Unknown Cordelia Goode
Herself (indirectly)

Freak Show


Name Episode Cause of Death Date of Death Place of Death Killed by
1 2 Eudora Tattler Monsters Among Us Stabbed in the chest 08/29/1952 Bette Tattler
2 3 Troy Miller Stabbed 08/31/1952 Twisty the Clown
3 1

Mildred and Jeffrey Bachman 

Stabbed with scissors 08/25/1952
4 4 Detective Robert Bunch Throat slit 09/1952

Jimmy Darling

5 5

Mr. Hanley

Massacres and Matinees Decapitated 10/03/1952 Twisty the Clown
6 6 An unnamed employee of Mr. Hanley Stabbed with scissors
7 7 Meep Beaten to death 10/30/1952 Unnamed prisoners
8 8 Twisty the Clown

Edward Mordrake: Part 2

Stabbed 10/31/1952 Edward Mordrake
9 9 Dora Brown Throat slit with scissors 11/1/1952 Dandy Mott
10 10 Andy Pink Cupcakes Repeatedly stabbed and dismembered 11/1952
11 11 Ma Petite Test of Strength Smothered 12/1952 Dell Toledo



Name Episode Cause of Death Date of Death Place of Death Killed by
1 Vendela Checking In Throat slit 2015 Hotel Cortez Elizabeth
2 Agnetha Blood drained Blood Brat Pack
3 Sally McKenna Defenestrated 1994 Iris
4 The Mattress Man Chutes and Ladders Unknown Unknown Unknown
5 Hazel Evers Shot in the head as requested 02/25/1930 James March
6 James March Throat slit with a saber Himself
7 Lumberjack Blood drained 2015 Tristan Duffy
8 Claudia Bankson Mommy Stabbed multiple times Gabriel
9 Gabriel Inexplicable overdose The Addiction Demon (indirectly)
Sally McKenna (indirectly)



Name Episode Cause of Death Date of Death Place of Death Killed by
1 16 Shelby Miller's unborn baby Chapter 1 Unknown 2014 Unknown
2 17 Unnamed serial rapist Gunshot to the head Himself
3 2 Piggy Man Chapter 2 Scalped and burned alive late 1500s Roanoke Estate Scáthach, The Butcher
4 10 Margaret Gunshot to the head 1988 Miranda and Bridget Jane
5 11 Roger Suffocation with towel stuffed in mouth
6 12 Eunice Poisoned
7 4 Roanoke Colonists Chapter 3 Poisoned and stabbed with a cleaver 10/23/1589 The Butcher
8 5 Ambrose White
9 18 Mason Harris Bludgeoned in the head with a rock 10/2014 Lee Harris
10 6 The Butcher Throat slit with a cleaver 10/23/1589 Scáthach
Herself (indirectly)
11 13 Miranda Jane Chapter 4 Dismembered 10/1988

Roanoke Colonists
Ambrose White

12 9 Chen Family Unknown 10/1973
13 19 Cricket Marlowe Disembowelment 10/2014
14 1 Unnamed soldiers Unknown Pre 1500s Scáthach
Old Gods (indirectly)
15 15 Three unnamed hunters Gunshot 10/03/1952 Roanoke Estate Themselves
16 14 Bridget Jane Decapitation 10/1988 The Butcher
17 3 Priscilla Head bashed with a rock 1589
18 7 Edward Philippe Mott Chapter 5 Impaled with a stake and burned alive 1792 Roanoke Colonists
19 8 Guinness Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
20 20 Elias Cunningham Head caved in with a chisel 10/07/2014 Roanoke Estate Lot Polk
21 21 Cain Polk Gunshot to the head 10/2014 Matt Miller
22 22 Rory Monahan Chapter 6 Throat slit and stabbed multiple times in the chest 10/12/2016 Miranda and Bridget Jane
23 23 Diana Cross Unknown Piggy Man
24 24 Sidney Aaron James Chapter 7 Stabbed in the stomach with a cleaver Agnes Mary Winstead
25 25 Alissa Throat slit with a cleaver
26 26 Matt Miller Head bashed in with a crowbar 10/13/2016 Shelby Miller
27 27 Agnes Mary Winstead Head sliced in half with a cleaver The Butcher
28 28 Shelby Miller Chapter 8 Throat slit
29 29 Jether Polk Stabbed in the neck Polk Residence Lee Harris
30 30 Mama Polk Head smashed with a claw hammer Audrey Tindall
31 31 Dominic Banks Stabbed with a machete Roanoke Estate Piggy Man
32 32 Todd Allan Connors Chapter 9 Throat slit with a cleaver 10/14/2016 Lee Harris
Scáthach (indirectly)
33 33 Monet Tumusiime Pushed from the staircase of Roanoke House and impaled on a wooden chandelier shaft
34 34 Sophie Green Impaled with a stake and burned alive Roanoke Colonists
35 35 Milo
36 36 Dylan Disembowelment
37 37 Ishmael Polk Gunshot to the head Audrey Tindall
38 38 Audrey Tindall Gunshot 10/15/2016 Martin County Sheriff's Office police
39 39 Lot Polk Chapter 10 11/04/2017 An unnamed police officer
40 40 Ashley Gilbert Chest sliced open with a machete 11/18/2017 Roanoke Estate Piggy Man
41 41 Bob Kinnaman Shot with arrows Roanoke Colonists
42 42 Dave Elder Strangled Grace Chen
43 43 Tracy Logan Stabbed in the stomach with a cleaver The Butcher
44 44 Lee Harris Gunshot to the chest Priscilla
Herself (indirectly)



Name Episode Cause of Death Date of Death Place of Death Killed by
1 15 Thom Chang Election Night Throat slit and stabbed multiple times 2017 Chang Residence Cult members
2 16 Marylin Chang Slaughtered
3 18 Pedro Morales Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Gunshot Mayfair-Richards Residence Ally Mayfair-Richards (accidentally)
4 17 Roger Excessive bleeding The Butchery On Main
5 19 Rosie Neighbors From Hell Buried alive Rosie and Mark's House Cult members
6 20 Mark
7 13 Vincenzo Ravoli 11/9 Bludgeoned in the head with a dumbbell Brookfield Heights, Michigan Harrison Wilton
8 14 Serena Belinda Stabbed multiple times 12/2016 Cult members
9 10 Scott Anderson Holes Gunshot(s) to the abdomen 2014 Anderson Residence Julie Anderson
10 11 Julie Anderson Gunshot to the mouth Herself
11 21 Bob Thompson Stabbed multiple times and axed in the head 2017 Bob's House, Brookfield Heights, Michigan Cult members
12 22 R.J. Nailed in the medulla oblongata Anderson Residence
13 23 Sally Keffler Mid-Western Assassin Gunshot to the chest Brookfield Heights, Michigan Kai Anderson
14 24 Meadow Wilton Gunshot to the mouth 04/04/2017 Herself
15 6 Valerie Solanas Valerie Solanas Died For Your Sins: Scumbag Pneumonia 04/25/1988 San Francisco, California Nature
16 5 Andy Warhol Cardiac dysrhythmia 02/22/1987 New York, New York
17 2 Bruce Stabbed and dismembered 1968 Bristol Hotel, San Francisco, California SCUM members
18 25 Harrison Wilton Decapitated with a chainsaw 04/2017 The Butchery On Main Ivy Mayfair-Richards
19 12 Pastor Charles Winter of Our Discontent Impaled with multiple knives 10/2015 Kai Anderson
20 26 Jack Samuels Gunshot to the head 04/2017 Winter Anderson
21 27 Rudy Vincent Stabbed in the neck Anderson Residence Kai Anderson
Ally Mayfair-Richards (indirectly)
22 8 Marshall Applewhite Drink the Kool-Aid Poisoned 03/26/1997 Spur, Texas Himself
23 7 David Koresh Gunshot to the head 04/10/1993 Waco, Texas Himself
24 4 Jim Jones Poisoned 11/18/1978 Jonestown, Guyana Himself
25 1 Jesus Christ Crucifixion AD 30 Jerusalem, Judea, Roman Empire Pontius Pilate (indirectly)
26 28 Ivy Mayfair-Richards Poisoned with arsenic 04/2017 Mayfair-Richards Residence Ally Mayfair-Richards
27 29 Charles Manson Charles (Manson) in Charge Colon cancer 11/19/2017 Bakersfield, California Nature
28 9 Susan Atkins Brain cancer 09/24/2009 Chowchilla, California
29 3 Sharon Tate Repeatesly stabbed 08/09/1969 10050 Cielo Drive, Los Angeles, California Manson Family
30 30 Gary Longstreet Stabbed multiple times 04/2017 Cult members
31 31 Bebe Babbitt Gunshot to the head Anderson Residence Ally Mayfair-Richards
32 32 Winter Anderson Strangled Kai Anderson
Ally Mayfair-Richards (indirectly)
33 33 Speed Wagon Great Again Stabbed Ally Mayfair-Richards
34 34 Heart Attack Gunshot FBI swat
35 35 Tripod Himself
36 36 Sandstorm FBI swat
37 37 Pus Bucket
38 38 Gutterball Beverly Hope
39 39 Treavor Geary Stabbed 10/2018 Kai Anderson
40 40 Kai Anderson Gunshot to the head Beverly Hope



Name Episode Cause of Death Date of Death Place of Death Killed by
1 15

Near total decimation of world population

The End Nuclear fallout
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
04/2020 Worldwide The Cooperative (indirectly)
2 16 Stu Shot in the head
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
Outpost 3 Miriam Mead
3 17 Evie Gallant The Morning After Stabbed with a pair of hair shears
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
10/2021 Gallant
4 18 The Fist Forbidden Fruit Stabbed in the nape of the neck
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
10/31/2021 Brock
5 19 Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt Stabbed in the head with a knife
(Resurrected by Cordelia Goode using Vitalum Vitalis and reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
6 20 Dinah Stevens Poisoned with apples laced with snake venom
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)

Wilhemina VenableMiriam Mead
Michael Langdon (indirectly)

7 21 Andre Stevens
8 22 Timothy Campbell
9 23 Emily
10 24 Mallory
11 25 Gallant
12 26 Wilhemina Venable Gunshot to the chest
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)

Miriam Mead
Michael Langdon (indirectly)

13 4 John Henry Moore Boy Wonder Throat slit
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
2017 Gas Station, Central California Miriam Mead
14 3 Constance Langdon Return to Murder House Lethal intoxication
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
2015 Murder House Herself
15 5 Ariel Augustus Traitor Burned at the stake

(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)

2017 Central California Myrtle Snow's albino man-servants

John Henry Moore (indirectly), Cordelia Goode (indirectly)

16 6 Baldwin Pennypacker
17 7 Miriam Mead
18 2 Anastasia Romanov Fire and Reign Gunshot 07/17/1918 Ipatiev House, Yekaterinburg, Russia Yakov Yurovsky
19 1 Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov
20 8 Many unnamed witches at Miss Robichaux's Academy Gunshot
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
2018 Miss Robichaux's Academy Miriam Mead
Michael Langdon (indirectly)
21 11 Queenie
22 10 Zoe Benson Gunshot to the head
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
23 9 Bubbles McGee Face pierced with glass shards and nails
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
Michael Langdon
24 12 Many unnamed warlocks at Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men Dismembered
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
The Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men Michael Langdon and Miriam Mead
25 13 Behold Chablis Throat slit and dismembered
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
26 14 John Henry Moore
27 27 Dinah Stevens Apocalypse Then Stabbed in the neck with a machete
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
10/31/2021 Outpost 3 Marie Laveau
28 28 Miriam Mead Destroyed via malfunction
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
Cordelia Goode
29 29 Michael Langdon Gunshot
(Resurrected himself and reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
Madison Montgomery
30 30 Brock Burned alive
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
Myrtle Snow
31 31 Madison Montgomery Telekinetic decapitation
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
Michael Langdon
32 32 Marie Laveau Heart ripped out
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
33 33 Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt Neck telekinetically snapped
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
34 34 Cordelia Goode Stabbed in the heart
(Reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum)
35 35 Michael Langdon Injuries sustained in a hit-and-run 2015 Westchester Pl, Los Angeles

Constance Langdon (indirectly)



Name Episode Cause of Death Date of Death Place of Death Killed by
1 4 Eddie Camp Redwood Stabbed 07/01/1970 Camp Redwood

Margaret Booth
Lavinia Richter (indirectly)

2 5 Helen
3 6 Midge
4 7 6 other counselors
5 16 Asylum Guard Strangled 07/01/1984 Red Meadows Asylum Benjamin Richter
6 17 Ed Head smashed
7 18 Karen Hopple Mr. Jingles Stabbed in the neck Unknown
8 11 Sam Duke Gunshot 1983 Joseph Cavanaugh
9 12 Mr. Thompson
10 13 Joseph Cavanaugh Himself
11 19 Blake Stabbed in the back of the head 07/01/1984 Camp Redwood Benjamin Richter
12 8 Jonas Shevoore Stabbed 07/01/1970 Margaret Booth
13 20 Keith Slashdance 07/01/1984 Benjamin Richter
14 21 Larry
15 22 Rita Impaled with an oar through the mouth
16 14 Chan Car pushed from a cliff 1983 Ray Powell
17 23 Pete Thrown into a punji pit 07/01/1984 Trevor Kirchner
18 24 Ray Powell Decapitated with an axe Benjamin Richter
19 15 Rod True Killers Eviscerated 1984 Richard Ramirez
20 25 Chef Bertie Stabbed in the chest out of mercy 07/02/1984 Camp Redwood Xavier Plympton
21 26 Richard Ramirez Head impaled on a tree branch Benjamin Richter
22 9 Unnamed Girl Red Dawn Eviscerated 1980 David Chambers
23 10 David Chambers Stabbed in the neck Himself
24 27 Chet Clancy Drowned 07/02/1984 Camp Redwood Margaret Booth
25 28 Benjamin Richter Shot multiple times with arrows Xavier Plympton
26 29 Xavier Plympton Stabbed in the chest Margaret Booth
27 30 Montana Duke Stabbed repeatedly in the chest Brooke Thompson
27 31 Unnamed Police Officer Gunshot Montana Duke
29 32 Dustin Episode 100 Stabbed in the abdomen 10/1989
30 33 Dustin's Girlfriend Throat slit Xavier Plympton
31 34 Lorraine Stabbed Richard Ramirez
32 1 Bobby Richter The Lady in White

Head sliced with an outboard motor

1948 Camp Golden Star Staff (indirectly)
33 35 Highway Police Officer Shot 10/29/1989 Unknown Bruce
34 2 Many Camp Golden Star Staff Stabbed 1948 Camp Redwood Lavinia Richter
35 3 Lavinia Richter Benjamin Richter
36 36 Driver Shot 10/29/1989 Bruce
37 37 Limahl Throat slit Richard Ramirez
38 38 Jez Strode Stabbed and throat slit
39 39 Nick Beggs
40 40 Steve Askew
41 41 Stuart Neale
42 42 Graham
43 43 Benjamin Richter Stabbed in the abdomen Himself
Lavinia Richter (indirectly)
44 44 Mary Kay Representative Rest in Pieces Stabbed 10/30/1989 Unknown Bruce
45 45 Stacey Phillips Camp Redwood Richard Ramirez
46 51 Lizzie Final Girl Unknown 2018 Unknown Unknown
47 46 Courtney Gunshot to the head 10/31/1989 Camp Redwood Margaret Booth
48 47 Trevor Kirchner Shot multiple times
49 48 Bruce Stabbed in the neck with a machete Trevor Kirchner
50 49 Richard Ramirez Throat slit Montana Duke
51 50 Margaret Booth Dismembered and decapitated Montana Duke
Trevor Kirchner
Xavier Plympton
Chet Clancy
52 52 Richard Ramirez Multiple methods 1989 - Present Camp Redwood Ghosts


  • With the nuclear fallout triggered by the fate of Michael Langdon, Apocalypse is marked as the season with the largest number of deaths, estimated approximately seven billion lives.
    • This also makes Michael responsible for the most victims in the AHS universe, surpassing James March in Hotel.
  • Shooting and stabbing are among the major causes of death of the characters.
  • There have been 37 resurrections.