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This is a chronology of events for the American Horror Story titled "Delicate".

42 A.D.[]


  • In Galway, Ireland, after a family argue, Ivy gives her daughters and herself a mark on the chin, making it the mark of the Delicate witches, "bound by blood, together, forever".


  • In Hampton Court, England, Queen Mary I delivers her baby alone and her sister Elizabeth arrives. As she asks her sister who the baby is, she answers her that it's a monster.
  • Ashley and Ashleigh enter in the room to take the baby with them, after Mary promised it for a fruitful reign. The Ashleys then curse Elizabeth with a barren womb after she protested their assertion that she will promise her child too.
  • The Ashleys leave the room with the baby, leaving Mary ordering her sister to get out as she is crouching on the ground due to the pain.



  • In a cafe in New York, Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra are arguing on the future of their wedding.
  • Back on the set of Rosemary's Baby, Mia imagines herself as a mother as she puts her prosthetic pregnant belly. On the set, Roman Polanski explains Mia she'll have to step into actual traffic, without picture cars, for a scene where she is supposed walk on the road to cross the street. She is very scared but still does it.
  • Back in her room, Mia, crying and scared, hallucinates that she is loosing blood from her prosthetic belly. A woman then enters in the room and tell Mia she can help her, she tells her to take the belly off and as she does it, she realizes that there is no blood anymore. When Mia goes to see who the woman is, she sees Siobhan Corbyn holding the script of Rosemary's Baby in her hands.


  • Siobhan Corbyn is having a meeting with Dr. Andrew Hill to convince him to work with her, but as he refuses, she plants her nail under his lower jaw and explains him that if he does exactly what she wants, he will become the number one fertility specialist in New York City. Forced to say yes, he asks her who she is before she leaves, she replies that she is Siobhan Corbyn, and that she makes her own rules.


  • Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent visit Mavis Preecher as she is pregnant from an unknown father. Later, she is transported by nurses to a room to deliver her baby with the help of Dr. Andrew Hill. As Mavis is pushing, Delicates enter in the room to help her deliver, but once the baby is born, he is taken away by nurses, leaving Ms. Preecher alone and screaming.