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This article is about the miniseries. For the episode, see Murder House (episode). For the location, see Murder House (location).

Murder House is the fan-given, retroactively assigned subtitle for the first season of American Horror Story or "AHS".[1] It ran from October 5, 2011 until December 21, 2011. First broadcasts[2] of episodes were on FX in the United States.

The season was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama, winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries, or Television Film for Jessica Lange. In addition, Murder House was also nominated for seventeen Emmy Awards, winning two.


The Harmons face many conflicts going on in their new home; the primary one stemming from Ben Harmon's (Dylan McDermott) adultery, and the subsequent fallout with his wife Vivien (Connie Britton) and daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga). Other conflicts include the intrusive behavior of the neighbors, Constance (Jessica Lange) and Adelaide (Jamie Brewer), as well as intrusions from one of Dr. Harmon's patients, Tate (Evan Peters). A parade of mysterious visitors to their haunted home, including the scarred Larry Harvey (Denis O'Hare), make the first year of the Harmons in Los Angeles very dangerous. The house seems to have a vivid history, ranging from brutal murders to demonic manifestations, and it seems to have its own agenda.

Cast and Characters


Episode # Premiere Writer(s) Director
Pilot 1 2011-10-05 Ryan Murphy ; Brad Falchuk Ryan Murphy
Home Invasion 2 2011-10-12 Ryan Murphy ; Brad Falchuk Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Murder House (episode) 3 2011-10-19 Jennifer Salt Bradley Buecker
Halloween: Part 1 4 2011-10-26 James Wong David Semel
Halloween: Part 2 5 2011-11-02 Tim Minear David Semel
Piggy Piggy 6 2011-11-09 Jessica Sharzer Michael Uppendahl
Open House 7 2011-11-16 Brad Falchuk Tim Hunter
Rubber Man (episode) 8 2011-11-23 Ryan Murphy Miguel Arteta
Spooky Little Girl 9 2011-11-30 Jennifer Salt John Scott
Smoldering Children 10 2011-12-07 James Wong Michael Lehmann
Birth 11 2011-12-14 Tim Minear Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Afterbirth 12 2011-12-21 Jessica Sharzer Bradley Buecker


12 episodes were broadcast on FX from October 5, 2011 - December 21, 2011.

  • DVD release:
    • Region One - September 25, 2012
    • Region Two - October 15, 2012
    • Region Four - October 24, 2012
  • Blu-Ray Disc release:
    • Region A - September 15, 2012
    • Region B - October 15, 2012

Special Features

The DVD and Blu-ray releases include special features, including deleted scenes and commentary.

See also: transcribed audio commentary by Ryan Murphy for "Pilot" and interviews with cast and crew

DVD extras found on the fourth disc of the four-disc set of season 1 include:


  1. Despite being fan assigned, the FX president and general manager John Landgraf uses the name Murder House.
  2. They are not "aired", because FX, a cable network, does not go over the airwaves. Digital streams or downloads are similarly "streamed", "distributed", or as a blanket term "broadcast".