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This is a chronology of events for the American Horror Stories of "Murder House" and "You're Going to Die In There".




  • In the following four years, Dr. Montgomery becomes addicted to ether and becomes obsessed with resurrecting dead animals. In order to finance their elaborate lifestyle and his addiction, Charles and Nora begin performing abortions in their basement. One patient's boyfriend kidnaps the Montgomerys' baby, Thaddeus, and dismembers him. The police return the child's various body parts to Dr. Montgomery in jars, which he then begins sewing back together.




  • Charles Montgomery brings Thaddeus back to life as the "Infantata." It is now a being that craves blood. Nora finally loses it and shoots Charles, then commits suicide.
  • WWII Army Infantryman and his young bride move in. The wife is killed on her wedding day.


  • Dentist Dr. Curan sedates and rapes Elizabeth Short, who dies from the sedation. Dr. Montgomery appears and offers to help Dr. Curan hide her body. He dismembers Ms. Short.


  • Loraine Baxter kills her husband, William Baxter, after she finds out about his affair with her best friend Celia. It is hinted Celia may also have been murdered. Loraine then dies by putting her head in the stove (or someone else killing her that way).


  • The house is being used as a Sorority house for a nursing school. The R. Franklin murders take place.

Late 1960s/ Early 1970s[]

  • Constance moves from Virginia to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.


  • Adelaide is born. Constance ends her acting career.[citation needed]


  • A boy named Alex kills his sister in the house.



  • The house is now abandoned and decaying. Troy and Bryan break into the house and are killed by the Infantata.


  • By now, the house has been refurbished. Constance murders Hugo and Moira in the house.


  • Constance and her children move out of the house.
  • Sam and Nikki Argento move in, but are murdered in the house during BDSM roleplay a short time later. (September 23, 1984)





  • In December, the book about birds checked out by Stanley is due.[8]


  • Amir Stanley is the yearbook editor.[9]
  • Larry Harvey and his family move to the Murder House. Constance seduces Larry and begins an affair with him so he'll kick out his family and she can move back into the house. Upon finding out about his unfaithfulness, Larry's wife Lorraine sets a room in the house on fire, killing herself and their two daughters.
  • Sometime later, Constance, Tate, Beau and Addie move back into the house.
  • In September, the book about birds checked out by Jason M. is due.[10]
  • In November, the book about birds checked out by Tate Langdon is due.[11]


  • Larry kills Beauregard, acting on instruction from Constance. Constance was going to be put in prison for her treatment of Beauregard, and Beauregard was going to be taken away by Child Protective Services.
  • Tate sets Larry on fire at his office and then goes to his school to kill 15 people. He is killed afterwards in the Murder House house by a S.W.A.T. team.

Early 2000s[]

  • Anthropologist suffering from OCD (V.) lives in the house with her family. She eventually "had to clean them out."


  • Chad and Patrick buy the house in order to fix it up and intend to sell it for a profit.
  • On Wednesday, October 20th, Ben and Vivien have sex.[12]
  • As they bicker and prepare their Halloween party, Chad and Patrick are killed by the Rubber Man.[13]
  • Vivien miscarries.
  • Ben gets caught cheating on Vivien with Hayden; the family decides to move.


  • In June, Vivien is ready to separate from Ben and take Violet to her sister's. They discuss a house Ben found online.[14]
  • BenVivien, and Violet Harmon move into the Murder House.
  • In early September, Rubber Man impregnates Vivien. The pregnancy is a heteropaternal superfecundation, with Ben being one of the fathers of the twins and Rubber Man being the other.[15]
  • On a Tuesday, Tate does not speak for most of his therapy session with Ben. That night, he watches Violet sleep.[16]
  • On Wednesday, Bianca Forest has a session with Ben Harmon.[17]
  • On a Friday, FionaBianca and Dallas attempt to recreate the R. Franklin murders with Vivien and Violet as victims. They fail to become copy-cat killers as Tate kills Bianca and Gladys and Maria kill Fiona and Dallas.[18]
  • On Saturday, the police and the Harmons identify the home invaders.
  • Larry kills Hayden.
  • Addy dies in a hit-and-run accident on Halloween.
  • Violet commits suicide.
  • Hayden kills Travis.
  • Tate kills Phil.


  • In March, Vivien goes into labor. She gives birth to one stillborn and one healthy baby.
  • Vivien dies as a result of labor complications.[19]
  • Hayden, Fiona and Dallas kill Ben, making it appear as if it were a suicide.
  • Constance takes the healthy baby for herself, naming him Michael.
  • The Ramos family moves into the Murder House, but the Harmons, Tate, Moira, Loraine, Beth, Phil and Beau scare them out so they won't be killed by the vengeful ghosts.
  • In December, the Harmons celebrate Christmas.



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