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This is a chronology of events for the American Horror Story titled "NYC".




  • A man known as "Big Daddy" is believed to be responsible for the abduction and murder of gay men.[1]
  • A decapitated man later identified as Captain Ross is found at the pier. He is the fourth gay man killed in a series.[1]
  • John "Sully" Sullivan goes missing. His roommate Adam Carpenter reports his disappearance to the NYPD.[1]
  • Dr. Hannah Wells identifies a viral strain in a deer colony on Fire Island.[1]
  • Adam meets with psychic photographer Theo Graves and asks him about "Big Daddy".
  • NYPD Detective Patrick Read investigates a series of violent crimes against gay men. Chief Marzara initially warns him to let it go, but the department can no longer deny the evidence.[2]
  • Gino Barelli is abducted by an unknown assailant who eventually lets him go when he finds out Gino served in the US Army. [2]
  • Adam Carpenter is intimidated by police officers.[2]
  • Gino recounts his kidnapping to Adam and the two decide to work together.[2]
  • After discussions with Gino Barelli, Fran and two of her associates get a shared desk at The Downtown Native.[2]
  • Theo's boyfriend Sam is behind the abduction and captivity of a man named Stewart.[2]
  • Fran meets with Dr. Wells and tells her the US Government is behind the virus.[2]