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This is the timeline of the sixth season of American Horror Story, subtitled Roanoke.

Pre 1500s[]

Late 1500s[]

  • The Roanoke Colony, led by John White, arrives in North America and settles in present-day North Virginia.
  • Governor John White leaves the colony on a supply run and leaves his wife Thomasin in charge.
  • Thomasin gets exiled into the wilderness by Mr. Cage and the rest of the Colony.
  • While in the forest, Thomasin gives her soul to the witch Scáthach by eating the heart of a boar. With her newly found powers, she returns to the colony and murders Mr. Cage and the other insurgents.
  • Thomasin, now called the Butcher, leads the colony inland with Scathach.
  • The colony, led by the Butcher, now follows the religious practices of Scathach, the Old Gods, and partake in rituals involving human sacrifice.
  • Ambrose White, the son of the Butcher, denies having faith in Scathach and urges his mother to convert back to Christianity. The Butcher, in retaliation and under Scathach's orders, commits genocide by killing all of the colony, and tethering their spirits to the area by a curse.



  • During the World Fair of 1893, Kincaid Polk mercilessly murders both pigs and humans. In a turn of events, during an accident, he is torn apart by his hogs.
  • The Piggy Man urban legend is created.



  • The Chen family move into the Roanoke House and are later killed by The Butcher.


  • Miranda and Bridget Jane worked in an assisted living facility in Rochester where it was suspected but never proven that they were behind the mysterious deaths of two elderly patients. They quit their jobs before any charges could be filed and leave Rochester.


  • Miranda and Bridget Jane wind up in Martin County, North Carolina and move into the Roanoke House, opening an assisted living facility of their own in the house itself.
  • October
    • October 14th
      • During the October Blood Moon of 1989, Miranda and Bridget Jane are attacked by the ghost colonists of Roanoke. They are dragged outside and sacrificed to the Old Gods by the Butcher.
    • October 29th
      • Miranda and Bridget Jane are found missing when Martin County officers perform a wellness check on the Roanoke House after patients' relatives became concerned when no one answered the telephone there for three weeks.


  • October 11 - Elias Cunningham creates the video describing the history of the Roanoke House.


  • September - October: Matt and Shelby Miller move into the Roanoke House; they soon move away after strange and paranormal occurrences begin to haunt them.




  • The Lana Winters Special is broadcasted live on television with Lana Winters who, deciding to come out of retirement, holds an interview with Lee Harris, the lone survivor of Return to Roanoke. However, Lot Polk interrupts the interview and tries to kill Lee for the death of his brother Jether and the rest of his family. Lot injures Lana Winters and is subsequently shot down by police.
    • The "Spirit Chasers" and Ashley Gilbert film in the house and are killed by the Roanoke spirits.
    • Flora is pronounced missing. Lee finds Flora at the Roanoke house and police surround the house, thinking it is a hostage situation.
    • Lee kills herself and the Roanoke house erupts into flames.
    • Flora is escorted away by the police.