All seasons of American Horror Story are interconnected and share the same timeline. Arrows (^) indicate events that happened after the use of Tempus Infinituum, the time travel spell, which created a new revised timeline. Each entry should be referenced to episode(s) and season(s).

NOTE: Remember that this is a timeline, not a scene-by-scene recap of events that occurred in all the various seasons. While this is a general timeline aiming to highlight how the seasons intersect each other across time, consider updating and expanding on the individual timelines listed below when it comes to events pertaining solely to that season.

AHS Timelines

Pre 1500s

  • At some point after the creation of the world, Satan, then known as the archangel Lucifer, is cast down from Heaven by God, thus becoming the first demon and a great source of evil. OGRs Submission OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry AHSW-Apocalypse-Full AHSW-1984-Full
  • Scathach arrives to the New World and pledges herself to the bloodthirsty Old Gods, becoming the first Supreme Witch in a long line of witches within the Americas. AHSW-Roanoke-Full


  • July
    • July 22nd:
      • The Roanoke Colony, led by Governor John White, arrives in North America and settles in what would eventually become known as present-day North Carolina. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
  • Late 1587
    • Autumn:
      • With winter fast approaching, Governor White is forced to depart from the colony on a supply run, leaving his wife Thomasin in charge during his absence. AHSW-Roanoke-Full


  • October
    • Early October
      • Still without food and medicine, the colonists demand that Thomasin move them all inland for the coming winter, but Thomasin refuses, not wishing to renege on the wishes of her husband. A colonist by the name of Mr. Cage leads a rebellion against Thomasin - amongst them Thomasin's own son, Ambrose - and together they banish her from the colony in a scold's bridle, leaving her in the forest to starve to death. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • While in the forest, Thomasin is saved by the witch Scáthach, who spares the mortal from being devoured by a wild boar, in exchange for her soul. After complying with the witch's bid, Thomasin returns to the colony with a vengeance, brutally murdering Mr. Cage and the other insurgents, though she decides to spare Ambrose out of obligation to him as his mother. Shortly afterward, she agrees to move the colony a hundred miles inland. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • Under Scáthach's orders, Thomasin begins to practice the witch's dark religion, venerating the Old Gods by partaking in rituals involving the sacrifices of animals and humans, including that of children. As a result, Thomasin becomes known as "The Butcher". AHSW-Roanoke-Full
    • October 23rd:
      • Horrified by Thomasin's murders to "sanctify the land", Ambrose and the rest of the colonists begin to object to the faith of Scáthach and her Old Gods, desiring to return to Christianity. In retaliation for their betrayal, Thomasin commits genocide by slaughtering every member of the colony, tethering their spirits to the area by a curse cast by Scáthach. Their spirits are thenceforth forever trapped on the land, able to interact with the physical world only during the October Blood Moon, when the full moon appears red in color. AHSW-Roanoke-Full


  • October:
    • As related by Billie Dean[1], the Native American Croatoan tribe find themselves viciously beset by the Roanoke Colony ghosts, and decide to burn the colonists' previous belongings in order to craft a spell against them, chanting "Croatoan" to (seemingly temporarily) banish the spirits. They also carve this into a tree post not far from where the colony was last seen. AHSW-Roanoke-Full OGRs Submission
  • A witch named Agnes Sampson concocts a formula to kill warlocks by making them bleed from the inside out, but is burned at the stake before being able to attempt using it. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full


  • Facing persecution during the Salem Witch Trials, the ailing Supreme Witch of the era, Prudence Mather, attempts to relocate the witches of Salem southbound, but she is too sick with consumption to make the journey. She decides to selflessly sacrifice herself in order for a new Supreme to rise and lead the coven safely to New Orleans, where a rivalry between them and the native Voodoo practitioners arises.[2] AHSW-Coven-Full





  • September


  • Delphine LaLaurie returns to New Orleans from Paris with her husband and daughters. She develops a sadistic affinity for torturing her African-American slaves and using their organs as part of a beauty regimen, believing their blood to tighten her skin and prevent aging. AHSW-Coven-Full


  • October
    • October 31st:
      • After eavesdropping on her three daughters' plan to kill her, Delphine holds them as prisoners in her torture chamber for a year. AHSW-Coven-Full


  • Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen, exchanges her first-born child to Papa Legba, a Voodoo Loa, in exchange for acquiring immortality. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • After catching her daughter Pauline attempting to rape the African American servant Bastien, Delphine imprisons him in her torture chamber and places a severed bull's head over his own, rejoicing in creating her own version of the Minotaur from Greek mythology. This transformation later kills him. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Unbeknownst to Delphine, Bastien turns out to be the lover of Marie Laveau and the father of her child. When Marie finds out what Delphine did to Bastien, she curses Delphine with immortality, and commissions a mob to hang the LaLaurie family on the balcony of their house as revenge for their crimes. After showing Delphine her dead husband and children one last time, Marie buries Delphine alive in a wooden coffin, leaving her to grieve the memory of her family for all of eternity. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • At some point, Marie resurrects Bastien with magic, at the cost of him losing what remains of his humanity. Over time, the bull's head integrates itself to his body and he develops additional bull-like characteristics, changing fully from man to beast. AHSW-Coven-Full


  • Miss Robichaux's Academy is converted into a military hospital during the Civil War.[3] AHSW-Coven-Full


  • Marianne Wharton, the reigning Supreme of the time, purchases Miss Robichaux's Academy and re-establishes it as a safe haven for young witches to gather and learn.[3] AHSW-Coven-Full


  • Kincaid Polk, having grown up in the haunted forests of North Carolina, where his family offered up human sacrifices to the Roanoke Colony ghosts in exchange for centuries of living in peace with them, is inspired by the ghost of a deserter of the colony (who was in life forced to wear the head of a pig, hog tied, and roasted like swine for his betrayal) to wear a pig mask of his own making and murder people. At some point, he decides to move to Chicago, where he takes hogs for slaughter. During the Chicago World Fair of 1893, Kincaid puts on his mask and mercilessly murders both pigs and humans; in an ironic turn of events, an accident leaves him to be torn apart by his own hogs. After his death, people are mysteriously still found hanging upside down and split open like swine. OGRs Submission AHSW-Roanoke-Full
  • These turn of events create the legend of the Piggy Man. OGRs Submission AHSW-Roanoke-Full


Mid to Late 1800s

  • Edward Mordrake is born a wealthy nobleman in England, though he is afflicted with a terrible abnormality: he has two faces. While the face the majority of the world sees is handsome and poised, a second face at the back of his head is malformed and deranged, whispering depraved notions that only Mordrake can hear. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission


  • Although Mordrake excels in many talents, his other face eventually drives him insane, and he is committed to Bedlam Asylum, where he is eventually lured by the second face into killing one of the attending nurses and escaping his confines. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Mordrake decides to join a freak show troupe, feeling it to be the only place where he could live a life free from the world's hatred. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • October
    • October 31st:
      • During the events of one Halloween, he is driven by the second face to kill his entire coterie before killing himself via hanging. The incident starts a legend among freaks that any show performed on Halloween, even trivial ones, risk summoning Mordrake. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission


  • Dell Toledo is born into the Famed Toledo Lobster Claw Clan, though he does not inherit their genetic disposition for human lobster claws. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission



  • Briarcliff Manor is built as the largest tuberculosis ward on the East Coast; an estimated 46,000 patients die within its walls during this time. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry




  • July
    • July 17th: 
      • The Russian princess Anastasia Romanov, secretly a witch, attempts to use a protection spell to save herself and her family when a group of treasonous soldiers plan to kill them all. However, she does not succeed in casting the spell, and she is executed along with her loved ones by being shot to death. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
        • ^ In September of 2018, the witch Mallory travels back in time to July 17th, 1918 to try to save Anastasia, hoping to elicit the princess's help in preventing the end of the world, though she fails to complete this task and is forced back to her own time. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full


  • A notorious serial killer by the name of the Axeman writes a letter to the New Orleans newspapers threatening to kill any citizen within the city who does not play jazz music in their home. In defiance, the witches of Miss Robichaux's Academy lure him in with opera music and, when he arrives, repeatedly stab him to death. This unwittingly traps him in the Academy as a ghost.[8] AHSW-Coven-Full



  • The Murder House is built by the "Surgeon to the Stars" Charles Montgomery for his wife, Nora.[9] OGRs Submission
  • In the following years, Dr. Montgomery becomes addicted to diethyl oxide and becomes obsessed with resurrecting dead animals. In order to finance their elaborate lifestyle and his addiction, Charles and Nora begin performing illegal abortions in their basement. OGRs Submission



  • Construction of the Hotel Cortez begins, funded and directed by serial killer James Patrick March. Numerous builders are murdered during its construction and hidden inside the hotel's infrastructure.[10] AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Elizabeth Johnson, working as an extra in The Son of the Sheik, is invited by Rudolph Valentino to partake in dinner with him at his home. After dancing the tango with Valentino, Elizabeth meets Natacha Rambova, Rudolph's wife, and learns that Natacha and Rudolph's divorce is only a ploy to dissuade the media from invading their private life. Despite Natacha's hostility toward Elizabeth, the three form a sexual relationship. Over the course of the summer, Elizabeth falls in love with both of them.[4] AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • October
  • Albert Evers is murdered not long after this and disposed of in a mass grave alongside other children victimized by Northcott.[11] AHSW-Hotel-Full


  • German director F.W. Murnau travels deep into the heart of the Carpathian Mountains to do research on vampires, hoping to take inspiration from them for his masterpiece film Nosferatu. Instead, he discovers the vampire's very real existence - humans infected with an ancient virus that grants eternal youth and life, among other supernatural characteristics, at the cost of developing an insatiable thirst for fresh human blood. He is himself afflicted with vampirism before heading back to America. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • July
    • Valentino goes on a tour to promote The Son of the Sheik, where he is approached by F.W. Murnau. Wanting to preserve Valentino forever, Murnau afflicts Valentino with vampirism, believing that he will be "a god among men". AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • August
    • August 23rd:
      • Desiring to use his newfound vampirism to start his life anew, Rudolph kills his stunt double, fakes his own death and afflictes Natacha Rambova with vampirism.[11] AHSW-Hotel-Full
      • Building of the Hotel Cortez is completed and has its grand opening; on this same day, the publicized "death" of Valentino is announced.[12] AHSW-Hotel-Full
      • Believing that Valentino has truly died, Elizabeth's heart is broken, and, feeling alone in the world, she marries Mr. March to acquire wealth, feeling that she can no longer have love. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Elizabeth stumbles upon her husband hacking off the body parts of a destitute beggar in a bathtub, and realizes that he is a serial killer. Hoping to wrap him around her finger as a means of self-preservation, Elizabeth develops an interest in watching March kill people. She convinces him to select those with money and jewels so that his "hobby" can financially support them both. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Valentino and Natacha reveal themselves to be alive to Elizabeth, and they afflict her with vampirism. The three form a plan to leave America and travel the world together, but James March overhears this plan and has Rudolph and Natacha kidnapped, beaten, and trapped in a secret closed hallway of the Cortez, unbeknownst to Elizabeth. Believing her two lovers to have abandoned her, Elizabeth develops the concept that she will do the same to others, afflicting her love interests with vampirism only to leave them behind. She adopts the title of "The Countess".[4] AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • At just three weeks of gestation, The Countess is already visibly carrying her and James' child full-term due to the unnatural circumstances of her vampirism, and seeks to abort it by paying Charles Montgomery a visitBartholomew, having inherited his mother's blood virus, survives the procedure and kills Charles' nurse, savagely consuming her blood. Despite these shocking turn of events, Charles proudly tells The Countess that she has a boy. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • One patient's boyfriend kidnaps the Montgomerys' baby, Thaddeus, and dismembers him. The police return the child's various body parts to Dr. Montgomery in jars, which he then begins sewing back together and resurrects as the Infantata, an inhuman being that craves blood.[1] OGRs Submission
  • Nora, mortified by what Charles has done to their baby, kills Charles by shooting him in the head and then turns the gun on herself.[2]OGRs Submission
  • Mr. March begins the Ten Commandments KillingsAHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The town of Brookfield Heights is established in Michigan. AHSW-Cult-Full


  • Gordon Northcott is arrested for the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders, and Hazel finds out the fate of her deceased son.[11] AHSW-Hotel-Full



  • February
    • February 25th:
      • At 2:25 in the morning, Hazel Evers anonymously tips off the authorities that her employer, James March, is behind the ongoing Ten Commandments Killings. This is not in fact because Hazel seeks justice for the victims involved, but rather because she fell in love with James and longs for them to "die together". When the police infiltrate the Hotel Cortez in a hasty search for James, he asks Hazel if she would like to die via a knife or a gun; gleefully, Hazel chooses to be shot in the head, and after killing her, March slits his own throat to avoid going to prison. Their ghosts thereafter haunt the hotel for years to come. AHSW-Hotel-Full


  • August
    • Lana Winters, an eventual survivor of Briarcliff and esteemed author, is born. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry


  • October
    • October 31st:
      • Ethel joins the circus of P.T Barnum, and is forced to perform on Halloween. The next morning, she and the other freaks find a fellow circus performer, "The Human Cannonball", hung to death with a smile on his face, having been killed by the spirit of Edward Mordrake. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • In Brandenburg, Germany, dominatrix performer Elsa Mars is drugged and tricked into doing a snuff film, during which her legs are amputated with a chainsaw by Nazi sympathizer Hans Grüper. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa is rescued from the experience by a soldier boy named Massimo Dolcefino, who crafts her wooden prostheses in place of her missing legs. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission


  • April
  • Elsa, in search of a better life, leaves Nazi Germany and travels to America with gypsies. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission


  • Elsa Mars adopts Pepper and begins collecting those society deems "freaks" for their unusual medical anomalies, among these Ethel Darling and her son Jimmy . Eventually, she opens Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities to give these freaks a home, in exchange for them using their deformities as sideshow acts to help her achieve her lifelong dream of stardom. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission



  • Stanley, a morbidity collector, takes in Maggie Esmerelda , who has been pick-pocketing on the streets of Kansas City. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission


  • After being falsely accused of molesting children and led to believe that the police are after him, Twisty the Clown flees Rusty Westchester's Traveling Carnival and returns home to Jupiter to be with his mother, but finds that in his absence she has died. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission



  • January
    • January 14th:
    • January 15th:
      • After Elizabeth Short's mutilated body is found, she is deemed "The Black Dahlia" by news headlines. OGRs Submission


  • Summer
    • At Camp Golden Star, Bobby Richter is killed in boating accident while swimming unsupervised, leaving his older brother, Benjamin Richter, and their mother, camp cook Lavinia Richter, heavily traumatized. AHSW-1984-Full
    • That night, Lavinia snaps, entering the cabin of the male counselores and murdering them as she blamed them for Bobby's death. Upon being caught by Benjamin, she tries to kill him as well, but is stabbed in the abdomen by her son in self-defense, dying of her wounds shortly after. Lavinia's spirit is thereafter trapped in the camp grounds, cursing the land to hold the spirits of everyone who would die there from that day forward. AHSW-1984-Full


  • June
    • June 22nd:
      • Sister Jude presumably kills Missy Stone in a drunk driving accident.[13] After the accident, she joins the Catholic Church, claiming to have had a calling from Jesus Christ to renounce all alcohol and worldly pleasures. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry


  • October


  • Summer
    • Twisty decides to make toys for children, but ultimately fails at selling them. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
    • Twisty maims himself while attempting suicide via shotgun. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • August
    • Dell Toledo kills a man in Chicago and flees with his wife Desiree Dupree. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
    • August 25th:
    • August 29th:
      • Bette Tattler kills her mother, Eudora. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
    • August 30th:
      • Dot attempts to kill herself and Bette by stabbing herself in the chest for not stopping Bette from killing their mother. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
    • August 31st:
      • A local milkman discovers the body of Eudora Tattler and surviving Tattler Sisters, who are then rushed to the hospital. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • Elsa Mars arrives to the hospital following the news of the deformed Tattler Sisters and establishes a relationship with the two girls. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • Twisty kills Troy and kidnaps Bonnie Lipton. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • September
  • October
    • October 3rd
      • Three hunters stay in the Roanoke House. Something makes them turn their rifles on each other and blow their heads off. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • Twisty kills the owner and an employee of a toy store. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • Dell and Desiree become members of Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • Dandy Mott makes an attempt to become a member of Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities, but is turned down. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • Dandy becomes the protege of Twisty. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
    • October 30th
      • Meep is framed for Jimmy's crime and is murdered in jail. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
    • October 31st - Halloween at Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • November
    • November 1st
      • Dandy kills Dora Brown. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • The people of Jupiter give thanks to the freaks, and most importantly Jimmy for saving their children from Twisty and Dandy. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • Stanley, posing as a talent scout Richard Spencer, infiltrates Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities by lying to Elsa and offering her the opportunity to be a television personality. However, hating the idea of being on television and not being in motion pictures, she declines his offer. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities has a sold-out show. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • After her failed performance, Elsa decides to accept Stanley's offer. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • In order to kill them for the American Morbidity Museum, Stanley lies by offering Bette and Dot the opportunity to be television personalities. He tries to poison Bette and Dot with pink cupcakes, but ultimately fails. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dandy kills Andy, Dell's secret lover. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa sells the twins to Dandy, however, she tells everyone that the twins ran off when she took them dress shopping. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa has a big red and white spinning wheel dug out of storage so she can practice her knife-throwing act. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • At the Mott Manor, the twins are treated as honored guests, and Dandy announces to his mother that he's in love with them and plans to marry them. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa and Paul become secret lovers. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Paul sneaks into bed with Penny, but her father interrupts their moment. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Bette has fallen in love with Dandy while Dot remains suspicious of his actions. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dandy reads the twins an article about the first successful separation of Siamese twins and Dot sees a potential use for the Mott's wealth: to be finally separated from Bette. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Paul goes to a drugstore to buy Penny some perfume, but runs into Dandy. He notices that Dandy's buying two each of many ladies toiletries. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Paul becomes suspicious that Elsa was behind the twins' disappearance because she was jealous of the twins and would do anything to regain the spotlight. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Stanley wants Maggie to lure Jimmy to the barn he's renting to kill him. She argues against it and suggests Ma Petite instead. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa rages through tears, reminding all the freaks she saved all of them from previous lives of torment. She demands one of them climb on the spinning wheel to prove their loyalty to her. Jimmy volunteers, but Paul insists it should be him. Elsa takes a careful aim and misses, hitting Paul square in the gut as she protests it was an accident. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Maggie fails trying to kill Ma Petite. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • After reading Dot's journal, Dandy rages to Gloria about how the love he felt for them was his salvation, but his true purpose is to bring death. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Jimmy arrives at the Mott Manor looking for the twins. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Ethel brings Elsa a piece of the cake, as the latter laments that the freaks don't trust her. Ethel is sympathetic, but says that if she ever finds out that Elsa was lying about what happened to the twins, she'd kill Elsa. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • The twins leave the Mott Manor with Jimmy. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dell takes his aggressiveness out on a bartender when he discovers Andy, is gone, while Stanley watches. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Jimmy confronts Elsa about selling the twins, but Dot reverses course and covers for Elsa. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Stanley blackmails Dell to kill one of the freaks, threatening to expose him of his sexuality. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dell tries to strangle Amazon Eve, but she beats him up. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dell and Jimmy bond while at a bar. He tells Jimmy that he is his father, but the latter already knew. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Bette and Dot demand Elsa to bring Dr. Oscar Sugar to Jupiter and convince him to perform the separation surgery. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • December
  • Elsa enlists Stanley's help in finding the doctor. Instead, he suggests a mercy killing, which Ethel overhears. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dell crushes Ma Petite, killing her. Her body is displayed at the American Morbidity Museum. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • The freaks search the woods for Ma Petite, but find nothing but ripped and bloody clothes. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa throws a knife into Ethel's eye, after the latter said she didn't believe Elsa's tears for Ma Petite were real, and threatened to kill Elsa and herself, as she had limited time to live anyway. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa and Stanley orchestrate an elaborate car crash hoax creating Ethel's "suicide". AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • The freaks, minus Elsa, have a funeral for Ethel. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Jimmy starts drinking excessively. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa recruits Ima Wiggles to Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Legless Suzi, Amazon Eve, Desiree and Penny break into Penny's house to capture her father, who had left Penny severely disfigured from tattoos, due to her relationship with Paul. They plan to kill him, but Penny stops it, and threatens her father, telling him that if he ever comes near her again, she'll kill him. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dandy shoots and kills Gloria, and bathes in her blood. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dora Brown's daughter, Regina Ross, investigates her mother's death, but is soon killed by corrupted police officer, Jack Colquitt, payed off by Dandy.AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Drunk Jimmy starts a relationship with Ima Wiggles. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa tells the twins that she found the surgeon who could separate them and he's on his way to Jupiter. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • After Jimmy fails to impress the Tupperware party girls, Dandy kills them all. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Bette and Dot both agree that they don't need a surgery to live happily. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dell tries to commit suicide, but is untimely saved by Desiree at the last minute. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Bette and Dot (especially Dot) confess their love for Jimmy. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Detective Colquitt arrests Jimmy for the murder of the Tupperware girls. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission


  • Salty dies from a stroke and Stanley decapitates his corpse, sending the head to the American Morbidity Museum. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa tells Desiree of how she came to adopt Pepper. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Desiree encourages Elsa to seek out to Pepper's sister Rita Gayheart. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa has Pepper move back with her sister, in Massachusetts. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Stanley convinces Jimmy to have his hands amputated for the Morbidity Museum to pay for a lawyer. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dell visits Jimmy at the hospital and realizes Stanley double-crossed Jimmy. The two make plans to buy the Freak Show from Elsa once she leaves for Hollywood. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Bette and Dot set out to find someone to deflower them, when they come across traveling salesman, Chester Creb. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Chester dreams of performing his magic act in front of an audience, along with his Dummy named Marjorie. Chester also reveals that after fighting in Normandy, he had a metal plate implanted in his skull; which causes him to hallucinate that Marjorie is alive. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • After Chester asks for them to assist him in his magic act, Bette and Dot seduce Chester and sleep with him. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dell reveals to Elsa what happened to Jimmy and Elsa pleads with him to get Jimmy out. Eve suggests teaming up to save Jimmy. As the cops are transporting Jimmy back to prison, Eve throws a brick through the windshield and she and Dell kill both officers, rescuing Jimmy in the process. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dandy hires a private investigator to follow the twins and soon learns of their relationship with Chester. He confronts Chester after Marjorie goes missing, revealing that he knows about Chester's past. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dandy tells Chester where Marjorie is, and once he finds her, she tells Chester that he needs to kill the twins. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Maggie tells Elsa she needs to show her something, revealing Ma Petite's true fate. Desiree pulls a gun on Dell in his caravan, demanding to know who he has killed. Once Dell confesses his crime of killing Ma Petite, Elsa shoots him in the head from behind. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • The Freaks hold a feast to welcome Chester as the new owner of the freak show. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Maggie reveals to Stanley that she told them everything he had done, outing him as a con artist and a murderer. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Stanley pleads with them to let him live, claiming Elsa isn't to be trusted, and that she was the one who murdered Ethel. The freaks ignore him and proceed to chase Stanley around the camp with weapons, murdering him. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dandy visits the twins and warns them of Chester's dark past, but they demand him to leave after saying they don't trust him. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa introduces Jimmy to an old friend of hers, Massimo Dolcefino, who intends on making him a pair of prosthetics just as he did with Elsa. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Chester rehearses the new routines. The twins, now suspicious of Chester, admit they no longer want to be his assistants after he asks to saw them in two as part of his performance. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Maggie volunteers to do the trick instead and enters the box. However, Chester hallucinates about his deceased wife and her lover, and saws Maggie in half, killing her. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Chester runs out of the tent to his room where he then "murders" Marjorie for making him commit all those crimes. He later turns himself to the police. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dot and Bette warn Elsa that she needs to leave immediately, as the freaks intend on killing her to avenge Ethel's murder. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa meets with Dandy before she leaves town and receives $10,000 in exchange for the freak show. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Massimo delivers Jimmy his prosthetics, revealing wooden replicas of Jimmy's lobster claws. Jimmy calls them perfect. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dandy blames the freaks for the lack of tickets sold. Having enough of their new owner, the remaining freaks push Dandy to the ground and announce that they all quit the show. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Elsa arrives in Hollywood and immediately sets out to fulfill her dreams of stardom. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • In a rage, Dandy walks the camp-grounds with his pistol and begins to massacre the Freaks; killing Paul, Penny, Suzi, Toulouse, Ima and Eve. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Desiree is the sole survivor of the massacre. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Jimmy returns to the Freak Show to find his entire family displayed under the big top, dead. Desiree reveals herself and the two embrace, horrified over the bloodshed. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Bette and Dot Tattler agree to Dandy's hand in marriage. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • At dinner Dandy begins to feel light headed and it’s revealed that Desiree posed as the maid and drugged Dandy with the help of the twins and Jimmy. Dandy learns of the freaks plan to seek vengeance on him before he passes out. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • Dandy awakes to find himself locked in a Chinese Water Torture Cell. Desiree, Jimmy, Bette and Dot watch as he is slowly drowned in the tank. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • After the ending of the Mott line in Jupiter, Florida, the Roanoke House goes up for sale. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
  • Miriam Mead is born. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full


  • The Axeman becomes a paternal figure to an 8 year old Fiona Goode and protects her from a school bully by dropping a shelf on her. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Camp Golden Star is reopened as Camp Redwood. AHSW-1984-Full


  • October
    • Elsa receives a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
    • Elsa is asked to perform a Halloween special on her show, The Elsa Mars Hour, but she declines. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
    • Despite having immense fame, Elsa is still unhappy and meets with her old love Massimo. Elsa asks to run away with her and they can move to Rome, but Massimo confesses that he is dying of lung cancer. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
    • Elsa is later confronted by her husband and the President of WBN when a copy of her snuff film surfaces. Realizing she’ll never find true love and that her career is nearly over, as well as the fact that her family of "freaks" had all been murdered, Elsa finally agrees to perform a Halloween special. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
    • October 31st - Halloween AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • Elsa Mars performs "Heroes" on The Elsa Mars Hour and summons Edward Mordrake. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • As Elsa sings, Desiree, now with a family of her own after marrying an old flame, Angus, is shown watching the broadcast, along with a pregnant Bette and Dot Tattler who are now happily married to Jimmy. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • Mordrake knows this is Elsa’s way of killing herself, so after stabbing her to death, he sends her to her own blissful afterlife taking the form of the Freak Show grounds. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
      • In her afterlife, Elsa is greeted by Ma Petite and all the other deceased freaks, including Ethel who welcomes her back. She takes the stage along with her family, finally finding fame and true happiness. AHS Freak Show Logo Submission


  • A young African American boy in New Orleans is kidnapped and lynched by a group of white men. In response, Marie Laveau performs a necromancy ritual that causes corpses from a nearby cemetery to rise from the dead and kill the men responsible. AHSW-Coven-Full


  • Briarcliff Manor is purchased by the Catholic Church and converted into an asylum for the criminally insane. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Timothy Howard agrees to let Arthur Arden perform his experiments in the asylum. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Pepper is framed for the murder of her sister's baby and is sent to Briarcliff Manor. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry AHS Freak Show Logo Submission
  • October
    • October 31st:
      • A young Miriam Mead dresses up as Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons and goes trick-or-treating. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • December
    • December 19th:



  • Sally McKenna is born. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • January
    • January 16th:
      • Donna Burton, a librarian from Wausaukee County Library, was abducted by Oliver Thredson, as the Bloody Face Murders begin. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • January 18th:
      • Donna Burton's body was found in an open field and was skinned, drained of blood, and decapitated. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • March
    • Allison Rydell, the secretary of Oliver Thredson's dentist, was abducted from her home by Oliver Thredson, now known as Bloody Face, and was skinned, decapitated, and drained of her blood. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • September
    • Kit Walker and his wife Alma Walker are terrorized by the Extraterrestrials, and Alma is abducted. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • Kit is falsely committed to Briarcliff Manor for the Bloody Face murders. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • Journalist Lana Winters visits Briarcliff Manor so she can do a story on their bakery, but she is actually there so she can get an interview with the newly committed Bloody Face. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • Inmate Grace Bertrand befriends Kit. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • Lana sneaks into Briarcliff after hours and gets caught. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • Sister Jude commits Lana to Briarcliff Manor for her homosexuality, but she was really committed because she knows too much about Briarcliff's secrets. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • October
  • Lana undergoes a dose of electro-shock therapy. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • October 30th:
      • Wendy Peyser, Lana Winters' romantic partner, is killed by Bloody Face. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • October 31st:
      • Local boy Jed Potter undergoes an exorcism at Briarcliff to get The Demon out of him, this ultimately kills Jed, and the Demon possesses Sister Mary Eunice right after. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
      • Lana and Grace prepare to escape, but when Kit joins them, Lana screams for the guards, believing Kit to be the actual Bloody Face. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • November
    • November 1st:
      • Lana Winters is rewarded by Sister Jude for helping stop Kit and Grace for escaping by witnessing them get caned, with Kit volunteering to take all of Grace's punishment as well. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • November 14th:
      • An unnamed Jewish European woman is admitted to Briarcliff for stabbing men at a bar with a broken bottle for telling inflammatory Jewish jokes.OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
      • Dr. Arthur Arden continues experimentation on Shelly. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • November 15th:
      • The unnamed Jewish European woman claims to be Anne Frank. She later reveals Dr. Arthur Arden's identity as former Nazi Hans Gruper. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
      • Kit and Grace have sex in the kitchen and are sentenced by Sister Jude Martin to be sterilized. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
      • Detective Byers and Detective Connors come to Briarcliff and interrogate Dr. Arthur Arden for assaulting a prostitute and holding Nazi memorabilia, believing him to be the real Bloody Face. Meanwhile, Anne Frank pickpockets Detective Byers' pistol. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • November 16th:
      • Lana is put through therapy by Oliver Thredson, in order to cure her of her sexuality, and remove her from the asylum. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • November 17th:
      • Oliver Thredson promises to break Lana Winters out of Briarcliff by the end of the week. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
      • Dr. Arthur Arden and Anne Frank fight in his lab. Anne Frank shoots Arden in the leg and discovers Shelly as a Rasper. Frank McCann is able to subdue her. Sister Mary Eunice hides Shelly away before Sister Jude could investigate. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • November 18th:
      • Shelly is discovered by schoolgirl Peggy Cartwright during recces on the playground and is taken to a nearby hospital. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
      • Jim Brown arrives at Briarcliff Manor to reveal that Anne Frank is actually Charlotte Brown, his wife, who suffered from postpartum psychosis, became obsessed with Anne Frank and Nazi history. She is returned home to her husband and baby. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
      • While Kit is excused from being sterilized, Grace is still scheduled for the surgery. Before she can be sterilized, the Aliens come to remove Grace's womb, which is holding the fetus of Kit's child. During the procedure, she met Alma. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • November 19th:
      • Oliver Thredson tricks Kit into recording a confession of taking the blame for the Bloody Face murders and sends them to the police for Kit Walker to be arrested and tried. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
      • Jim Brown returns Charlotte to Briarcliff after she nearly smothers their son to death. In order to silence Charlotte, Dr. Arden suggests and performs a trans-orbital lobotomy on her. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
      • Oliver breaks Lana out of Briarcliff, seeing that she can't be subjected to much more torture, however, this is a ploy, as Oliver reveals himelf as the real Bloody Face and captures Lana.OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Lana is held hostage by Oliver but escapes and is re-admitted to Briarcliff following a car crash. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • The Angel of Death is later summoned to Briarcliff. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Grace is later accidentally killed by security guard Frank McCann, being kissed by the Angel of Death. Her body is later taken by the Extraterrestrials. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • December
    • December 24th:
      • Sister Mary Eunice kills Frank, with the help of Leigh Emerson, and frames the murder on Sister Jude. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • December 25th:
      • Sister Jude is committed to Briarcliff Manor, and revoked of her nun status after she is viewed as being mentally unstable, with the possessed Sister Mary Eunice taking over. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
      • Leigh is taken under Monsignor Howard to repent of his previous crimes, however, this is just a ruse, as Leigh attempts to kill Howard and escapes, leaving Howard severely injured. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry


  • January
    • The Extraterrestrials return a very pregnant, and alive, Grace Bertrand and Pepper to Briarcliff Manor. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • Judy Martin undergoes a powerful dose of electro-shock treatment that severely affects her memory. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • Grace gives birth to a baby boy, she names him Thomas. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • Sister Mary Eunice is thrown from the top of the Briarcliff stairs by Monsignor Timothy Howard and given the kiss of death by the Angel of Death, killing both Mary Eunice and the Demon. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • Dr. Arthur Arden kills himself with the body of Sister Mary Eunice in the Briarcliff crematorium. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • January 12th:
    • January 16th:
      • Kit Walker is released from Briarcliff Manor. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
      • Kit gets Grace released from Briarcliff Manor using her falsely diagnosed death certificate. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
      • Kit returns home with Grace, and their son Thomas and find a very much alive Alma inside holding her baby daughter, Julia. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Fall
    • Lana gives birth to Johnny Morgan, and puts him up for adoption. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • Timothy Howard is appointed Cardinal of New York City. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • The Catholic Church sells Briarcliff Manor to the state of Massachusetts. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry


  • Winter
    • Pepper dies of pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis at Briarcliff. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry



  • The Murder House is being used as a Sorority house for a nursing school. The R. Franklin murders take place with the death of two nurses. OGRs Submission
  • June
    • June 3rd:
      • Valerie Solanas attempts to murder Andy Warhol, she fails. AHSW-Cult-Full
  • SCUM sees Valerie’s assassination attempt as the signal to begin killing couples, so they start to do so. AHSW-Cult-Full
  • Someone writes a letter to the newspaper saying that they are killing everyone, dubbing themselves as the "Zodiac Killer." Valerie tries to admit that it was the SCUM, but the police don’t believe her. AHSW-Cult-Full
  • October
    • October 31st:
      • Miriam Mead goes on a date and watches Rosemary's BabyAHSW-Apocalypse-Full


Late 1960s/ Early 1970s

  • Constance moves from Virginia to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. OGRs Submission


  • March
  • July
    • July 1st
      • Margaret Booth, a summer counselor at Camp Redwood, after being manipulated by Lavinia Richter, murders 9 people in her cabin. Margaret disguises herself as a fellow victim, and blames the killings on Benjamin Richter (better known as Mr. Jingles), a Vietnam war veteran and janitor at the camp, who had done nothing to protect her from bullying. This event is referred to as "the worst summer camp massacre of all time".  AHSW-1984-Full
      • A fellow counselor Jonas, referred to as The Hiker, witnesses the massacre and flees, only to be run over by a truck and killed by Margaret, unknowingly trapping his spirit to the land.  AHSW-1984-Full
      • Margaret plays a key role in Richter's trial after he is caught, causing Benjamin to be taken to Red Meadows Asylum, where he is tortured and drugged by the staff, lead by Chief of Pyschology, Karen Hopple, and forgets everything about the incident, causing him to believe he had truly killed the counselors.  AHSW-1984-Full


  • Judy lives with Kit and his kids before passing away. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Determined to expose Briarcliff Manor for what it actually is, Lana Winters creates a television program: "Briarcliff Exposed" so the world can see the horrid conditions of the place. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Briarcliff Manor is shut down and abandoned. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Fiona Goode kills Anna Leigh Leighton in front of Spalding so she can become the next Supreme. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • The Witches' Council has an emergency meeting because Anna Leigh Leighton's life force couldn't be detected. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Myrtle Snow puts a spell of truth on Spalding's tongue in order for him to confess that Fiona killed Anna Leigh. However, he loves Fiona, and decides to cut out his own tongue in order to protect her. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona partakes and succeeds in the Seven Wonders, and thus is crowned the new Supreme. AHSW-Coven-Full


  • April
    • April 2nd:
      • Cardinal Timothy Howard kills himself by slitting his wrists in a bathtub out of guilt. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
    • April 3rd:
      • Lana Winters airs expose on Dr. Arthur Arden and the experiments he conducted on the patients at Briarcliff as well as the murders. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Adelaide Langdon is born, and Constance ends her acting career. OGRs Submission


  • October
    • October 15th
      • The Chen family move into the Roanoke House and are later killed by The Butcher. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
    • October 19th
      • The Chen's are discovered as missing by Martin County. AHSW-Roanoke-Full


  • Tate Langdon is born. OGRs Submission
  • Ramona Royale, having an aspiration to move beyond being the B-movie queen, to becoming a Hollywood A-lister, led to her meeting The Countess. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The Countess turns Ramona and the two become lovers. AHSW-Hotel-Full



  • Kit Walker develops pancreatic cancer, however, before he dies, the Extraterrestrials arrive and take Kit with them into space. Kit's two children, imbued with some genetic information from the Extraterrestrials, go on to become extremely successful. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Summer
    • Donna Chambers, suspecting her father is having an affair, follows him late at night, only to discover he is a secret serial killer. After he commits suicide upon being found by Donna, telling her his evil has always been with him, Donna resigns herself to prove no person is born evil, but rather made evil by the events around them. AHSW-1984-Full


  • By now, the Murder House has been refurbished. Constance murders her husband Hugo and the maid Moira O'Hara in the house, after finding out about their affair. OGRs Submission


  • Brooke Thompson is engaged to her longtime sweetheart, Joey, however, at the altar, Joey murders Brooke's father, his best man, Sam, and commits suicide, due to believing Brooke had an affair with Sam the previous night, greatly traumatizing Brooke. AHSW-1984-Full
  • Montana Duke, Sam's sister, vows revenge on Brooke, believing she had slept with Sam, and thus caused his death at Brooke's wedding. AHSW-1984-Full
  • Ray Powell hosts a pledge party at his fraternity house, however, one of the pledges, Chan, heavily drunk, falls down a flight of stairs to his supposed death. In order to avoid attention from the authorities, Ray tries to dispose of Chan's body in a car at the edge of a cliff. Ray discovers too late that Chan is still alive, and accidentally murders him by letting him fall off the cliff. AHSW-1984-Full


  • Constance and her children move out of the house. OGRs Submission
  • Nick Pryor checks into the Hotel Cortez on a business trip. She meets The Countess who helps her transform into Liz Taylor. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Liz Taylor is hired to work at the Hotel Cortez so she doesn't have to go back to Topeka.[14] AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • April
  • June
    • June 21st:
      • Pyschology student, Donna Chambers, visits Chief of Pyschology at Red Meadows Asylum, Karen Hopple, to request a visit with Benjamin Richter. Donna convinces Benjamin that he is not evil, but had been made evil from the events of his life. To prove her theory, she will help Benjamin escape and travel back to Camp Redwood, which is being re-opened, to deal with the camp counselors. AHSW-1984-Full
      • After leaving, Donna tracks down the new nurse of Camp Redwood, Rita, attacking her and tying her up, allowing Donna to disguise herself as the camp's new nurse, taking the name Rita, in order to supervise Benjamin's upcoming massacre. AHSW-1984-Full
    • June 28th:
      • Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker, brutally murders 79-year-old Jennie Vincow in her apartment in Glassell Park, Los Angeles. She was stabbed repeatedly while asleep in bed. His fingerprints were found on a mesh screen he removed to gain access through an open window. AHSW-1984-Full
    • June 30th:
      • Xavier Plympton invites his friends Montana Duke, Chet Clancy, Ray Powell, and Brooke Thompson to join him in being camp counselors at the re-opened Camp Redwood. Brooke declines as she has signed up for veterinary college classes. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Ramirez meets Montana at a midnight aerobics class. He kills one of the men, Rod, who had been rude to her, and leaves him on display for Montana to find. Montana and Ramirez begin a relationship, while Montana reveals her hatred towards Brooke, convincing Ramirez to find and kill her. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Later that night, Brooke is attacked in her home by Ramirez but survives the ordeal, however he promises to find and kill her later. AHSW-1984-Full
  • July
    • July 1st:
      • Brooke decides to join the others, go to Camp Redwood, and stay in hiding until the cops can capture Ramirez. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Xavier accidentally runs over a hiker, who is in dire condition. The group brings him to Camp Redwood for medical treatment, where they meet owner, and Camp Redwood survivor, Margaret Booth, as well as activities director, Trevor Kirchner, nurse Donna "Rita" Chambers, and chef Bertie. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Benjamin Richter escapes from Red Meadows, with the help of Donna, after faking a suicide attempt and killing an orderly. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Making his way back to Camp Redwood, Benjamin murders Ed, a car mechanic. AHSW-1984-Full 
      • Benjamin kills The Hiker in the infirmary, and chases Brooke after she walks in, though when Brooke reunites with her friends, Benjamin has fled, and the hiker has vanished, causing the campers to believe Brooke is making up her story. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Brooke receives a phone call from Benjamin, before encountering Ramirez once more. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Hopple arrives at Camp Redwood to alert Margaret of Benjamin's escape, though she is rebuffed and later killed by Benjamin just outside the camp grounds. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Xavier is confronted by Blake, a man who had saved Xavier from a miserable past of drug abuse, in exchange for starring in a gay porn film. Blake forces Xavier to make another film, but rather than being used again, Xavier tells Blake about Trevor, allowing Xavier to escape. However, while Blake watches Trevor shower, he is killed by Benjamin. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Brooke finds the dead body of Hopple, and is attacked by Ramirez, though she is saved by The Hiker, an undead spirit. Ramirez kills him, only for The Hiker to reappear again. After killing him once more, Ramirez confronts Margaret about the Hiker's presence, to which she reveals the Hiker, Jonas, had died in 1970. Ramirez and Margaret form a friendship, and come to a deal. If Ramirez kills Benjamin, she will try to find out everything she can about Jonas. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Margaret finds Jonas, discovering he still believes it is 1970, though he remembers very little of the massacre. The duo deduce that Jonas is likely a ghost trapped in the camp. AHSW-1984-Full
      • The campers find Blake's dead body, and try to flee in Xavier's van, though they crash after "Rita" walks into the road. The group split up to get the keys to Rita's car and Trevor's motorcycle. Brooke, Chet, Ray, and "Rita" go to the infirmary for Rita's keys. Xavier, Montana, and Trevor go to the cabins and get Trevor's keys, while Xavier confesses his past with Blake. Both groups are locked inside the two separate locations, after two unknown assailants begin knocking on the doors. AHSW-1984-Full
    • July 2nd:
      • Ramirez is revealed to be the first assailant, who attacks Brooke, Chet, Ray, and "Rita". Ray tries to abandon the group and is injured by Ramirez, though Chet saves him. AHSW-1984-Full
      • While Brooke and "Rita" flee, Chet and Ray fall into a punji stick trap, where Chet is impaled through the shoulder by one of the punji's. Ray confesses to an unconscious Chet of his crimes the year prior, revealing he is on the run, but when Chet reveals he had been awake, Ray abandons Chet inside the pit and flees. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Brooke and "Rita" arrive at Rita's car, but when Brooke tries to escape in order to get help, "Rita" stabs Brooke with a tranquilizer, knocking her out, as "Rita" drags Brooke away. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Xavier, Montana, and Trevor discover their assailant had been imitators of Benjamin, for an annual Jingles Day, however, the real Benjamin arrives and kills the imitators. While fleeing, the trio finds the real nurse Rita, tied up in the boathouse, discovering "Rita" is not who she says is, though the real Rita is killed moments later by Benjamin. AHSW-1984-Full
      • The trio encounter Ray, who lies about what happened to his group. While Ray and Montana leave to find Brooke and Donna, as well as escape on Trevor's motorcycle to get help, Trevor and Xavier leave to rescue Margaret, Bertie, and Chet. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Trevor and Xavier find and rescue Chet from the punji pit, and encounter Benjamin. Trevor shoves Benjamin into the pit, killing him, only for the group to discover it had been another Benjamin imitator. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Ray and Montana discover Donna and Brooke missing, and are confronted by Ramirez. In a panic, Ray abandons Montana. While driving away on Trevor's motorcyle, Ray is killed by Benjamin, who decapitates Ray with an axe as he passes by. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Montana and Ramirez reunite, and prepare to go after Brooke. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Xavier and Trevor take Chet to the infirmary, where they are able to keep him alive with a shot of adrenaline and some bandages, before departing to find Margaret and Bertie, planning on using Blake's cadillac to escape. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Trevor finds Margaret, but is turned away and returns to Chet. Meanwhile, Xavier finds Bertie in the mess hall, however, they are attacked by Benjamin, who stabs Bertie repeatedly, and locks Xavier in an active stove. Though Bertie is able to rescue Xavier from the stove, he is left heavily burned, and is forced to mercy kill Bertie, because of her grievous wounds. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Brooke tries to escape from Donna but is trapped in a net, and left to be killed by the serial killers as Donna watches from afar. Montana finds Brooke and brings Ramirez, at the same time Benjamin arrives, hearing Brooke's screams. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Ramirez and Benjamin battle each other, at the same time Montana fights Donna. In the chaos, Brooke escapes from the net and flees, Donna is knocked unconscious by Montana, and Ramirez is killed by Benjamin, being impaled on a tree branch. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Benjamin confronts Margaret, where she confesses she had committed the murders, thus meaning Benjamin is innocent of the initial camp massacre. Furious at having been used by Margaret, Benjamin tries to kill her, however, Margaret shoots Benjamin. Having heard the gunshots, Trevor finds Margaret, but is stabbed and severely wounded by her. Benjamin is able to escape while Margaret is distracted. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Brooke, Xavier, Montana, Chet, and Margaret all convene at Blake's cadillac, only to discover it on fire and unusable, while Margaret blames Trevor's death on Benjamin. AHSW-1984-Full
      • As Donna wakes up, she witnesses Ramirez being resurrected by Satan. Ramirez taunts Donna with memories of her father, and confesses evil resides in everyone. AHSW-1984-Full
      • After knocking out a deranged Xavier, Margaret, wanting to lure away more victims, convinces Chet to come with her to find help. While traversing the camp's lake, Margaret overpowers the weakened Chet, tying him to an anchor, and drowns him. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Brooke spots Ray, now an undead spirit, and reunites with him. While in hiding, Brooke and Ray discuss their pasts and have sex, causing Brooke to lose her virginity, however, while preparing to leave, Brooke finds Ray's severed head, horrifying both of them. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Donna encounters Montana and Xavier, confessing her past with Benjamin, causing Xavier to snap and attack Donna, while at the same time, Montana finds Brooke and attacks her, revealing her hatred towards her, as Brooke and Donna are chased by Montana and Xavier respectively. AHSW-1984-Full
      • Benjamin finds Donna, revealing Margaret as the true killer, and leaves Donna to deal with her guilt. Benjamin finds Margaret at the shooting range and prepares to kill her, but before he can do so, he is shot to death by Xavier with a bow and arrow, while Margaret kills Xavier by stabbing him to death. Ramirez finds Benjamin and brings him back to life, causing Benjamin to pledge allegiance to Satan. AHSW-1984-Full
      • As dawn finally arrives, and with it a bus of young campers, Brooke kills Montana in self defense by stabbing her to death, in front of the kids. AHSW-1984-Full
      • While Ramirez and Benjamin flee the camp together, Margaret blames all of the killings on Brooke, who is taken into police custody, while all of the dead counselors, now spirits in the camp, realize they are dead and establish Camp Redwood as their new home. AHSW-1984-Full


  • Spring
    • Trevor Kirchner, having survived his wounds from the camp massacre, meets Margaret Booth, and blackmails her for her fortune, out of revenge for having nearly been killed by her, however, Margaret instead proposes marriage, giving Trevor his fortune, while also silencing him from telling the public of Margaret's crimes. AHSW-1984-Full
  • Summer
    • As Richard Ramirez's killing spree is at its peak, his partner, Benjamin Richter, tired of murdering in Satan's name, discovers a wanted paper of Ramirez and sells him out, alerting the civilians of Los Angeles to Ramirez's presence. While Ramirez is chased and beaten by a mob, Benjamin makes his getaway to start a new life, though Ramirez warns him that he will have his vengeance. AHSW-1984-Full


  • Wren is left in a hot car while her father goes inside The Hotel Cortez to get drunk. The Countess breaks into the car and takes her for her own, granting her eternal life.[4] AHSW-Hotel-Full


  • February 22nd: Andy Warhol dies from cardiac arrest. AHSW-Cult-Full


  • Miranda and Bridget Jane worked in an assisted living facility in Rochester where it was suspected but never proven that they were behind the mysterious deaths of two elderly patients. They quit their jobs before any charges could be filed and leave Rochester. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
  • April
    • April 25th:
      • Valerie Solanas dies from pneumonia. AHSW-Cult-Full
  • October
    • October 31st:
      • Miriam Mead is a Mossad agent and makes her first kill. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full


  • Hayden McClaine is born.[15] OGRs Submission
  • Miranda and Bridget Jane wind up in Martin County, North Carolina and move into the Roanoke House, opening an assisted living facility of their own in the house itself. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
  • October
    • Margaret Booth has started her own business of renovating locations where famous murders took place, including Briarcliff Manor. While her relationship with Trevor Kirchner is breaking apart, due to Trevor's reluctance to be with the woman who nearly killed him, the duo are told by Margaret's assistant, Courtney, that Brooke Thompson is going to be executed by lethal injection for her supposed crimes. AHSW-1984-Full
    • Brooke is taken to San Quentin State Prison, where she encounters Richard Ramirez, who is also imprisoned there. He offers to help her escape, seeing her true potential as a killer if she accepts Satan, but she refuses. AHSW-1984-Full
    • At Camp Redwood, photographer Dustin, and his girlfriend are murdered by the spirits of Montana Duke and Xavier Plympton , and after Ray Powell and the other ghosts refuse to clean up their murders any longer, the crime goes public. AHSW-1984-Full 
    • Margaret, Trevor, and Courtney decide to use the recent murder to promote the "Camp Redwood - Food and Music Fest" at the camp itself. AHSW-1984-Full
    • Chet Clancy tries to murder Margaret, but is stopped by Montana, as the ghosts prepare to get their revenge when the time is right. AHSW-1984-Full
    • As Brooke is prepared for execution, in view of Margaret and Trevor, refusing Ramirez's offer once more, Ramirez, having learned of the music fest, contacts Satan, who possesses a security guard, allowing Ramirez to escape. After Brooke's supposed death, she is woken up by Donna Chambers, who gives her adrenaline to restart her heart and helps her escape. AHSW-1984-Full
    • Benjamin Richter lives in Alaska, as a VideoShack employee, and has begun a new life, with his wife, Lorraine, and their newborn son, Bobby. Though Benjamin is trying to start anew, paying no attention to the camp music fest, Ramirez kills Lorraine in the night, as revenge for Benjamin breaking his pledge years prior. With newfound hatred, Benjamin gives his son up to his sister-in-law before departing back to the camp. AHSW-1984-Full
  • October 14th
    • During the October Blood Moon of 1989, Margaret and Bridget Jane are attacked by the ghost colonists of Roanoke. They are dragged outside and sacrificed to the Old Gods by the Butcher.AHSW-Roanoke-Full
  • October 29th
    • Miranda and Bridget Jane are found missing when Martin County officers perform a wellness check on the Roanoke House after patients' relatives became concerned when no one answered the telephone there for three weeks.[3] AHSW-Roanoke-Full
    • Benjamin arrives at the camp, where he is confronted by the rest of the undead spirits, however, he provides a theory that his mother, Lavinia Richter, The Lady in White, who has been terrorizing the ghosts, is the reason they are trapped in the camp. AHSW-1984-Full
    • Benjamin confronts his mother, who reveals she had influenced Margaret to start her killing spree, and vows to make Benjamin suffer. However, upon hearing of Benjamin's family, she convinces him to commit suicide, to exact his revenge on Ramirez and Margaret as a ghost. AHSW-1984-Full
    • Benjamin commits suicide, trapping his spirit to the land. AHSW-1984-Full
    • While Margaret and Courtney prepare the music festival, and Trevor and Montana reunite on the camp grounds, Ramirez murders the members of Kajagoogoo. AHSW-1984-Full
    • Donna tries to help Brooke readjust to a normal life though Brooke is consumed with hatred towards Margaret. While relaxing at a skating rink on their way to the festival, the duo pick up Bruce, a hitchhiker, who is also heading to the festival. AHSW-1984-Full
    • While driving, Bruce is kicked out, after shooting down a poilice officer in cold blood, though he later catches back up and knocks Brooke and Donna unconscious, revealing himself to be the Headlights Killer. Bruce gives Brooke a choice, to either be killed, or to drive to Camp Redwood, dragging Donna on a chain, across the road to her death. The duo outsmart Bruce, and incapacitate him, cutting off his thumbs and leave him to die, before continuing their journey. AHSW-1984-Full
  • October 30th
    • While Courtney cleans up the bodies of Kajagoogoo, discovering the band are now spirits on the land, Ramirez is confronted by Benjamin. The duo's fight is interrupted by Bruce, having escaped the night prior, who smashes into Benjamin with a car. While Benjamin disappears, Ramirez and Bruce team up. AHSW-1984-Full
    • While Trevor and Montana begin their relationshop anew, Margaret, witnessing this, joins forces with Ramirez and Bruce to kill every musician at the festival (except for BillybIdol on Ramirez's request). AHSW-1984-Full
    • Brooke and Donna are confronted by newspaper writer, Stacy Phillips, who reveals she knows their identities and blackmails them. Taking Stacy to the camp to prove their innocence of the massacre, Brooke tries to kill Stacy, so she won't reveal their identites to the public, though Donna stops her. AHSW-1984-Full
    • While running away, Stacy is killed by Margaret, Ramirez, and Bruce. AHSW-1984-Full
    • Benjamin is captured by the ghosts in the camp, who begin to torture him out of revenge, though Montana feels guilty for her past with Ramirez, causing her to push Trevor away. AHSW-1984-Full
    • While being left in the middle of the camp lake to die by the ghosts, Benjamin is dragged underwater into a secret side of purgatory, where he reunites with Lavinia and his long dead brother, Bobby, resigning himself to stay with his family and accept his life as a ghost. AHSW-1984-Full
  • Ocotber 31st
    • Trevor blocks the roads into the concert, as a way to stop Margaret from killing the bands. After killing Courtney, who had revealed to Trevor that Kajagoogoo was killed, Margaret fatally injures Trevor outside the camp grounds. Though unable to reach the camp by himself, Brooke helps Trevor into the camp, where he comes back as a ghost and reunites with Montana, who makes amends with Brooke. AHSW-1984-Full
    • Montana and Trevor convince the rest of the ghosts to put aside their differences and kill Margaret, Ramirez and Bruce. Trevor is able to kill Bruce by stabbing him in the neck, before kicking him out of the property line, ensuring Bruce stays dead, while all of the ghosts team up and stab Ramirez to death, who they then watch for eternity, ensuring he is never resurrected by Satan. AHSW-1984-Full
    • Brooke and Donna attack Margaret, though Donna is knocked out and Brooke is shot in the stomach. The ghosts grab Margaret and exact their revenge, dismembering her body and throwing her pieces into a woodchipper. AHSW-1984-Full
    • Brooke is secretly rescued by Ray, who helps her get to the property line, where Brooke is able to escape and start a new life, believed to be dead by everyone else. AHSW-1984-Full



  • Ramona and The Countess grow apart. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Ramona meets and falls in love with the rapper Prophet Moses and turns him. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The Countess kills Prophet Moses and his crew. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Hank Foxx went on his first witch hunt with his father. AHSW-Coven-Full


  • Ramona goes home to visit her aging father and mother. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • After Ramona's mother dies, she turns her mentally ill father into an afflicted to stop his progressing Alzheimer's. AHSW-Hotel-Full


  • Larry Harvey and his family move into the Murder House. OGRs Submission
  • Constance seduces Larry and begins an affair with him so he'll kick out his family and she can move back into the house. OGRs Submission
  • Upon finding out about his unfaithfulness, Larry's wife Lorraine sets a room in the house on fire, killing herself and their two daughters. OGRs Submission
  • Constance, and her children, Tate, Beau and Addie move back into the house. OGRs Submission
  • February-April: David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidians sect, set on fire the center of his cult after a siege by the FBI of almost two months. Koresh and 79 others were found dead after the conflagration. AHSW-Cult-Full
  • Sally writes music for Nick Harley and Tina Black. They do drugs and Sally sews them all together, but Nick and Tina overdose, and she is stuck to their corpses for 5 days. The Addiction Demon is created. AHSW-Hotel-Full


  • Larry kills Beauregard, acting on the instruction of Constance. Constance was going to be put in prison for her treatment of Beauregard, and Beauregard was going to be taken away by Child Protective Services. OGRs Submission
  • Tate, enraged at Beau's death and knowing Constance and Larry caused it, along with being influenced by the house's power, sets Larry on fire at his office and then goes to his school to kill 15 people. He is killed afterward in the Murder House house by a S.W.A.T. team. OGRs Submission
  • Sally and Donovan check into the Hotel Cortez. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Sally is murdered by Donovan's mother, Iris, becoming a spirit of the Hotel. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The Countess saves Donovan from dying from an overdose by turning him.[17] AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Iris becomes a manager at the Hotel Cortez to keep an eye on Donovan. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • May
    • May 10th:
      • John Wayne Gacy is executed by lethal injection. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • November
    • November 28th:
      • Jeffrey Dahmer is murdered in prison. AHSW-Hotel-Full


  • March
    • March 20th:
  • October
    • October 11:
      • Elias Cunningham creates the video describing the history of the Roanoke House. AHSW-Roanoke-Full


  • September
    • September 11th:
      • The 9/11 terrorist attack triggers Ally's phobias. AHSW-Cult-Full


  • October
    • October 9th:
      • Aileen Wuornos is executed by lethal injection. AHSW-Hotel-Full



    • October 20 - Ben and Vivien have sex.[18] OGRs Submission
  • As they bicker and prepare their Halloween party, Chad and Patrick are killed by the Rubber Man.[19] OGRs Submission
  • Vivien miscarries. OGRs Submission
  • Ben gets caught cheating on Vivien with Hayden; the family decides to move. OGRs Submission
  • John Lowe visits Hotel Cortez for the first time. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • John meets Mr. March who recruits him to carry out the rest of his Ten Commandments killings. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • John Lowe's son, Holden is kidnapped by the Countess. AHSW-Hotel-Full


  • June - Vivien is ready to separate from Ben and take Violet to her sister's. They discuss a house Ben found online.[20] OGRs Submission
  • BenVivien, and Violet Harmon move into the Murder House. OGRs Submission
  • September - Ben and the Rubber Man impregnate Vivien, during separate times in the day. The pregnancy is a heteropaternal superfecundation, with Ben being one of the fathers of the twins and the Rubber Man being the other.[21] OGRs Submission
  • Ben begins therapy sessions with Tate, unaware that he's a ghost. While there, Tate and Violet begin liking one another.[22] OGRs Submission
  • On Wednesday, Bianca Forest has a session with Ben Harmon.[23] OGRs Submission
  • On a Friday, FionaBianca Forest, and Dallas attempt to recreate the R. Franklin murders with Vivien and Violet as victims, but they fail as Tate kills Bianca and Gladys and Maria, the nurses killed in the original R. Franklin murders, kill Fiona and Dallas.[24] OGRs Submission
  • On Saturday, the police and the Harmons identify the home invaders. OGRs Submission
  • Larry kills Hayden, after Hayden threatens Ben about telling Vivien of their affair, unwittingly trapping her spirit in the house. OGRs Submission
  • October 31 - Addy dies in a hit-and-run accident on Halloween. OGRs Submission
  • Violet commits suicide by pills, after discovering Tate's school shooting past, and that he's a ghost. OGRs Submission
  • Ben discovers that Tate is the Rubber Man. OGRs Submission
  • Alex Lowe attempts suicide. AHSW-Hotel-Full


  • March
    • Vivien goes into labor, and gives birth to one stillborn (Ben's) and one healthy baby (Tate's). She dies during labor due to complications.[25] OGRs Submission
    • Ben makes amends with the spirits of Vivien and Violet, and tries to leave the house with the baby.
    • Hayden, Fiona and Dallas kill Ben, making it appear as if it were a suicide. OGRs Submission
    • Constance takes the healthy baby for herself, naming him Michael. OGRs Submission
  • Cordelia finds Queenie (from a news report of her using her power to fry a rude customer's hand) and Queenie becomes a ward at Miss Robichaux's Academy and part of the coven of the Salem decedents. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • After 20 years of taking care of her afflicted father, and no longer wanting him to live frozen in time with his Alzheimer's, Ramona drowns him in the bathtub. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The Ramos family move into the Murder House, but the Harmons, Tate, Moira, Loraine, Elizabeth (The Black Dahlia), and Beau scare them out so they won't be killed by the vengeful ghosts. OGRs Submission
  • Johnny Morgan, child of Oliver Thredson and Lana Winters, assumes the identity of Bloody Face. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Leo and Teresa Morrison visit Briarcliff Manor. Leo's arm is chopped off by Johnny and they are attacked by Joey, a Bloody Face copycat, who they are able to kill. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Two more Bloody Faces copycats, Cooper and Devon, kill Leo and injure Teresa, before being killed by Johnny. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Johnny kidnaps Teresa and skins her alive. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Johnny kills his therapist, Dr. Gardner, and one of her patients. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Johnny Morgan murders a prostitute. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Johnny buys a copy of Maniac by Lana Winters, and plots his mother's murder. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Lana Winters gives an interview about Briarcliff revealing the truth of her unwanted child's fate. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • Johnny is killed by Lana. OGRastamonAsylumIconEntry
  • December - the Harmons celebrate Christmas. They have now achieved relative happiness, however, Violet banishes Tate from her presence, after discovering he was the Rubber Man and had caused her mother's death, while Hayden is banished by the entire family, being unable to get near them, leaving the house stable for now.OGRs Submission


  • Misty Day is burned alive by religious revivalists when she brings a dead bird back to life and they believe this to be dark magic. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • After Zoe Benson kills her boyfriend Charlie with her Black Widow power, Myrtle Snow comes to the Benson residents to retrieve Zoe and bring her to Miss Robichaux's Academy to become a ward and learn how to control her powers. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona receives medicine from Dr. Zhong to make her younger which doesn't have major results, angering Fiona, causing her to use Vitalum Vitalis and suck the life force out of the doctor. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Kyle Spencer's fraternity brother, Archie, rapes Madison Montgomery, despite Kyle's attempts to stop him, causing Madison to use her powers and crash the bus in which Kyle and his frat brother's were inside. The crash kills everyone, except for two (including Archie). Zoe decides to go to the hospital in which the two frat boys were held and kills Archie. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona unearths Delphine LaLaurie. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Misty Day resurrects herself. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Zoe and Madison resurrect Kyle, who Zoe developed a crush on. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona has a meeting with Marie Laveau that inadvertently leads to a war between witches and the voodoo practitioners. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Cordelia and her husband Hank make a fertility ritual to have a baby, but it doesn't seem to work. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona makes Delphine the Coven's Maid and Queenie's personal slave. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Madison inherits two new powers including Pyrokinesis, while meeting the new neighbors Joan Ramsey and her son Luke with Nan, and Concilium while out for brunch with Fiona (as Fiona tests Madison to see if she is the next Supreme). AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Marie sends the Minotaur to Delphine, and Queenie protects Delphine. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Zoe returns Kyle to his mother, Alicia Spencer in the ninth ward. Alicia rapes Kyle causing him to kill her to Zoe's dismay. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona accidentally kills Madison in front of Spalding (a parallel to her killing Anna Leigh) believing her to be the next Supreme. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Queenie attempts to stop the Minotaur from attacking herself and LaLaurie, but decides to take the chance to lose her virginity. Queenie is seriously injured when the Minotaur attacks her, and Fiona brings her back to life using Vitalum Vitalis. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona decapitates the Minotaur and has Spalding send it to Cornrow City to Marie's dismay. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Hank, secretly doing his witch hunting business, meets with Kaylee and decides to participate in sexual activity with her only to shoot her in the head with a pistol. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • The Witches' Council visit Miss Robichaux's Academy to investigate Madison's disappearance and Myrtle believes Madison was murdered by Fiona. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • A cloaked figure (witch hunter) throws acid in Cordelia's face. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Cordelia becomes blind from the acid attack. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Cordelia discovers a new power, known as The Sight. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Marie, acting on revenge for decapitating the Minotaur, does a necromancy ritual to raise the dead and sends them to the Coven. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Zoe gets rid of the zombies with a newly discovered spell, Curse Breaking. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona frames Myrtle for Cordelia's acid attack. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Myrtle is burned at the stake. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Myrtle is resurrected by Misty. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Zoe, Queenie and Nan accidentally contact the Axeman while trying to contact Madison. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Zoe discovers that Spalding has had Madison's corpse in his bedroom. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Cordelia discovers with her new power that Hank has been unfaithful and that Myrtle was burned at the stake. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Spalding is murdered by Zoe. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Madison is resurrected by Misty with Zoe's help. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Zoe frees the Axeman. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Cordelia discovers with her power that Fiona killed Madison. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Queenie betrays the coven and gives Delphine to Marie. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Misty joins the Coven. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Joan is murdered by Hank. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Joan is resurrected by Misty. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Myrtle kills Warlock Quentin and Witch Pembroke, part of the magic council that had sentenced Myrtle to death. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Myrtle restores Cordelia's eyesight by giving her Quentin's right eye and Pembroke's left eye. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Hank kills the voodoos and shoots Queenie. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Queenie kills Hank. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Joan kills Luke after she discovers he knows of her involvement in his father's death. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • June 7th: Richard Ramirez dies of Leukemia.[11] AHSW-Hotel-Full AHSW-1984-Full


  • Marie steals a baby from a maternity ward. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Cordelia and Fiona are told by Marie that Hank was hired to kill the coven, however, he decided to kill the voodoos out of love for Cordelia. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Nan discovers a new gift, Concilium. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Madison learns a new gift, Vitalum Vitalis. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Madison knocks Misty out and buries her alive in a casket. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Nan forces Joan to drink bleach, in revenge for Luke's death. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona summons Papa Legba and asks him for immortality, but he refuses her request because she doesn't have a soul. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Marie and Fiona kill Nan as Marie needs a soul of an innocent. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • The Coven have a funeral for Nan. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona and Marie kill the witch hunter organization, Delphi Trust, with the help of the Axeman. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Delphine dismembers and buries Marie's body. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Zoe and Kyle flee to Orlando, Florida, out of love for one another, however, they're forced to return, due to Kyle's instability. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Queenie convinces Papa Legba that he should end Marie's immortality since she is unable to continue her deal. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Queenie kills Delphine. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona gives Cordelia her necklace, which allows Cordelia to see Fiona's plan to kill all the witches. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Cordelia and Queenie free Misty from her entombment and revive her. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona gives the Axeman a new memory so that the Coven think that she is dead. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • The Coven kill the Axeman. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Sunday at dawn, the Seven Wonders commences. AHSW-Coven-Full
    • Madison, Misty, Queenie, and Zoe partake in the Seven Wonders. AHSW-Coven-Full
    • Misty Day dies during Descensum. AHSW-Coven-Full
    • Zoe dies, impaled on the gate during Transmutation. AHSW-Coven-Full
    • Kyle strangles Madison to death, after she refuses to resurrect Zoe. AHSW-Coven-Full
    • Cordelia revives Zoe. AHSW-Coven-Full
    • Cordelia is crowned the new Supreme. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Cordelia goes public about witches. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • The warlocks moves the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men underground to avoid publicity, after part of their school is burned down by discriminatory neighbors. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Myrtle is burned at the stake for killing Quentin Fleming and Cecily Pembroke. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Fiona dies in Cordelia's arms. AHSW-Coven-Full
  • Sometime during 2014: Kai Anderson's mother and father are killed in a murder-suicide and he and his brother Vincent lock their dead bodies in their bedroom. AHSW-Cult-Full
  • September - October: Matt and Shelby Miller move into the Roanoke House; they are soon attacked by the Roanoke colonists, and are able to survive, and move out of the house, with help of Matt's sister Lee Harris, and former house owner, Elias Cunningham, though Elias dies in the process. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
  • October
    • October 8th
      • The Millers escape the Roanoke House with Flora. AHSW-Roanoke-Full


  • October: Kai and Winter visit the Judgment House run by Pastor Charles. They discover that its inhabitants are actually being tortured by the pastor for their sins. In turn, Kai frees them and kills Charles. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • October 30 - Devil's Night at the Hotel Cortez: AHSW-Hotel-Full
      • Richard Ramirez, Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the Zodiac Killer check into the Hotel Cortez for Devil's Night. AHSW-Hotel-Full
      • John is invited to James March's Devil's Night soiree. AHSW-Hotel-Full
    • October 31 - Halloween AHSW-Hotel-Full
      • Alex Lowe is turned by the Countess to act as a nanny towards her afflicted children. AHSW-Hotel-Full
      • Alex saves Max Ellison from the measles by afflicting him with the blood virus. AHSW-Hotel-Full
      • During a school Halloween party, Max afflicts his friends and they kill many teachers. AHSW-Hotel-Full
      • Halloween hating hipsters' Justin and Babe check into the Hotel Cortez and push Iris to her limits. AHSW-Hotel-Full
      • Liz Taylor tells Iris of her background and of her transformation into a woman. AHSW-Hotel-Full
      • Iris kills Justin and Babe. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Liz Taylor and Tristan become lovers. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Ramona Royale and Donovan enact their plan for revenge against the Countess: by killing her children. However, they fail. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Ramona tries to kill the Countess' son Bartholomew, but he escapes the Cortez and stows away in John's suitcase. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The Countess kills Tristan after learning of his love for Liz Taylor. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Alex returns Bartholomew to the Countess. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Natacha and Valentino break out of the closed hallway and kill Marcy and other guests, and then escape the hotel. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • John undergoes psychiatric evaluations. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • John meets Wren at the psychiatric hospital. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • James March tells the Countess that he is responsible for trapping Valentino and Natacha in the closed hallway. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Wren tells John of her involvement in the Ten Commandants Murders. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Wren commits suicide to protect John. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • John discovers that he is the Ten Commandments Killer. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • John kills his partner, Andy Hahn, after finding out about the latter's affair with Alex. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The Countess meets with Valentino to sort out their differences, but unknown to him, she is already back with Donovan. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Miss Evers meets Will and forewarns him from marrying the Countess, however, Will refuses to believe her. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Donovan returns to Ramona to recruit her for killing the Countess, and he pursues her by telling that he is back with the Countess. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Once Ramona and Donovan reach the Cortez, he tasers her since he is still in love with the Countess. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Ramona is imprisoned in the closed hallway. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Alex meets the vampire children and tries to get them to the hotel. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Will Drake and the Countess get married. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • After the wedding is over, March leads Will to Room 33, to see the Countess' baby, Bartholomew. He insults the infant, causing the Countess to knock him out and imprison with Ramona. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Ramona kills Will and feasts on his blood, as the Countess watches the whole thing from the hotel cameras in her room. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Liz shows an elderly couple to their rooms while she reminisces on the repeating groups of people who check into the hotel, including drug addicts and adulterous partners. The elderly couple takes their own lives, and Liz finds it beautiful and poetic. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Liz decides to take her own life, still mourning the death of Tristan, but Iris stops her, informing her that she has to complete any unfinished business before she follows through. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Liz decides to reconnect with her son, and has Hazel set up a meeting for the two of them. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Donovan has a confrontation with Rudolph Valentino, and kills him. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • At the hotel, the Countess has a similar encounter with Natacha, and kills her. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • James March decides to immolate alive his captive building contractor who failed to meet his demands just as John enters. John asks him where he can find Alex, and he schedules them a formal dinner for them to talk. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • At the dinner, John confronts Alex for lying to him about Holden being at the hotel. Alex apologizes and the two make amends. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Alex informs John that the Countess has threatened to kill her and Holden if she does not contain an outbreak of the virus that she started when she infected her patient, Max. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The Countess is being questioned by the police in the disappearance of Will Drake, claiming that after the wedding he disappeared. Will appears in the middle of the interview, where Elizabeth brushes them out immediately. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Will accuses Elizabeth of having Ramona kill him so she may inherit his money. Will informs her that she isn't in her will, but Elizabeth retorts by saying Will's son, Lachlan, is, and that she will turn him, so she can be his legal guardian forever and inherit the money. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Alex and John convince the children she infected to come back to the hotel, but end up trapping them in the closed hallway where they are killed by Ramona. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Liz reunites with her son, Douglas Pryor. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Liz and Iris plan to kill themselves, but Liz has second thoughts after Douglas asks her to be in his life again. The two then scheme to take over the hotel. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Alex and John reunite and decide not to get divorced, and leave the hotel with Holden. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Donovan and the Countess have dinner, where the two discuss the "messes" they have gotten into, where she learns that he has killed Rudolph. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The Countess agrees to forgive Donovan, until Liz and Iris burst through the doors and begin shooting at them. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The Countess, though shot multiple times, escapes the room while Donovan lays dying. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Liz and Iris take Donovan outside so that he would not die in the hotel. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The Countess is healed by Sally. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Liz cremates Donovan's body in the furnace and gives the ashes to Iris. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Iris and Liz free Ramona. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Queenie checks in at Hotel Cortez for a night's stay.  AHSW-Hotel-Full AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Queenie is murdered by March and drained of blood by Ramona. AHSW-Hotel-Full AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • John returns home with a victim for Alex, but she is missing and a key of the hotel is left behind. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Sally tells John that March has Alex held captive because John will not finish the Ten Commandments Murders. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Ramona confronts the Countess, but she apologizes and gives the hotel to her. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The Countess packs to leave and opens the elevator only to find John, who shoots her as his final kill, "Thou Shall Not Commit Murder", and she eventually dies. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • John then presents the Countess' head on a trophy, completing the Ten Commandment Killings. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • The ghost of the Countess arrives at March's suite for dinner. There March says that he can finally forgive her for turning him to the police; The Countess admits after all those years that she did not, but Hazel did. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  • Hazel did it so that she could have March to herself in death. March banishes her from his presence, and Elizabeth cries after realizing her worst nightmare: spending eternity with March. AHSW-Hotel-Full
  •  Sometime in 2015:
    • Michael Langdon, being raised by Constance Langdon, starts developing evil motivations, such as killing small animals, eventually leading him to murder his nanny.[26] OGRs SubmissionAHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Overnight, Michael ages an entire decade in just a few hours, and almost kills Constance with his newfound strength, before stopping himself. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Constance realizing Michael could kill her at any moment, and feeling she has failed as a mother, commits suicide in the Murder House, joining the rest of the undead spirits, including Tate, Beau, and her daughter Rose in the afterlife, refusing to see Michael when he arrives. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • In Constance's absence, Ben Harmon acts as a father figure to Michael, as the son he never had, causing him to become estranged with his wife, Vivien Harmon, who thinks Ben should spend more time with his biological family. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Michael is able to discover that Tate is his father, however, Tate, aggravated by being banished by Violet Harmon, refuses to accept Michael as his son, believing him to be pure evil. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • In Michael's anger, he kills two new owners of the house, erasing their spirits from the house by burning them away, causing Ben to refuse to speak to Michael. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • While living in the house, Michael is visited by Satanists, including Miriam Mead, and during a Satanic ceremony, Satan himself arrives beside Michael, causing Michael to proclaim Satan as his true father. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Believing Michael needs to be stopped, Vivien tries to kill Michael in his sleep, however, Michael expects it and tries to destroy Vivien's soul. Before the process can be completed, Tate saves Vivien, and in the confusion, Michael flees from the house, joining Mead and the Satanists. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Myrtle Snow is resurrected by Cordelia Goode. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  •  Sometime in 2015 during the use of Tempus Infinituum
    • ^Constance kicks Michael out of the house after being completely fed up with Michael killing everyone and everything. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • ^Michael leaves the house, but is suddenly run over by a car, driven by Mallory. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • ^As Michael lays dying, he begs Constance to take his body to the house to be with her forever. Constance refuses and leaves him to succumb to death. Thus, ending the prophecy of the apocalypse.AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • ^Mallory becomes a student at Miss Robichaux's Academy. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • ^Mallory convinces Queenie not to stay at the Hotel Cortez, thus preventing her foreseeable death. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • ^Papa Legba releases Misty Day from hell due to Mallory killing Michael. Misty is reunited with Cordelia. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full


  • Cordelia Goode, sensing that something awful has happened to Queenie, checks into the Hotel Cortez in the hopes of rescuing her, but finds that Queenie is trapped there as a spirit and cannot leave the hotel's confines. Despite her best attempts at using incantations and enchantments to set her free, each of them fail and she is forced to bid her former student a tearful goodbye. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • March
    • March 15th:
    • March 19th:
      • Actress Audrey Tindall wins the Saturn Award for Best Actress, while Agnes Mary Winstead loses for Best Supporting Actress. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
    • March 20th:
      • Agnes Mary Winstead comes to Audrey Tindall's house in an attempt to assault her and steal her Saturn Award, prompting Audrey to call 9-1-1. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
  • October
    • October 12th: Return to Roanoke begins filming. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
    • October 13th:
      • Shelby Miller is mortally wounded by Agnes Mary Winstead, prompting Lee Harris, Audrey Tindall, and Monet Tumusiime to venture in the woods and alert Sindey Aaron James while Matt Miller and Dominic Banks look after Shelby in the house. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • Lee, Audrey, and Monet discover that Sidney and his crew were murdered, and there is no phone or working car. Agnes charges the women, but Lee Harris shoots Agnes and escapes. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • After finding Rory's body hanging from a tree; Lee, Monet, and Audrey are all captured by the Polk Family where Lee is carved alive and fed to Audrey and Monet. After managing to fool and kill Jether Polk, Lee Harris manages to escape and rescue Audrey, who afterwards kills Mama Polk. They escape back to the house while Monet is chased in the woods by the Polks. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • During the night, Matt is seduced once again by Scáthach and reveals to Shelby that he came back for her, prompting Shelby to brutally murder him. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • Agnes then returns to the Roanoke House to prepare the slaughter, but is met by the actual members of the Roanoke Colony and is personally butchered by Thomasin WhiteAHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • After getting attacked by the spirits in the house, Shelby commits suicide by slashing her throat with a butcher's knife. Lee and Audrey return to the house and find Matt and Shelby dead, thus blaming Dominic Banks. Lee then locks Dominic outside of the bedroom and allows the Piggy Man to slaughter him. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
    • October 14th:
      • Dylan, the actor for Ambrose White, arrives at the house and is informed by Audrey that Sidney and his crew are dead. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • Blogger Todd Allan Connors has his throat slit by Lee, who is possessed by Scathach. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • Monet is impaled by a wooden shaft after being pushed from the staircase by Lee.AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • Dylan is disemboweled by the ghost of Ambrose. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • Bloggers Sophie Green and Milo trespass onto the grounds and are sacrificed via impalement and burning by the ghosts of the colony. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
    • October 15th:
      • Audrey Tindall is shot by police, after trying to kill Lee for murdering Monet, though Lee doesn't remember the incident. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
    • October 19th:
      • During the Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, Kai Anderson physically assaults Winter's friend after a heated argument. She presses charges and Kai is sentenced to anger management classes. AHSW-Cult-Full
  • November
    • November 2nd:
      • Kai attends an anger management therapy session with Bebe Babbitt. Bebe encourages Kai to create a movement to release female rage. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • November 7th:
    • November 8th:
      • Kai convinces Gary to saw off his arm in order to vote. Donald Trump is elected as the new president of the United States. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • November 9th:
    • Harrison kills his boss, Vinny, and dismembers his body with help from Kai. They dump his body in a landfill. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Kai meets Meadow who begins developing costumes for Kai's cult, based off of Twisty the ClownAHSW-Cult-Full
  • December:


  • February
    • February 28th:
      • Ally's phobias get worse, despite help from Dr. Vincent. Ally is persecuted and attacked by a gang of clowns in the supermarket during President Trump's Congress speech. AHSW-Cult-Full
  • March - April: The modern-day events of Cult take place. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Ally and Ivy employ Winter as their babysitter. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • After provoking some Latin-Americans, Kai is beaten by them. The Wiltons videotape the aggression. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Following the release of the video, Kai candidates himself to the vacant seat on the city council. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Thom Chang and his wife Marylin are murdered by Kai's Cult. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Harrison and Meadow Wilton move to the Chang's old house. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Ally accidentally shoots employee, Pedro, at her doorstep after mistaking him for an intruder. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • After the shooting, the community goes against Ally, believing it was a hate-crime. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Kai's cult murders a couple by trapping them in coffins. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Bob Thompson is murdered by the cult in his own home. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Beverly's cameraman, RJ, is murdered by the cult for being the weakest link. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Sally Keffler intends to run as a candidate for the city council. She is later murdered by Kai. AHSW-Cult-Full
  • April
    • April 4th:
      • A shooting, caused by Meadow Wilton, occurs at Kai Anderson's rally. Several are murdered and Meadow commits suicide afterwards. AHSW-Cult-Full
      • After the rally shooting, Ally is seen as a suspect and is arrested. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Kai Anderson wins the election and becomes the new city councilman. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Bebe Babbitt tells the story of Valerie Solanas to Ivy, Winter and Beverly. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Ivy kills Harrison. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Winter kills Detective Samuels after he tries to sexually assault her. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Kai kills his own brother, Dr. Vincent, after Vincent wants Kai to receive pyschiatric help. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Ally joins Kai's cult. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Kai believes he was Ivy and Ally's sperm donor. Thus, possibly making him Oz's biological father. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Ally poisons Ivy during dinner, due to Ivy having terrorized her and tried to take away Oz. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Ally goes to the fertility clinic and discovers that Kai isn't Oz's father. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Inspired by the murder of Sharon Tate, Kai devises a plan for his cult to kill one thousand pregnant women. He dubs the plan, 'Night of a Thousand Tates.' AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Gary Longstreet and some of the other followers break into a planned parenthood clinic to steal an abortion waiting list. However, Gary is killed by the cult members. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Kai believes he is being bugged and becomes increasingly paranoid. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Bebe confronts Kai after he had failed to unleash female rage as intended. Bebe points a gun at Kai, but is shot by Ally from behind. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Kai strangles his sister Winter, believing she planted the listening devices in his home. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Ally discovers the mole in the cult is one of Kai's grunt followers, Speedwagon, who is actually working with the state police. He is then killed by Ally. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Kai changes his plan for the "Night of a Thousand Tates" and reduces the number to a hundred. He has his followers practice for the upcoming event. AHSW-Cult-Full
    • Ally informs the FBI and they invade Kai's home. Many of the followers are killed and Kai is arrested. AHSW-Cult-Full
  • Michael Langdon is being raised by Miriam Mead, his new stepmother. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • June
    • June 23rd:
      • Michael is arrested for killing a butcher, who was rude to Mead.[27] AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  •  July - August: Michael is released from jail by Ariel Augustus, leader of the magical Warlocks, from Hawthorne's School For Exceptional Young Men. He is overseen in training by the Warlock Council, consisting of Ariel, John Henry Moore, Behold Chablis, and Baldwin Pennypacker. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • After a month, Michael is tested on his abilities, surpassing even the Warlock Council in power, causing the Warlocks to believe that Michael is the prophecied Alpha, destined to overseat the Witch Supreme. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • The Warlock Council call Cordelia Goode, Zoe Benson, and Myrtle Snow to the school, to test Michael on the Seven Wonders, which the witches refuse, believing he couldn't be strong enough to survive. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Michael, overhearing this conversation, leaves the school and travels to the Hotel Cortez, where he is able to release Queenie from the hotel's confines, bringing her back to life, with his power frightening James March into letting her leave. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Michael, with Queenie, travels to Hell and rescues Madison Montgomery from her personal hell, bringing her back to life as well. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Michael returns to the school with Queenie and Madison, causing Cordelia to faint, losing her powers in the presence of a new leader. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • While unconscious, Cordelia experiences a vision of apocalypse, headed by a White Demon. Upon waking up, Cordelia agrees to test Michael on the Seven Wonders. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Moore, suspicious of Michael's powers, leaves in order to investigate Michael's past, but is later killed by Mead, on orders from Michael, not wanting Moore to find out his true identity, and Ariel, who doesn't want Moore to stop Michael from passing the Seven Wonders. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  •  October
    • Michael is put through the test of the Seven Wonders, however, upon reaching Descencum (Personal Hell), he is ordered by Cordelia to instead retrieve Misty Day. Michael succeeds and brings Misty back to life from Hell. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Cordelia, suspecting that Michael is the White Demon, sends Madison, along with Behold, who is worried by Moore's disappearance, to visit the Murder House, where Michael was born, in order to find out more information. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Madison and Behold buy the Murder House and perform a spell allowing them to see all the spirits in the house. They are found by Billie Dean Howard, one of the few living people allowed to enter the house, and are shown to the spirits. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Madison and Behold question the spirit of Constance Langdon, however, she refuses to divulge information until they can remove Moira O'Hara from the house. The duo remove Moira's bones and bury them in a cemetary, releasing her from the grounds of the house, and allowing Moira to pass on. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Constance reveals the story of Michael growing up, ending with her suicide, before leaving with the rest of her children. Ben Harmon is questioned next and reveals his part of the story, before reuniting with Vivien Harmon, who he makes amends with for being with Michael. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Vivien tells the remainder of the story, and believes Michael to be the Antichrist, and that it didn't matter if Michael was Ben or Tate's son; Michael was instead born from the evil of the house. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Madison and Behold plan to leave the house, however, along the way, the duo find Violet Harmon, who has mixed feelings for Tate Langdon as she likes him, but can't forgive him for his previous actions. Madison, believing that Tate was used as a vessel of the house, to perform his evil deeds, reveals to Violet of how Tate had saved Vivien's spirit from Michael, and how Satan's evil, using Tate, was all passed down to Michael, once he was born. While Madison and Behold leave the house, Violet removes Tate from his banishment, forgiving him for his actions, with the two reconciling. The Murder House is finally at peace, as Constance is with her children, and the Harmons are back together. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Cordelia tries to gain the support of Dinah Stevens, the new Voodoo Queen, to contact Papa Legba. Upon meeting him, Cordelia meets the spirit of Nan, discovering her fate from years ago, and tries to make a deal with Papa to defeat Michael. Papa agrees to help her, if Cordelia gives him the souls of all of her students. Cordelia refuses, causing Papa to leave back to the Underworld, with NanAHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Madison tries to gain the support of famous actress and witch, Bubbles McGee, an old friend of Myrtle, who has the power of mind reading. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Myrtle and Bubbles travel to Hawthorne's School, and dine with Ariel and Baldwin, where Bubbles discovers that John Henry Moore has died and that they plan to kill the witches.AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • One of Cordelia's students, Coco, dies after choking on fatty food. Another student, Mallory, is able to save Coco's life, with power never before demonstrated by a witch before. Having also witnessed Mallory bring a deer back to life and restore its youth, the witches believe that Mallory could be the next Supreme, being more powerful than any other witch student. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • The witches administer the test of the Seven Wonders to Mallory, who passes the test and resurrects Moore from his ashes. Moore reveals that Mead killed him. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Coco is able to capture Mead, while Ariel and Baldwin are captured by the witches, being uncovered creating a poison to kill the witches. Due to their treason, Ariel, Baldwin, and Mead are sentenced to death at the stake, with Moore killing all three of them by lighting the fires himself. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Michael, discovering Ariel, Baldwin, and Mead´s corpses, vows revenge on the witches. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Michael, feeling lost without his followers, finds the Church of Satan, where he is worshipped. However, he still feels empty without someone to guide him. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • The Church of Satan directs Michael to Kineros Robotics, led by millionaires and secret Satan worshippers, Jeff and Mutt, along with their assistant, Ms. Venable. They are able to construct a robotic version of Mead, allowing Michael to reconnect with his formerly deceased guardian. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • November: The events of Chapter 10 take place. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
    • November 4th
      • The Lana Winters Special is broadcast live on television with Lana Winters who, deciding to come out of retirement, holds an interview with Lee Harris, the lone survivor of Return to Roanoke. However, Lot Polk interrupts the interview and tries to kill Lee for the death of his brother Jether and the rest of his family. Lot injures Lana Winters and is subsequently shot down by police. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
    • November 18th:
      • The "Spirit Chasers" and Ashley Gilbert film in the house and are killed by the Roanoke spirits. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • Flora is pronounced missing. Lee finds Flora at the Roanoke house and police surround the house, thinking it is a hostage situation. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
    • November 19th:
      • Lee kills herself and the Roanoke house erupts into flames. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • Flora is escorted away by the police. AHSW-Roanoke-Full
      • Charles Manson dies. AHSW-Cult-Full


  • October
  • November
    • November 6th:
      • Ally Mayfair-Richards wins the Michigan Democratic Seat for State Senator, as well as leading the newly reformed SCUM. AHSW-Cult-Full
  • Sometime in 2018:
    • Michael employs Dinah to his side, by granting her a talkshow, allowing Michael and Mead to enter Miss Robichaux's Academy and kill Bubbles, Zoe, and Queenie, though Cordelia, Myrtle, Madison, Mallory, and Coco escape. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Jeff and Mutt tell Michael of the Cooperative, otherwise known as the Illuminati, all made up of Satan worshippers, who hold the entire nuclear arsenal in the world, effectively controlling the world. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Cordelia and Myrtle, realizing they are running out of options to stop Michael, test Mallory with the ability to go back in time, in the hopes of killing Michael before he becomes powerful. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Mallory succeeds in traveling back in time, though she is heavily drained from the experience. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Cordelia and Myrtle arrive at Hawthorne´s Academy to mobilize the Warlocks to their cause, only to find John Henry Moore, Behold Chablis, and all of the students killed by Michael. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Jeff and Mutt award Ms. Venable´s service by granting her the role of bunker leader, once the world has ended, giving her full control of the bunker to make her own rules. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Michael and Mead meet the Cooperative, and form plans on construction of bunkers around the world.AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Myrtle arrives at Kineros Robotics and learns of the outposts developed by the Cooperative. She forces Jeff and Mutt to add four additional spots to Hawthorne´s School, now used by the Cooperative as Outpost 3, for Coco and her family. Myrtle also discovers that Mead has had her memory wiped by Michael, in order to help her better establish herself as part of the Outpost survivors. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • The witches realize that they can´t stop Michael´s plan of nuclear holocaust, and instead plan to put Coco and Mallory under identity spells to infiltrate the outposts, though Coco´s family are disposed of as loose variables and to allow Mallory to be with Coco, once the apocalypse has taken place. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Coco and Mallory, their memories erased, and with new personalities, are taken away by Madison and join the rest of society, meeting Gallant and Brock. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Madison discovers Dinah´s talkshow, and realizes that she was the one who betrayed their coven, further proven by Myrtle, for having discovered she was on the survivor lists for the outposts. Despite this, Cordelia refuses to take action against Dinah, in order to ensure Michael doesn´t become aware of their plan, and trusts that they will get their revenge, once Coco and Mallory are ready. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Lizzie dies. AHSW-1984-Full


  • Bobby Richter arrives at the ruins of Camp Redwood, searching for answers about his long dead father, Benjamin Richter. He meets the spirits of Montana Duke and Trevor Kirchner, who recount the events of 1989, though Bobby is unable to discover where Benjamin is, and believes someone is looking after him by way of annual checks. AHSW-1984-Full
  • Richard Ramirez is able to temporarily escape his death watch and find Bobby, injuring him, though the rest of the ghosts protect him. While Ramirez is once again killed, Montana directs Bobby to Red Meadows Asylum. AHSW-1984-Full
  • Arriving at the institute, Bobby meets Donna Chambers, the Head of Pyschology at Red Meadows, who recounts Margaret Booth and Brooke Thompson's deaths, however, upon discovering Donna wasn't the one sending Bobby the checks, the duo realize Brooke is still alive. AHSW-1984-Full
  • Bobby and Donna find Brooke who has started a new life with a husband and two kids. Brooke tells the duo of how she had survived, and confirms she was the one sending the checks to Bobby, believing he deserved a life away from the camp. Donna and Brooke make amends, beginning their friendship anew, while Bobby returns to the camp. AHSW-1984-Full
  • Margaret tries to kill Bobby, but is stopped by Benjamin. While Lavinia Richter has the rest of the ghosts drag Margaret away, Bobby reunites with his family and bids farewell to Benjamin, Lavinia, and Camp Redwood, having finally gained the closure he wanted his whole life. AHSW-1984-Full


  • April 2020[28]:
  • A nuclear apocalypse decimates the earth, killing off the majority of humanity and mutating the landscape. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
    • Just before the apocalypse, Coco is contacted by her family about the nuclear strikes around the world, and that they have secured four spots on one of the Outposts, though they can´t make it. Coco, along with Mallory, Coco's hairdresser Mr. Gallant, and Gallant's grandmother Evie Gallant, escape by plane. However, Coco leaves her fiance, Brock, behind, after he is unable to get to the airport in time. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Timothy Campbell and Emily are taken by The Cooperative due to their genetics, making them ideal candidates for survival. Timothy was selected per results found in DNA samples taken for an ancestry website, while Emily was selected from her medical records. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Emily and Timothy are taken to Outpost 3, now headed by the sadistic Wilhemina Venable and her henchwoman, Ms. Mead. The rich and attractive, among them Coco, Gallant, Evie, talkshow host Dinah Stevens, Dinah's son Andre Stevens, Andre's lover StuTimothy, and Emily are deemed 'purple'. Those beneath them are deemed 'grey', and are forced into a new life as servants of the 'purple', such as the case of MalloryAHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Venable enforces a series of rules for the Outpost, including no copulation and to never leave the Outpost for fear of radiation contamination. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Gallant and Stu are accused of being contaminated by the fallout outside and are scrubbed down as a result. Ms. Mead checks the two again; Gallant is found to be clean but Stu is still contaminated. Ms. Mead shoots Stu in the head. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Venable and Ms. Mead surprise everyone with soup. However, it is soon discovered that the soup contains Stu's remains. AHSW-Apocalypse-Full
  • Sometime in 2020 after the use of Tempus Infinituum
    •  ^Emily and several other