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Whether ghost stories or tales of madness and science gone wrong, this series provokes the senses and sensibilities of viewers worldwide. The wikis focuses on how the stories unfolded, and aims to be much friendlier to visitors than our subject matter.

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American Horror Stories
"Your summer of horror starts here."
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American Horror Stories is a weekly anthology series that will feature a different nightmare every episode. Streaming Wednesdays (starting July 15, 2021) exclusively on "FX on Hulu".
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AHS: Double Feature
Survive two new serial tales of terror — one by land, one by sea — premiering August 25, 2021 on FX!

AHS Seasons
"No need for the rules anymore. The chaos has won."
American Horror Story presents a new, interconnected story for each new season. So start with any story. In any order you like.
The first season revolves around the Harmon family in a haunted house.
Asylum commits us through the 1960s.
Coven leaves us spellbound in New Orleans with an all-star cast.
The spectacular Freak Show lands in 1950's Florida; only by entering Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities will you learn its secrets.
Hotel checks in at the sinister Hotel Cortez, built by a serial killer to hide his victim's corpses and currently owned by the mysterious Countess Elizabeth, carrier of an ancient "blood virus".
The lost colony of Roanoke makes for terrifying television when stars collide.
The Cult forces us to embrace our most terrifying fears in a world gone mad.
The master of evil awaits the survivors of Outpost 3 after the Apocalypse.
A hunter terrorizes teens in a classic slasher homage set in 1984.
A seaside town is beset by mysteries on two fronts as Double Feature arrives by land and sea.
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