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A comprehensive resource for the mysteries in the groundbreaking & original serial anthology and its terrifying new episodic anthology series.
Whether ghost stories or tales of madness and science gone wrong, this series provokes the senses and sensibilities of viewers worldwide. The wikis focuses on how the stories unfolded, and aims to be much friendlier to visitors than our subject matter.

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AHS: Delicate
One woman's pro-life choice under dark siege in this delicate story of motherhood. Premieres September 20, 2023, on FX!

AHS Seasons
"No need for rules anymore. Chaos has won."
American Horror Story presents a new, interconnected story for each new season. So start with any story. In any order you like.
American Horror Stories
"Your Halloween of horror starts here."
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American Horror Stories is a weekly anthology series that will feature a different nightmare every episode. A third installment, a "Huluween Event", will premiere 4 special episodes on October 26, 2023 on "FX on Hulu".