At the best of times, this wiki has historically had difficulty finding visible consensus from its readers, despite getting hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of hits per day. That has had an impact on the community based process in making decisions for the steering of the Wiki. To that end, a steering committee of advisors were devised at the end of AHS' second season. We call them Aldermen, and you can be one, too.

What are Aldermen?

Aldermen (or Alderwomen or Alderpersons) are simply registered AHS Wikians who have volunteered to be directly involved in making decisions for the Wiki. During the course of a vote, they agree to be contacted directly. They don't have to be admins, though all admins are Alderpersons due to the admin expectation to vote. Aldermen who do not participate in 3 consecutive votes will receive a message on their Walls asking if they wish to remain in the voting pool, and will have 1 month to respond before being removed.

Who are Aldermen?

There should be no less than 5 Aldermen at any given time. They can be identified by the Alderman tag on their profile pages.

The current list:

How do you become an Alderman? Post your interest in AHS talk:Alderman, and you'll be added to the list. You must be a registered user.

How do Aldermen vote?

An Alderman must visit the discussion page or blog entry where a the vote was announced (they will be told in their vote announcement the specifics on where), and leave a comment of yea or nay. If they have any questions or discussions on the proposal, they can do so there also. The votes will be tallied at the end of the voting period, and the results posted in a blog entry. The Wiki public will have 2 weeks (1 week during the season, just like the current trend) to respond with questions or concerns, and an admin can halt the process if a user brings up an unrecognized problem that is deemed serious enough.

A minimum of 3 votes will be required for a content guideline to progress, and 5 votes will be required for a policy or feature change.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.