Starting with Pilot, we have a set of headings and a style that have stayed fairly consistent. For the time being, we'll refer to a skeleton in AHS:Episode Pages/Starter for the general guideline.

To create an episode page using this template pre-installed, you can use this link or

The {{Infobox/Episode}} is included by default near the top of the page, on its own line. Links to Spoilers and Commentary subpages are also included by default. It should be preceded by {{stub}} or other management tags, on their own lines, if necessary.

The initial narrative line should always be modified in the initial edit. (Examples: "Pilot" is the first episode of the first season of American Horror Story. It was first broadcast on October 5, 2011. or "Welcome to Briarcliff" is the first episode of American Horror Story: Asylum.)

The Synopsis section is a short, one or two sentence summary of the episode, and should be vague enough to not contain spoilers.

The Plot section is the meat of the article, a detailed description of the episode.

The Guest Stars section is where all the guest stars would go, as a bulleted list. They are listed in the order in which they appear in the credits (both opening credits and ending). They may use internal links, and wikipedia or imdb (using the {{imdb name}} template) links.

The Quotes section is for notable quotes. It should use {{Line}} or {{Dialogue}} where possible, whichever is more appropriate.

The Notes section is for notes about production, trivia, etc. that do not fit elsewhere. It is preferrably a bulleted list.

The Raised Questions section is a bulleted list, and may use internal links or the {{answers}} template for links to the AHS Answers Wiki.

The References section houses <references /> for internal documentation. The References heading and contents are generated as part of {{Article footer}}, along with other sections as needed. Other sections include the Theories and Subpages sections. Modification of {{Article footer}} is generally not needed.

Any article with a {{Infobox/Episode}} will show up automatically in Category:Episodes (by whatever is in the name= parameter) and in "Category:Story name (story)/Episodes" sorted by number, without having to categorize the article manually. Episodes that have not yet been given a title, but their order is known should be named with the format S01E19. If neither a name or order is known, it probably shouldn't have a page yet.

Writers and directors for episodes will also auto-categorize based on the Infobox. Where there are multiple writers, they are separated by "/" in the Infobox with no spaces.

Spoiler and commentary subpages have their own formats. Subpages for episodes should be indicated in the Infobox, as well as in the narrative above the Table of Contents. Subpages for an article will automatically show in the appropriate section if {{Article footer}} exists. {{Article footer}} should be included by default on all new episode aricles, and generally is a good practice for all main namespace articles.

For episodes, a trailer is not spoilerific in and of itself, and putting a trailer video in the Spoilers subpage is unnecessary. Any information in a trailer is fair game, as they are often edited to be intentionally misleading. Please follow the media naming conventions for trailer (and all other) video.

A limited number of thumbnail screencaps enhance the plot narrative of an episode. More than one image per scene (roughly a paragraph), however, detracts from the narrative. Remaining images should be placed on a Media subpage. Again, please follow the media naming conventions for images where possible.

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