These are articles, tasks to perform, and other things the site should employ as future features. It's like a "to do" list that the admins, fluffers, and contributors should aim for. Once it's taken care of, it should be "struck through" like this. Every so often, the list will be cleaned of the completed items.


These are long term projects that need a special touch to complete, for completeness sake.


Thanks to Marcy and Chad, we have a term for beautifying and organizing articles.

  • Screencaps illustrating all episodes.
  • Convert all citations on existing Commentary pages to {{cite web}}. Commentary pages are deprecated. Link the contents to the episode or character article using {{cite web}}.
  • Convert all citations on existing episode spoiler pages to {{cite web}}. Spoiler pages are deprecated. There are no spoilers any more for anything other than Coven, and those spoilers should be in Board:Spoilers. Anything interesting from Spoiler pages should be put in the episode's Notes, then delete the Spoiler article.
  • Wall Murals and all pages in Category:Production. Portalize Production.
  • Organize all Characters pages to preferred format.
  • Organize all Episodes pages to preferred format.

Administrative Content


These should be attempted only by experienced Template gurus. Many of them are imports requiring documentation cleanup. With the introduction of Lua, some Templates will be getting major rewrites, and documentation may be changed accordingly. A purging of templates this wiki does not use and is unlikely to use is an ongoing process.

Original Templates

These are templates that we need, but should be written from scratch.

Import Cleanup

These Templates imported from other wikis (like Wikipedia) may need to be altered slightly to work properly on this Wiki.

Documentation Cleanup

These Template documentation pages need to be cleaned up for use on this wiki. The templates themselves work just fine.

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