Actions or content which violate the Forbidden Content policies, in particular malicious or hateful action against other Wikians, is called infraction and is subject to penalty.


Benign offenses

Benign spamming
such as "Here, check out my AHS related website!" On-topic spamming, even if it's spread on multiple page comments. If it really means that much to you, put a legitimate link FOR SPECIFIC TOPICS, in the appropriate articles in Commentary or Notes. If you wrote a review of an episode or have a treatise on a character that you want to link to, that would be the RIGHT way to do it. Otherwise, if you're advertising your community, head to the forums. Otherwise, this is considered a minor offense. If this is repeated in multiple incidents more than a few days apart, it also rises to a minor offense.
Benign editing
Repeated counseled violations of guidelines like the Manual of Style. Experienced editors and admins should show others how to do it right, and if they still get it wrong, keep reminding them about the right way. They'll get it, or they won't. No penalty.

Minor infractions

Minor content
Deliberately inserting false information, vandalism, nonsense, gibberish. Mass deletion with malice or after warning.
Minor trolling
"Yo mamma's so fat..." Innocuous, easily ignored rudeness.
Flouting guidance
Carrying out otherwise non-felonious action which runs counter to what has been directly advised by an admin.

Major infractions

Major content
Egregious offenses, including addition of pornographic or real-life violent content, or content banned by Wikia's policies. Violations which include illegal content or activity in a majority of the United States.
Major trolling
Egregious offenses, including hate speech, racial or other similar cultural slurs, blatant attacks and intimidation, harassment, and other actions banned by Wikia's policies. Sockpuppet-style account abuse. Starting and / or fueling (three or more posts) a flame war. Violations which include illegal content or activity in a majority of the United States.
Major spamming
"Buy my shoes at this site..." Banned by Wikia's policies. Also includes solicitation of illegal activity. Violations which include illegal content or activity in a majority of the United States.

Special cases

Burnout or Administrative discretion
Sometimes, we all need a time-out. You'll get a warning and a counseling first, and it may be public if it can't be done privately. This applies to admins also, and that's a small enough group that we have ways of contacting each other. Two or more admins must agree that this user needs a break from the community for a bit, and on the duration of that break. Details will be posted in the block log and a full explanation on the User's Message Wall.
Administrator fighting
Admins should not fight in public. Admins should be beacons of "working things out" transparently for the community; when they do not, it reflects badly on the community. Denying a registered user due process also reflects badly on everyone. In the special case that two admins will not collaborate on established policies on dealing with a user, a third admin will intervene and determine who the injured party is. In this review, all admins will be subject to the same penalty as the original offense, which if aggravated may extend them past the time-frame in which they lose admin rights.


  • Benign offenses are counseled on how to better do things. They're not hurting anyone, and should not have a penalty.
  • Minor offenses: One week minimum block. May be expanded up to 3 months, depending on severity, with transparent consensus by two or more admins.
  • Major offenses: Three month minimum block. May be expanded to 6 or 12 months, depending on severity, with transparent consensus by two or more admins. Violations in Chat, where there is no log, should have a screenshot made where possible; this is otherwise difficult to enforce. Illegal activity is relayed to Wikia for followup. 


  • The first admin to recognize a problem blocks the user for the minimum time period listed.
    • If they want to have the others review it, that admin brings it to the attention of the others. One admin must concur to increase the time period on a block if the situation is aggravated. Two admins must agree on a block lift.
  • If the offending user is registered (i.e. they have a Wikia username and are not an anonymous user by IP address), the blocking admin is responsible for putting a message on the offending user's Message Wall about the offense. Failing to do so is bad form for an admin, and regularly denying this courtesy to offenders will be questioned.
  • If the offending user is an anonymous IP address, the admin is encouraged but not required to write a transparency message for minor offenses. However, major blockage deserves an explanation.
  • One good benefit of registering an account with Wikia and this wiki is a right to appeal an administrative penalty. Anonymous users are not accorded this privilege.

How to block

The blocking admin should go to Special:Block/UsernameOrIP and use these options:

  • Prevent user from sending e-mail
  • Automatically block the last IP address used by this user, and any subsequent IP addresses they try to edit from
  • Prevent logged-in users from editing from this IP address
  • Watch this user's user and talk pages
  • Prevent account creation
  • Prevent this user from posting on their own Message Wall while blocked

Transparency message

A blocking admin is either encouraged or required to write a direct message to the user that points to the offended policy, the offensive edit, what action was taken, and their rights.

Something like this is appropriate:

 This Wiki has a policy prohibiting "insults, harassment, racial slurs."
 This was violated in your post, in which you intimidated through insult User:FishTank.
 The infraction policy includes a minimum one week suspension from editing and chat. This was enforced by me as an admin and can be reviewed by another admin of AHS Wiki. If you wish to further appeal this, you may use this message thread; however, further policy infractions during suspension or review will result in denial of contribution to your review or appeal and additional penalty. This incident is recorded in the block log and may influence penalties in future incidents, should they occur. Otherwise, you may resume contributions and chat at the end of suspension.

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