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And here at the American Morbidity Museum, we not only embrace their differences, we celebrate them.
Lillian Hemmings[src]

The American Morbidity Museum is a museum dedicated to preserving the remains and certain body parts of human oddities.


Stanley and Maggie Esmeralda work for the American Morbidity Museum, under the disguise of medical connoisseurs Dr. Sylvester Mansfield and Miss Rothschild respectively. They try to convince the curator to buy what they claim to be "a genuine Sasquatch fetus", to which she readily dismisses as a fake. She asks them to take it and leave, but as they are leaving, she stops them and tells them if they do find a real human oddity, to bring it back and she would pay them handsomely for it. She then tells them that there are few freak shows left, and they decide to go to the one in "South Florida", implying they are going to Jupiter, Florida

As of 1952, Stanley and Maggie donated to museum Salty's head, Ma Petite's body, and Jimmy Darling's hands, all of which are currently on display.

Associated Characters[]

Lillian Hemmings[]

Lillian Hemmings a guest character and is the curator of the American Morbidity Museum, and a collector of the remains and certain body parts of human oddities.

She is concerned for her museum, as it is failing in business and is desperate for new exhibits. She is willing to accept any authentic piece of human oddity without asking questions about its acquisition. Lillian is seen in Stanley's daydream where she thanks him for the bodies but it is not real. Lillian later shows people at the museum Ma Petite's body. When Maggie and Desiree go to the museum, Maggie faints after seeing Jimmy's hand. Lillian makes sure she is recovered but Desiree kills her, decapitates her, and gives it to Stanley as a gift. 


  • The Morbidity Museum in “American Horror Story: Freak Show” share a strong resemblance with the Mütter Museum. Both institutions are situated in Philadelphia and display a vast macabre array of medical oddities, and anatomical and pathological specimens.[1]