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Andre Stevens is a purple in Outpost 3. He is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.


Andre is the son of the current Voodoo Queen, Dinah Stevens. He is currently in a relationship with Stu.

Personality and Appearance[]


Andre, Stu and his mother are assigned as purples at Outpost 3. When Stu is accused of being contaminated and is executed by Mead. His remains are made into a stu which is served to the rest of the outpost residents. Andre discovers bones in the stew and assumes the meat is Stu's remains, though Venable insists it is not.[1]

Dinah reminds a protesting Andre that Venable also ate the meat, which would mean that it could not be Stu's remains, as Stu was contaminated and Venable would not eat irradiated meat. In actuality, Stu was not contaminated, his death being orchestrated by Venable and Mead in order to install a sense of fear into the residents of the Outpost.[2]

When Michael interviews the Outpost residents and Andre admits that he resents his mother, Michael frowns upon his assumption that this would impair her entry to the "Sanctuary".[3]

Andre is later poisoned during the Halloween party after he eats an apple laced with snake venom.[3] His death is later reversed by Mallory.[4]


  • Andre Stevens: "Oh, this stew is Stu!"