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Angelica Ross (born November 28, 1980) is an American businesswoman, actress, and transgender rights advocate.


Angelica Ross was born November 28, 1980 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, then raised to the North in nearby Racine. She is an American businesswoman, actress, and transgender rights advocate. After becoming a self-taught computer coder, Angelica Ross went on to become the founder and CEO of TransTech Social Enterprises, a firm that helps employ transgender people in the tech industry. Ross began her acting career in the web series Her Story and starred in the FX series Pose.

Work on American Horror Story[]

Angelica Ross joined the cast of American Horror Story portraying Donna Chambers, a psychiatric researcher with a fascination for serial killers and posing as "Nurse Rita" at Camp Redwood in the ninth season, the 80s slasher 1984. In February, Ryan Murphy confirmed her return to the following installment, Double Feature. Ross starred in both parts of the season. In the first one, titled "Red Tide" she is The Chemist, the mind behind what's happening in Provincetown. In the second part, titled "Death Valley" Angelica Ross portrays Theta, a telekinetically gifted hybrid of human and extraterrestrial.

During the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, Angelica Ross revealed that she was on a 'first position' seven-year contract with FX. This meant that as a series regular she could not work elsewhere without the network's approval. Filming Season 10 of AHS, she was told she would return for Season 11 but this did not happen. Meanwhile, she had to turn down a proposal from Marvel because FX stalled in releasing her.[1]

In 2023, Ross revealed on her Twitter account several cases of racism and transphobia while filming for the show. She revealed that a crew member would wear a T-shirt with racist slogans around her, which resulted in Ross refusing to film her scenes until the crew member changed their T-shirt. Ross further revealed that she experienced misgendering and transphobia from Emma Roberts during the filming of 1984 as well as accusing Roberts of entitlement; these accusations resulted in Ross fearing repercussions for speaking against it, which she didn’t receive. After her tweets went viral, Ross revealed that Roberts had since reached out to her and apologized for her behaviour on-set.


  • Angelica Ross' series regular role in 1984 made her the first transgender actor in history to secure two series regular roles; the other being Candy Ferocity in the FX hit show Pose.
  • She is one of the six members of the AHS Repertory Company to be credited in the main cast in every season she appeared in.
  • All of her three characters survived in seasons they appear.


Episode appearances for Angelica Ross
Story or Series Character Episodes
1984 Donna Chambers
Double Feature: Red Tide The Chemist
Double Feature: Death Valley Theta