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Anna Victoria Alcott is an actress who is undergoing IVF attempts who wants both a success career, and family life. She is a character in American Horror Story: Delicate portrayed by Emma Roberts.


Born on January 17, 1988, Anna Victoria Alcott entered a world that would later be filled with the dazzle of fame and the complexity of personal struggles. Her marriage to Dex Harding, while loving, carries a weight. The tragic loss of Dex's previous wife, Adeline, casts a lingering shadow, making Anna often feel like she's perpetually living in Adeline's aftermath. Every memory, every reminiscent glance from Dex, intensifies her feelings of being the "second" wife.

In the maze of her life, a constant presence is her close confidante, Siobhan Corbyn. Siobhan's life gleams with success. To Anna, she's a rock: caring yet fiercely focused when necessary. Siobhan’s timely interventions, like her efforts to promote Anna's career, while supportive, also hint at a hidden agenda. Her omnipresence, coupled with her knack for being almost too perfect, raises subtle questions about her true intentions.


Anna, awakened by an unsettling touch on her pregnant abdomen, confronts a reality more disturbing than a nightmare: an intruder in her home. This initial violation is the genesis of a series of perplexing events that blur Anna's understanding of her world.

Subsequent days reveal surveillance inconsistencies and potential memory lapses, suspected side effects of her pregnancy medications. Amidst this turmoil, Anna navigates her fleeting joy of pregnancy and the heartbreak of a subsequent miscarriage. The presence of enigmatic individuals like Io Preacher and the familiar-yet-strange Ivy, coupled with veiled references to Dex's past, intensify her disorientation.

Anna becomes increasingly convinced of an overarching conspiracy targeting her fertility. Mysterious occurrences, both at the seemingly benign woods near Talia's home and within clinical settings, further fuel her suspicions. As she grapples with these challenges, she confronts skepticism from some quarters and support from others.

Throughout this tumultuous journey, two elements persist: Anna's unwavering determination for motherhood and the ever-present, ominous shadow of the woman in red.

Personality and Appearance[]

Anna Victoria Alcott is a beacon of confidence, a characteristic that has been honed by years in the limelight and her achievements in the acting world. Every gesture and word exudes an air of self-assuredness. Yet, behind this veneer of confidence, Anna carries the weight of personal challenges. Chief among these is her silent battle with infertility, a struggle that tugs at her heartstrings and at times casts a shadow over her radiant persona. As events in her life unravel, the lines between the real and the surreal begin to blur for Anna. She finds herself at crossroads, torn between trusting her senses and questioning the very reality of her experiences.

In terms of her physical attributes, Anna's petite frame stands out, not due to its size, but because of the elegance with which she carries herself. Her fair skin, almost porcelain-like, serves as a perfect backdrop for her cascading blonde tresses. Her wardrobe choices, invariably upscale and chic, echo her successful career and her refined tastes. Every piece of attire she dons, every accessory she chooses, tells a tale of a woman who understands and appreciates the finer things in life.



“Get away from my baby!”



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