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"Apocalypse Then" is the tenth and final episode of Apocalypse. It premiered on November 14, 2018.[1]


Cordelia and Myrtle prepare for the End Times. The witches make a desperate last stand at Outpost Three in the final showdown against the Antichrist.[2]


Myrtle Snow arrives at Kineros Robotics where Jeff and Mutt work. She approaches the secretary and asks to speak with them. Ms. Venable denies the request because she doesn't have an appointment or a package to be delivered. Ms. Venable is also confused about how Myrtle was able to get past security. Myrtle demonstrates a respond by putting Ms. Venable under a spell which freezes her actions. She grabs her keycard and then releases Ms. Venable, who continues to type like nothing happened. Jeff complains about being put in Outpost 2. Mutt tells him that Michael wants Miriam Mead at Outpost 3 and he also wants them to wipe her memory so that she doesn't know he is the antichrist. Myrtle walks in after they are done talking and goes to look at the map with all the Outposts on it. Jeff and Mutt object but she uses her magic on them. Myrtle asks where Outpost 3 is located and Mutt tells her it's at the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men. Myrtle tells him Coco's father is going to purchase four tickets for the Outpost and that they're going to give them to him. Mutt and Jeff watch as Myrtle leaves but then collapse with a wave of her hand.

Back at the shack, Mallory asks how they plan to stop Michael and his one thousand nuclear bombs. Cordelia says that they can't. Coco says that she doesn't want to die. After, she apologizes for making it all about her. Myrtle corrects her and tells her that it is all about her. Myrtle explains her plan to have her father purchase the tickets for Outpost 3. They plan to hide Coco and Mallory right under Michael's nose. Madison asks how they're going to do that because Michael is able to detect if someone is a witch. Cordelia says that they're going to put an identity spell on both of them. Cordelia explains that the spell will give them new personalities and that Coco must belittle Mallory in order for her to suppress her powers. Coco protests and asks about her family. Cordelia says that they will be put under a spell until the apocalypse but that they won't be going with her to the bunker since they're more likely to raise suspicion.

Mallory doesn't know if she can be responsible for the whole world. Cordelia tells her that she'll know when the time is right. Mallory persists and asks how will she know if she's under a spell. Cordelia says that her powers will emerge when they are ready. Mallory realizes this is goodbye because she won't remember any of them once under the spell. Coco wonders how she's going to be mean to Mallory. Mallory tells her that it's okay and that she'll never let anything bad happen to Coco. That at least they'll be together. They sit down and Cordelia places her hands on their heads. She recites a spell and then collapses afterward. It cuts to a scene where Coco is yelling at Mallory while they're in the car. They get to their destination and the driver, Madison in disguise, drops them off.

Coco and Mallory walk into a salon where Coco meets Mr. Gallant. Coco sends Mallory to go get her a coffee so that she's not hovering around. Mr. Gallant asks how she wants her hair done and Coco says whatever as long as it looks better then what it is now. Beside her, Brock, is also getting his haircut. He hits on her and Coco smiles. Later, Madison returns to the shack and tells them that Dinah Stevens is the one who betrayed them. She asks permission to burn her. Cordelia says that can't do anything that will draw Michael to their plan. Cordelia continues on saying that she wants Dinah safe and sound until they can make her pay.

In the future, Michael confronts Mallory and she inadvertently uses her powers, terrifying him. Micahel asks who she is. Elsewhere, Cordelia, Myrtle, and Madison dig their way out of the ground. Madison asks how long they've been buried down there and Myrtle says a year, maybe two. Myrtle tells Cordelia that she felt the power surge too. Cordelia says that it's time.

They head to Outpost 3 and find their sisters dead so Cordelia revives them. Both Coco and Mallory are released from the identity spell. Cordelia tells them that she needs all of them to defeat Michael. Dinah says she isn't helping anyone, and Madison laughs at her useless voodoo. Michael appears on the staircase and asks how they can defeat him when he's already won. He explains that the 7th seal has been broken and tells them that the world has been remade in his father's image. Myrtle tells him he made a grave mistake and that was not killing off all the witches. Michael says that he could kill them in an instant. He gives them mercy by telling them that if they bow before him and become his subjects then he won't kill them.

Cordelia laughs and says no. Dinah steps forward and tells Cordelia she made a mistake bringing her back because she always chooses the winning side. Especially, when she knows that Cordelia needed her power of voodoo. Cordelia says she is half right. As Dinah bows to Michael, suddenly, Marie Laveau walks up and tells her that Cordelia indeed needs the power of a voodoo queen but that isn't Dinah. It flashes back to a time when Marie was in the middle of torturing Delphine LaLaurie in Hell. Nan walks in and tells Marie that Papa Legba is mad at her because her work as a torturer has been bad. Cordelia walks in behind her and says that she made a deal with Papa Legba. She'd trade Dinah's foul soul in exchange for Marie's. Dinah tells her that she would've done no different if she'd been the queen. Marie tells her no, teleporting behind her and cuts her throat with a machete, thereby satisfying Cordelia's deal. Michael gives Miriam a signal and she unscrews her bionic arm to reveal a machine gun. Cordelia says an incantation that sends Miriam into a tizzy and she starts to shake violently. She explodes, sending Michael flying over the banister.

Miriam's head lands next to Michael and he holds it in his hands one last time. While he's distracted, Madison grabs Miriam's arm-gun and points it at Michael. She starts to fire at him and continues to shoot him until he collapses against the wall. Myrtle walks up to him and pulls a hunk of hair out of his skull. She hands it to Mallory, who will use it for a time travel spell and locate Michael Langdon in the past. Cordelia says that they must find a safe place to perform it. Madison tells them that she'll hold off Michael for as long as she can. The others leave but as they are running through the halls, Mallory is stabbed in the abdomen by Brock as payback for Mallory getting his place in the plane that brought her to Outpost 3. Tremendously enraged, Myrtle sets Brock on fire and he falls over the balcony to his death. Brock's fall distracts Madison from her vigilance while Michael recovers from his wounds, giving him the opportunity to blow up Madison's head before she has a chance to shoot him again. Cordelia tries to heal Mallory as Michael slowly makes his way up the stairs.

Marie tells them to take Mallory and go. That she'll keep Michael busy while they escape. Michael comes upstairs to find Marie waiting for him. She tries to create a barrier to prevent Michael from passing but his hand easily goes right through it and into her chest. Coco uses that as a distraction to come up behind him and stab him in the back but he's unaffected. Michael pulls out Marie's heart, giving it a bite, to then telekinetically snap Coco's neck. Meanwhile, Cordelia and Myrtle dragged her to a tub and they've begun the spell. It doesn't work because she isn't strong enough. Mallory apologizes that she can't do what they want her to do. Cordelia stands up and looks at Myrtle, who looks appalled. She tells her that she loves her before walking back out to the top of the stairs. She faces Michael. She tells him that she sees a scared boy who could not even kill the coven with a thousand nuclear bombs. Michael says that was part of his plan because now he can enjoy killing her. She takes his knife and tells him that there may be only one son of Satan but her witches are a legion. She raises the knife and stabs herself in the heart with it. Myrtle shout out her name sadly.

Suddenly, Mallory wakes up having inherited Cordelia's powers. She says the incantation and disappears into the black water. Cordelia throws herself off the balcony and lands on the floor below, with Michael surprises to see her do it.


Constance Langdon asks Michael if he has to kill every single thing after finding a dead priest in his bedroom. Michael explains why he did it but Constance tells him that she's done taking the blame for all the evil things that he does. She tells him that all those things will no longer be happening in this house. She goes to the closet and grabs some of his things. She throws it at him and tells him to get out. This makes him angry so he grabs Constance by the throat and pushes her up against the wall. She tells him to go ahead and do it. Michael hesitates and Constance calls him a coward. Michael lets go of her and leaves.

Michael walks out of the house and onto the street. Suddenly, a black SUV comes flying down the street and runs him over. The driver is revealed to be Mallory. She reverses the car and drives over him again. Having heard the commotion, Constance comes outside. Mallory runs over him again before she drives off. Constance appraoches Michael and holds him in her lap as he dies. He tells her to take him to the house so that he can be with her. She pushes him off her and tells him to go to Hell where he belongs. She leaves him alone on the street to perish. Mallory goes to Miss Robichaux's Academy and meets Cordelia for the first time again. She lies to her in order to regain her spot in the Academy. Cordelia shows her around the property. In this timeline, Cordelia didn't summon Myrtle back to life, but tells Mallory that she was the greatest witch she ever knew, and that without her, the coven wouldn't be where it currently is. Mallory is introduced to Queenie, who is going to Los Angeles to attend the studio audience of The Price is Right and is planning to stay at the Hotel Cortez. Mallory quickly intervenes and convinces Queenie to stay in Venice instead, preventing her from having the same fate as in the original timeline.

Nan suddenly shows up, bringing with her a resurrected Misty Day. Mallory was able to bring her back because she has major street cred with the demons since she killed Michael. Although Cordelia is ecstatic to see them both, Nan leaves the Academy to continue her work in the afterlife with Papa Legba. Cordelia introduces Mallory to Misty. Mallory leaves to let them reconnect, and wonders what her meddling with the past did to the future.


Timothy and Emily run into each other during a street protest and Timothy's coffee is spilled on him. Emily apologizes and offers him a new one. They agree to go on a date.


Emily is in labor at the hospital and has Timothy at her side. In pain, she shouts that she can't do it but Timothy reassures her.


The couple arrive at their home after a date. Before entering the house, Timothy notices crows flying around their roof in the red sky. Inside, they walk through the bloody hallway to find that their son Devan has killed the babysitter. There's a knock at the door and Timothy answers it. Three people dressed in black stand before him. It is Anton LaVey, Miriam Mead, and Samantha Crowe. As she smiles, Miriam tells them that they are here to help.

Featured Characters[]

Devan Campbell[]

Devan Campbell is Satan's second spawn who rose upon the defeat of Michael Langdon. He is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Nicholas Hodge. Devan is first seen when his parents (Timothy and Emily) come home and see he has killed his babysitter. Emily picks him up while Timothy goes to answer the door seeing Miriam, Anton, and Samantha who are looking at Devan, their new savior.


  • Myrtle Snow
    Your employers are fortunate to have someone with your skills guarding their privacy.
    Wilhemina Venable
    I don't respond to flattery.
    Myrtle Snow
    Nor can you recognize sarcasm.
  • Cordelia Goode (to Michael Langdon): "You still don't get it, do you? Even now. You think there's only winning and losing, success and failure. But failure is when you've lost any semblance of hope. You will get to watch me die, but you won't find it satisfying.. Satan has one son, but my sisters are legion, motherfucker!"


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  • This is the series' ninety-fourth episode overall.
  • This episode marks Angela Bassett's return to American Horror Story since her role as Monet Tumusiime in the sixth season, Roanoke. She reprised her role as Marie Laveau from Coven.
  • Both Jeff and Mutt are revealed to have been placed in Outpost Two in West Virginia at the beginning of this episode. During the episode "The Morning After", it is stated that this outpost was overrun and the inhabitants massacred after the bombs fell.
  • Hollywood actresses Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Charlize Theron are revealed to be in the list of survivors, taking residence in Outpost Four in the Bahamas.
  • The form that Cordelia signs when she's speaking to Mallory in the new timeline erroneously lists her name as "Cordelia Foxx". However, she has been going by the name "Cordelia Goode" since "The Seven Wonders".

Cultural References[]

  • Scarlett Johansson - American actress mentioned as intended resident in an Outpost in the Bahamas.
  • Jennifer Lawrence - American actress mentioned as intended resident in an Outpost in the Bahamas.
  • Charlize Theron - American actress mentioned as intended resident in an Outpost in the Bahamas.
  • Michio Kaku - American theoretical physicist mentioned as The Cooperative member and intended resident in Outpost II, alongside Jeff and Mutt.

Raised Questions[]

  • In Murder House, Billie Dean Howard said that The Anti-Christ would be the offspring of a ghost and human, raising the question as to how Timothy and Emily, both humans, conceived the new son of Satan.
  • Will Mallory ever become the Supreme in the new timeline? Can the inheritance of Supremacy be altered in time as well?
  • How does the new timeline affect the events featured in "Battle Royale" with Queenie? Does Ramona Royale, who doesn't feed on Queenie in this timeline, still have the courage to confront Elizabeth?
    • Consequently, since the two do not end up sleeping together in this revised timeline, is Elizabeth able to leave the Hotel Cortez before she is assassinated by John Lowe? Could this mean that Elizabeth no longer becomes a ghost and is alive again?