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Ariel Augustus is the Grand Chancellor of the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men and a member of the Warlock Council. He is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Jon Jon Briones.


Ariel is the Grand Chancellor of the Hawthorne School as is viewed as one of the school’s authority and mentor. He is a "Level 3" warlock, a particularly powerful practitioner of magic.

He knew and resented Fiona Goode, who he viewed as selfish and weak in her attempts to maintain her supremacy, a trait he later saw in her daughter (and successor), Cordelia.

Personality and Appearance[]

Ariel is a short man, usually dressed in black, sporting a Homburg hat and occasionally, a long crimson scarf left to hang on both sides of his neck, denoting his rank as High Chancellor. He always poses as a man with confidence and power.

However, behind this powerful exterior, Ariel is particularity resentful and envious, especially towards towards Miss Robichaux’s Academy (due to the inferiority usually associated with testosterone as a known inhibitor of magical ability), displaying hidden desires for the claim of power. However, this desire was not orientated by purely selfish goals, since what Ariel desired most was the superiority of his fellow warlocks.[2]

Despite this, he was intent on removing any warlock who would endanger this vision, allowing Miriam Mead to kill John Henry Moore, in order to prevent his defection to Robichaux.[2] He also shown to be an extremely poor judge of character, as he wrongly and egotistically believed Michael Langdon to be a human Warlock, who was in fact a demon hell-bent on eradicating Warlocks and Witches.[3] This proved to be a fatal error of gigantic proportions, since he endangered the lives of his own coven, purely for the sake of finding the supposed Alpha Warlock.

He is shown to be extremely misogynistic and chauvinistic, hating witches for their superiority over warlocks and wanting to see them supplanted and ruled over by warlocks, believing men naturally belonged to do so, as well as often referring to them as "bitches".[2] He wished to have them killed to fulfill his hatred of them.[4]


Ariel summons all members of the Warlock Council to discuss a video footage that shows Michael Langdon killing an Interrogations Officer via telekinetic decapitation. He, along with the other warlocks of the council (with the exception of John Henry Moore) feels like Michael could be the Alpha, a powerful warlock who can rise to the level of Supreme. After the meeting, he tracks Michael and introduced him to the world of witchcraft and magic. He eventually brought him to the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men to be part of the coven.[3]

In the series of weeks, Michael then proved what Ariel and the others believed him to be, unaware of the fact that his magical ability was the result of his Satanic origins. Michael manifested great control and advancement on his magic, performing all the tests the council has gave him. This event fueled Ariel’s desire to call the Witches’ Council to have them administer the Test of the Seven Wonders.[3]

John Henry Moore, the only one perceiving Michael's true identity, and concerned by his vision, leaves Hawthorne in order to warn Cordelia. His dissidence caused his murder at the hands of Ms. Mead; Ariel was also part of the conspiracy to murder him and push Michael to Supremacy, as Ariel speaks to Mead and Michael after they successfully kill their colleague.[3]

After he summoned an emergency Council and explained the situation to a skeptical Cordelia, he asked her to allow Michael to pass the Test of the Seven Wonders, which she rejected due its dangerous and deadly nature. When Cordelia finally obliged and allowed him to take the Test, Ariel rejoices for each of his demonstrations of the Wonders.[2]

After Cordelia proclaims Michael as the next Supreme, Ariel is euphoric, but his ambition goes much further than that.[3] He conspires, along with Baldwin, to wipe out all of the Witches of the Coven with a poisonous powder concocted by Baldwin. However, they are interrupted by Cordelia, who accuses them of treason and erases their mouths.[4]

Having uncovered his treachery and conspiracy, he is doomed to die by fire along with his fellow conspirators, Ms. Mead and Baldwin, with the ressurected John Henry lighting the flame. His death was reversed by Mallory, using Tempus Infinituum to reverse the events following Michael's enrolment in The Hawthorn Academy.[4]


Ariel is a powerful Level 3 natural born warlock who manifested four of the Seven Wonders.

  • Telekinesis - One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to move things with only the power of the mind. He used it against Michael's jailguard, using a telekinetic clutch on him that kept him against the wall.
  • Pyrokinesis - One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to create, control and manipulate fire. Ariel was very gifted with this ability; it was revealed when he set fire to the fireplace in order to get warmed after Michael Langdon's weather test.
  • Divination - One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to gain knowledge through indirect means.
    • Scrying - The magical ability to see things such as messages, visions, and prophecies one a reflective surface. This power is required by warlocks in order to be at level one and since Ariel is at level three, it can be presumed that he has this power.
  • Transmutation - The magical ability to instantaneously move from one location to another. This power is required by warlocks in order to be at level three and since Ariel is at level three, it can be presumed that he has this power.


  • To John Henry Moore: "Protection of our kind has become a matter of life and death. Warlocks have always been second-class citizens. The Alpha will allow us to take our rightful place at the top of the hierarchy."
  • To Michael Langdon: "I for one can't wait to see those bitches squirm with a man in charge. Finally on top, where we belong."
  • To Cordelia Goode: "You may come with a kinder façade, but deep down, you're nothing more than a weak, frightened woman, just like Fiona."




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