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It was possible to register with the site and have either a photo file of an "artifact" (clue) of one of the murders on the website sent as an e-mail attachment or an actual artifact sent in the mail.

Known artifacts sent in the mail include:

  1. Jars with a plastic hand belonging to Loraine Baxter with a wedding ring on it.
  2. Model of kitchen with recipe.[1]
  3. A locket that Celia wore (also in a jar).
  4. The petri dishes from the study with "poison" that would make the letters visible.
  5. Pieces of the wallpaper that Vivien takes off to reveal the murals with the text that we can hear in the "V room," The Study, written on them: "It was everywhere. No matter how hard I tried, it was never enough. The filth just oozed out of them. I could see it. I could even smell it. I could hardly breathe. It was all through our home. I didn’t want anyone to find out we were contaminated. So I had to clean them out."
  6. Other pieces of wallpaper spell out more text, including the words "demented," "not to think," "day," and "deserves that."
  7. Bloodied bottles of the Champagne from the 1940s.
  8. Wedding cake.[2][3]
  9. Book artifact with collage, ram and fish. Book: Gertrude E. Dole and Robert L. Carneiro, eds., "Essays in the Science of Culture in Honor of Leslie White" (1960). Book Chapter: "The Cultural Position of the Dakota: A Reassessment" by James H. Howard[4]
  10. A bloody brother/sister portrait[5]
  11. Demonic Rabbit[6]
  12. Bloody ice skates[7]
  13. Full model of the attic[8]
  14. Loraine Baxter's bloody apron[9]
  15. Ballgag from Argento murder

The photographs are of:

  1. BDSM sessions of the Argentos (1980s)
  2. A family in front of the house scratched out
  3. A figure in the upstairs bedroom scratched out
  4. Celia Jacobs (the bride from the 1940s) with her husband [citation needed]
  5. Scratches on the floor of the 1940s living room
  6. A recipe for "Delicious Dills- No Friends like the Old" for pickling cucumber (for the 1950s, with the Baxters and Celia) in a jar
  7. A bloody knife and a mixer


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