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Audrey Tindall is an English actress who portrayed Shelby Miller in "My Roanoke Nightmare". She is a character in Roanoke portrayed by Sarah Paulson.


Audrey was born in England, therefore she has an English accent. Nothing else is known about her except that she is older than 29. She used to be a stage actress, as she tells Matt she once played a nurse in Her Majesty's Theatre.

While shooting My Roanoke Nightmare, Audrey fell in love with her fellow actor Rory Monahan. Their relationship was crowned by marriage before the second season of the series, entitled Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell, began its production.

Personality and Appearance[]

Audrey is a woman obsessed with her own age and prone to make sharp jokes.

Although she is very loving towards her husband and he reciprocates her feelings, she has a tendency to doubt his affections for her, most likely due to their age difference.

Like her co-stars, she treats Shelby and Matt's story with complete skepticism, as she never had any paranormal experiences during the filming of My Roanoke Nightmare. This is evident from how she continuously makes remarks about how fake Shelby and Matt's story is, and from her unconvinced reaction to a pool of human blood.

Despite owing her success to Shelby as she portrayed her, she seems to have a mild dislike of her. This is shown through her overreaction to Shelby's comment about how 'It's never too late for love', her repeated denial of any truth to her Roanoke account, as well as referring to Shelby as 'fiery and pathetic'.

Audrey has a short bobbed haircut, framing her long face. She has a prominent nose, full lips, and defined brows. She also has a small tattoo on the back of her neck.


After portraying Shelby Miller in My Roanoke Nightmare, Audrey is rewarded with international praise and award nominations. She also marries her fellow co-star, Rory Monahan. However, her co-star Agnes Mary Winstead began stalking and threatening to attack Audrey after she beat her at the Saturn Awards. Unbeknownst to Audrey, Agnes' violent behavior is not out of jealousy, but because she was beginning to think that she was truly the Butcher. She and her husband agree to return to the show's sequel, Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell, as they do not believe that the land is inhabited by paranormal beings.

During their first night, Audrey immediately learns her husband will be leaving the show as he will be working with Brad Pitt. Although in her second confessional she says she trusts him to be away for six months, she conveys a hesitant tone that expresses her doubt for Rory's affections. After not experiencing anything unusual for most of that day, she sees a supposed phony actor that Sidney Aaron James hired to scare her for the sake of drama. Clearly traumatized by the event, her husband Rory goes upstairs on her behalf to find the 'actor.' Essentially, she later caused her husband's death at the hands of the nurses.[1]

The next morning, Rory is still nowhere to be found. During everyone's search for him in the house, they find a pool of blood. Although this startles everyone, she attributes the blood to be Sidney's dramatic means for Rory to exit the show. She confirms her earlier doubt for Rory in her third confessional, where she states that Rory left her due to problems regarding their large age difference.

When Agnes attacks Shelby, she volunteers to accompany Lee and Monet to find Sidney, who suspiciously hasn't contacted medical services. She only begins to believe that there is some truth to the Roanoke story when the three of them are chased by the spirit of Edward Philippe Mott in the tunnels. When the group comes across Sidney's abandoned trailer and subsequently the bodies of all the crew Agnes murdered, Audrey isn't too sharp to assume that they are all dead - likely a result of her inability to process the things happening around her.

After running away and hiding from a mob of spirits in the middle of the woods, she videotapes what she believes to be her last recording, reaffirming her love for Rory and her hopes that he is still alive. These hopes are ruined when she notices blood dripping on her face coming from her husband's corpse hung above her.

When the Polks capture her, she tries to reason with them to give her some marijuana that was originally hers. Audrey and Monet are forced to eat Lee's raw flesh under their captor's torture.[2]

While tied up with Monet, two of the Polk men begin making teeth necklaces out of the belief that it will protect them. They run out of teeth and attempt to take Monet's teeth out, but her chair breaks and she fights them off enough to escape, leaving Audrey behind. Mama Polk comes in and decides to take the teeth from Audrey while the others hunt Monet. Audrey insults them for being incestuous, inciting violence in Mama, but Lee arrives in time to knock out Mama and untie Audrey. Audrey then bashes Mama's head in with a sledgehammer before her and Lee flee back to the tunnels.

When they finally arrive back at the house, they find the dead bodies of Matt and Shelby and, with Dominic being the only one left alive, believe he did it. Lee throws him out of the room and lets him get killed by the Piggy Man, much to Audrey's dismay. Audrey films herself saying goodbye to her fans in case she doesn't survive.

Lee and Audrey wake up alive the next morning and Lee insists on going back to the Polk's house, destroying the cameras and hot-wiring their truck, but Audrey refuses. Lee eventually convinces Audrey, telling her that the wrong people could use the videos for blackmail. The two head out the front door and are scared by what they believe is the pig-faced ghost, but, after Lee hits it with a crowbar, turns out to be Dylan, an extra, one that Audrey apparently knows.[3]

With Dylan and Lee, Audrey tries to escape with one of the Polks' old trucks. While Dylan tries to get the vehicle going, Audrey and Lee go into the house in search of Monet and the incriminating footage. Audrey has a run in with Ishmael Polk and finds Monet. After killing Ishmael, Audrey and Monet flee the farm for the house. Later, after Lee has eaten the boar heart and becomes violent, Audrey watches as Lee kills Monet and tries to do the same with Audrey, but only manages to chase her outside and push her down the front yard cellar. The next morning Audrey is found alive by the police. When she sees Lee, Audrey tries to shoot her but is gunned down by police officers to her death as a suspect.[4]


  • Audrey is the eighth character portrayed by Sarah Paulson. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • Audrey portrayed Shelby Miller in My Roanoke Nightmare.
  • Audrey is Sarah Paulson's first American Horror Story character to not possess an American accent.
  • In Chapter 7, she implies that she is fifteen years Rory's senior through an analogy about marriage and age differences.
  • Audrey, Shelby, Mason, Sidney, and Matt are the only characters involved in the Roanoke incident that wasn't killed by the forces brought from the paranormal entities of Roanoke.
  • Audrey is Sarah Paulson's second character to die in the course of the series in which she appears. The first was Sally McKenna (although in a flashback; McKenna becoming a ghost prior to the events of Hotel).
    • This makes Audrey her first character to be killed off the show.
  • In real life, Sarah Paulson is the younger woman in her relationship with actress Holland Taylor, who is 31 years her senior. Some fans have speculated that some of Audrey's dialogue about age not being an issue between her and Rory was a wink to the audience to reflect Sarah and Holland's much-publicized relationship.
  • She is one of three characters - the others being Dominic Banks and Shelby Miller - to appear in all episodes of Roanoke.
  • Listing all characters portrayed by Sarah Paulson ranked by evilness, Audrey is in the ninth place.[5]


  • Audrey: "Hello, I'm Audrey Tindall, no relation to the Tindalls of the Princess Royal, unfortunately. And this is my first confessional. You know me as the reenactor playing the role of Shelby on My Roanoke Nightmare. And I know a lot of fans are always really surprised when they first hear me speak, because I have an English accent."
  • To Rory: "Rory, darling. Love has always been a mystery to me. Like a tune whistling through the air. I could hear snatches of it. Be moved by its melody, but it always eluded my grasp. But you heard my voice and I heard yours. For all you have given me, I make these vows. I promise to love you loyally and fiercely, for as long as I shall live."
  • about Rory: "Who could have guessed that a woman of a certain age could have landed such a handsome young stud?"
  • Shelby
    It's never too late for love.
    "Too late"? What do you mean? When is it "too late"? When your heart ossifies? When your vagina exsiccates into an ancient artifact? Or is it just any woman over the age of 29? What do you mean?
  • Audrey: "He always said age is just a number. But I knew better. It's nothing for a man to be 15 years older than his bride. But for a woman, it's Mount Everest. All the conditions have to be perfect for the ascent. And I guess he just ran out of oxygen."
  • To Lee: "Oh, leave me alone! I'm not American! I'm not used to all this carnage! Oh, God."
  • Audrey
    You pig-fucking psychopaths!
    Mrs. Polk
    How dare you! It is forbidden to lay with a beast!
    Oh please. Where else do you think you got those monstrosities for sons you twat???
  • To Dylan: "It's real! EVERYONE IS DEAD!"
  • Upon seeing Shelby's corpse: "OH MY GOD!!! Oh my God! Oh my God! Poor Shelby! I feel like a part of me has died with her! Oh my God!"
  • Last words to Lee: "You... You fucking murderer!"