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"Ave Hestia" is the seventh episode of "American Horror Story: Delicate". It premiered April 10, 2024 on FX.

Entrenched in her grapple for fame and motherhood, Anna may be involved in a cycle much bigger - and older - than she realizes.— FX Networks, official synopsis[1]


In the year 42 A.D., in Western Europe, a woman is seen laboring in a barn, facing great difficulty. In a desperate act, she takes a knife and cuts herself open to deliver her own child. To her surprise, it's not just one child, but two. One of the babies crawls menacingly out of her womb, and she embraces them both with joy before passing away. After some time, a mysterious figure dressed in black appears and miraculously brings her back to life.

The year is 2013 in Brooklyn, where Dex marks his anniversary with his first wife. Despite his thoughtful gift of a puppy, she reveals reservations about owning a dog and having children. She shines at her job in the restaurant, giving a motivational speech to her staff before opening. Spotting a mysterious figure in black outside, she later retreats to a secret room where she conducts her own rituals at an altar. Upon her departure, she encounters Sonia, her sister, seated and waiting for her. Sonia proposes a game involving a knife, vowing to depart if she wins. Adeline firmly informs Sonia that she will not return, despite Sonia's insistence that "they" require her presence. Addie asserts that she has departed and possesses knowledge that prevents her from returning. Sonia asserts that Addie will forever remain a part of their group, as she was born into it. Adeline stabs her hand, causing her to lose consciousness.

1253 in Galway, Ireland, witnesses Adeline approaching her mother, Ivy, to address the lies told for Adeline's sake. The twins, Adeline and Sonia, find themselves in a tense situation with Ivy, leading to a strained interaction. Ivy explains to Adeline that their gender restricts them to making choices between happiness and truth, rather than pursuing their aspirations. Ivy expresses remorse for causing hurt to Adeline and proceeds to mark herself and Sonia with identical symbols, signifying an unbreakable connection between them.

In 2013, Adeline is at home and Dex starts to question her behavior. He confides in Talia and contacts his father, who dismisses his worries by claiming his wife is crazy. This leads to an argument where Dex decides to sever ties with his father. Later, Adeline goes shopping for jewelry with Talia, who reveals she sold her business for a billion dollars and plans to invest in Dex's gallery to support them financially.

Nicolette visits Adeline at Hestia, urging her to come back and revealing her teeth that seem to belong to the creatures the women birth. Addie is left feeling flustered after Nicolette leaves, prompting her to purchase a pregnancy test. Despite the positive result, she chooses to withhold this information from Dex.

Dex and Adeline join Talia and her partner for a celebratory dinner at the new gallery. As they capture group photos together, Adeline notices her mother in the background of the pictures. Once everyone departs, she confides in Dex about her love for him and requests him to head home while she takes care of the cleanup herself. Upon reaching home, Dex stumbles upon a pregnancy test. Concerned, he tries to contact Addie but only reaches her voicemail. Unaware of her whereabouts, he decides to call his parents instead, but unfortunately, the phone remains engaged due to being off the hook. Dex rushes to his parents' house and is shocked to discover mysterious individuals dressed in black attending to his mother, while his father engages in intimate activities with another person. Suddenly, the figures drug Dex, and his father insists on erasing his memory. Meanwhile, Adeline's mother, sister, and Nicolette restrain her, and to her surprise, a mysterious black-clad figure is revealed to be Talia. They disclose their plan to pair Dex with a new wife who will give birth to the "purest" individual yet. In a horrifying turn of events, Ivy cuts open Adeline, and the women cover themselves in her blood before setting her ablaze, tragically ending her life.



  • This is the first and currently only episode of Delicate where Anna Victoria Alcott is not the protagonist. In-fact, Anna does not appear in the episode at all.
  • With a total of 4 time-jumps, this episode takes place in the most centuries of any American Horror Story episode, with a total of three.
  • This episode continues the cycle of immortality between the Women in Black.
  • This episode and the episode "Blood Buffet" are the only episodes in their respective seasons where the protagonist doesn't appear due to the fact that the episode focuses on the other characters' past, which has the handment of happening before the introduction of the protagonist.
  • With Anna Victoria Alcott not appearing in this episode, Dex Harding is the only character who appeared in every episode in this season.




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