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Bebe Babbitt is an ambiguous woman tied to nefarious cult leaders. She is a character in Cult primarily portrayed by Frances Conroy.


As a young adult, Bebe was intrigued by Valerie Solanas' SCUM Manifesto and of the notion of killing men. Upon relocating to San Francisco after Solanas’ attack on Andy Warhol, SCUM began to launch other attacks on men; the credit to these attacks going to the never-identified Zodiac Killer. However, a rogue began sending letters to the newspapers, taking credit for SCUM's work as the Zodiac Killer. Bebe suggested to finally taking the credit for the killings as SCUM, but Solanas made it clear that only after a thousand were dead from the feminist revolution. Later, as Solanas’ schizophrenia increased, more and more SCUM members left the group, including Bebe.[1]

Two weeks after hitting a friend of his sister, Kai Anderson attends anger management therapy with Bebe. She tells him that she thinks he is special and charismatic, and suggests that he might excel in politics. Bebe tells Kai that she is inspired by Donald Trump, and thinks that his misogyny is a focal point for feminist rage; she feels his victory will be transformative and liberating for oppressed women because aggression will no longer be confined to micro-aggression. She thinks Kai can be a spearhead for this type of movement, and tells him that his purpose is to unleash "the feminine rage" and martyrdom for mankind.[2]

Personality and Appearance[]

Bebe is a tall, slim-figured woman. Her face is framed by her jet-black hair, styled with signature bangs. Bebe is something of a throwback to the sixties, which is evident in her style choices. 

A self-proclaimed radical feminist, Bebe is a woman with immense determination and warped loyalty to the cause of Valerie Solanas; her former lover. Bebe clearly sees herself as the mastermind in releasing 'female rage'. This often pushes her to immoral actions, which she shows no remorse for committing. Bebe has a deep hatred for men and works to destroy them.

Bebe is incredibly intelligent and manipulative, as shown when her role in the cult was revealed. That was until, her arrogance and anger got in the way, as Bebe ultimately failed to control her 'protégé', Kai


Following the mass shooting during one of Kai Anderson's rally, Bebe approached Beverly Hope and told her that she knows about the cult, and that the assassination attempt on Kai was fake. She then told Beverly to call her at a hotel when she's ready. Bebe was indeed later visited by Beverly.

She was brought to The Butchery On Main and met Ivy Mayfair-Richards and Winter Anderson while they were discussing Ally's disappearance and the cult’s recent patriarchy take-over. Bebe disclosed to the women that Valerie Solanas was her lover, and told her story on how she became a radical feminist following her association with Solanas and other thinking-alike women. After her story, she warned the assembled women that they must reclaim their power from Kai and strike back.

While watching Beverly’s reports on Harrison Wilton's dismembered corpse being found, Bebe and Kai both agreed that women are at their best when they're angry.[1]

Later, Bebe came to Kai’s house and faced off with him in the inner sanctum. She was angry that he still had not unleashed the female rage, and has caused much discord and chaos among everyone. Kai responded to Bebe that women are not competent enough to lead and must be led. This caused Bebe to slap Kai and hold a gun to him. As she was about to execute him, Bebe was shot in the back of the head by Ally.[2]



  • Bebe: "I know what it means to assassinate a man."
  • Bebe: "History may change, but herstory always repeats itself."
  • Bebe
    Valerie was the love of my life. She was an artist, an intellectual, a writer... a visionary. Her name was Valerie Solanas.
    The one who shot Andy Warhol? I learned about her in my woman's studies class at Vassar. She was one crazy bitch.
    The world was crazy... She was the only one who was sane. The bullets she put in Andy Warhol were the first shots of a revolution.
  • Last words to Kai: "Before I blow your dick off and shoot you dead, I would like to quote the late great Valerie: "To call a man...""