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Behold Chablis is an instructor at the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men and a member of the Warlock Council. He is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Billy Porter.


Behold Chablis is a charismatic warlock and instructor at the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men. He holds a seat on the Council of Warlocks alongside colleagues Baldwin Pennypacker and John Henry Moore under Grand Chancellor Ariel Augustus.

Personality and Appearance[]

Behold is a tall black man with very short hair. He dresses in similar clothes to the rest of instructors, although he usually sports jewel brooches and rings, as well as more stylish clothes with rose patterns.

He is noted to have a more sassy and sarcastic personality, as well as several mannerisms such as using Telekinesis with elaborate flourishes of his hands and adopting affected poses. 

He is a strict but encouraging teacher at the Academy, where he teaches magic to the apprentices. He was also the most sensible of the warlocks, as he did not entirely dismiss the possibility of Michael Langdon being the Alpha, but was also not a blind zealot, which vouches for his temperance and critical mind. He is also quite valiant, as he is not afraid of the Murder House and is on the brink of magically attacking a ghost in order to defend Madison.

Though a devoted warlock, Behold acknowledges the natural advantages females have over the powers of witchcraft even going so far as to proclaim how warlocks have always been treated as second-class citizens. Behold's loyalties become tested after the Council discovers and elevates Michael Langdon as the potential Alpha, a prophesied warlock with powers greater than the Supreme Witch.

Impressed and excited with the breadth of Michael's powers, Behold grows surprised to see that John Henry Moore holds deep reservations about Michael's true nature even admitting to the fear he has for the future. Acting on a bad gut feeling, Behold goes on to form a tepid alliance with the witches after inserting himself into the Coven's plans to investigate Michael's origins by revisiting the Murder House.

He feels some affinity for magical users of color, as he insinuates that Cordelia was either neglectful or flat out malicious for "abandoning" Queenie in the Hotel Cortez.


Behold scolds a student at Hawthorne's School for Exceptional Young Men for arriving late, and as he telekinetically pulls the book the student needs, he encourages the rest of the students to change a pile of crystals into an iron sphere. He is congratulating them on their feat when Baldwin comes looking for him. In a meeting with the High Chancellor and the other instructors, he is shown a video of Michael brutally killing a jailguard, and although he's skeptical about him being the Alpha, he agrees on having Ariel meet with him. Once Michael goes through the evaluation, he is thoroughly impressed by his powers and attempts to stop John Henry from leaving the School, only to be telekinetically slammed against the wall. Despite this, he does not alert any of the staff of the School, but he's left with a gnawing doubt about Michael's true nature.[2]

He continues to support Ariel's cause when Cordelia is summoned to an emergency meeting and is confident on Michael's claim to Supremacy. However, having the seed of doubt planted in his mind by John's distrust of Michael, he notices Cordelia's plan to send Madison to the Murder House in order to uncover Michael's origins and requests to go with her too.[3]

Once they access the Murder House, he notices the first abnormalities by being unable to telekinetically open the door and then, by sensing the past horrors that happened in the house, stating that it is a prison for the souls lurking it it. With Madison's assistance, he casts a spell in order to be able to see the house's spirits, which proves to be successful when he and Madison start being able to see some of the several entities inhabiting the house. When Madison is tackled to the ground by Beau, he almost magically attacks him, only to be stopped by Billie Dean Howard , who warns him that such action would draw the attention of other more malevolent entities of the house. After Behold and Madison speak to several entities in the house and freeing Moira 's soul at Constance request (not out of pity, but in order to not see her ever again), Constance agrees to tell them all she knows about Michael; how she ended up committing suicide and kicking him out due to his violent tendencies and natural evil and cruelty.[4]

With these new revelations, they go back to Robichaux's Academy to tell Cordelia about Michael, where he scolds the witches for being casually sipping wine when the Antichrist is on the loose. Having located the place where John's life force was felt for the last time, the witches manage to bring him back in a joint effort between Zoe and Mallory. Behold would later be in the same room as he, encouraging him to speak about his last moments before his death.[5] 

After identifying and condemning the traitors to die at the pyre, he goes back to Hawthorne's School along with John Henry. After the witches are massacred by Michael, Behold is found dead at the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men along with John Henry and the other students, forming a gruesome pentagram with their bodies and limbs. Michael presumably destroyed his soul, as the witches seemed to not bring any of them back to life again.[6] 

His death was reversed by Mallory, who used Tempus Infinituum to travel through time and reverse the events prior to Michael's enrolment at Hawthorne.[7]


Behold is a powerful Level 3 natural born warlock who manifested three of the Seven Wonders. Cordelia claimed he was a potent ally.[8]

  • Telekinesis - One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to move things with only the power of the mind. Behold used it to move a book from the bookshelf and again to move a couch. He uses it often in order to open doors.
  • Divination - One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to gain knowledge through indirect means. Behold displayed this ability and sensed the strong Murder House psychic energy and really bad vibes present there. He also had a bad gut feeling about the true nature of Michael Langdon.
    • Scrying - The magical ability to see things such as messages, visions, and prophecies on a reflective surface. This power is required by warlocks in order to be at level one and since Behold is at level three, it can be presumed that he has this power.
  • Transmutation - The magical ability to instantaneously move from one location to another. This power is required by warlocks in order to be at level two and since Behold is at level three, it can be presumed that he has this power.
  • Hydrokinesis - The magical ability to manipulate water and other liquids. Behold used this to refill his glass of wine.
  • Halokinesis - The magical ability to create salt. Behold used this power on Warlock Blessing on Michael using “Salt from the Earth” to thicken all evil and obstacles from the path.
  • Spellcraft - Affinity for casting spells and performing rituals. Behold, with the assistance of Madison, performed spells in the Murder House.[9]
    • Spirit Revealing Spell - A spell to reveal the hidden ghosts of a haunted place. The spell is performed surrounded by candles and a bowl filled with unknown ingredients and the witch or warlock's blood.
    • Ghost Repelling Spell - A spell to turn a ghost away. The intented effect of this spell has not been seen as Behold Chablis was interrupted by Billie Dean Howard.
    • Ghost Binding Spell - A spell to bind a ghost to a closet and prevent them from leaving. Behold alleged to be able to cast this spell as an easier way of getting Moira out of Constance's sight.​


  • Behold Chablis: "If eavesdropping paid money, I'd be richer than Amazon."
  • To Cordelia: "Of course it's the black girl you leave behind. I see you, Ms. Supreme!"
  • To the Coven: "How can you witches sit around here casually sipping wine when people are going to die? There's an Antichrist on the loose, trying to destroy the world."
  • Regarding the Murder House: "Something definitely lives here. The psychic energy is stronger than anything I've ever felt before. This is not a home... this is a prison. I pity the souls trapped here. It must be hell."


  • Behold Chablis' name is likely an homage to The Lady Chablis.
  • Behold is the third character, after Constance Langdon and Iris, to allude to the burning of sage to cleanse a place from the influence of malevolent spirits.