Benjamin Richter is a hooded serial killer named Mr. Jingles[1]. He is a character in 1984 primarily portrayed by John Carroll Lynch.


Benjamin Richter was a Vietnam veteran who had been discharged dishonorably. In 1970, Richter worked at Camp Redwood as a janitor and befriended Margaret, who framed him for the massacre of nine campers and collecting their severed ears as souvenirs.[2] Margaret later claimed that she was the sole survivor and was a key witness during his trial. Richter was sentenced to being imprisoned in Red Meadows Asylum , a facility for the criminally insane. His supposed murders are still told as a horror tale, and earned him the moniker of Mr. Jingles because of the jingling keychain on his belt.[3]

After 14 years at the asylum, Richter receives a visit from Donna Chambers, a PhD psychology student with an interest in the recent rise of violence and serial killers, who wants to study him in his natural habitat and helps him escape.[4]

Personality and Appearance


At Red Meadows Asylum in 1984, Richter pretended to hang himself to lure in an orderly, whom he strangled to death and looted keys from. Three hours later, Art, an administrator, tells Dr. Hopple that Richter has escaped and hit the master release for all the cells on his way out and the inmates are running amok. Dr. Hopple finds a newspaper clipping in the cell announcing the reopening of Camp Redwood.

Once away from the asylum, Richter kills a gas station attendant in the town of Red Meadows and later arrives at Camp Redwood where he kills the hiker and chases Brooke Thompson in the woods surrounding the campsite.[3]

When his psychiatrist, Dr. Karen Hopple comes to Camp Redwood to warn Margaret Booth about Richter’s escape, he follows and kills her. He later murders Blake by stabbing him through the head while he was spying on Trevor Kirchner in the shower before going on to attack Rita in the infirmary.[5]


  • To Margaret: "I am the monster that you made me!"
  • To customer: "You shouldn't watch horror movies. There's too much violence in this society."
  • To Lizzie: "Darkness will always walk with me."


  • Benjamin is the third character portayed by John Carroll Lynch. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast.
  • Mr. Jingles is a mouse in the The Green Mile, a 1996 serial novel by American writer Stephen King. It's the pet mouse of one of the inmates at Cold Mountain Penitentiary.



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