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Chef Bertie is a former camper who knows where all the skeletons are buried. And we’re not speaking figuratively[1]. She is a character in 1984 portrayed by Tara Karsian.


Bertie unveiled her past working in Camp Redwood during the course of the massacre. She wields heavy knowledge of the camp's history, and revealed to be the first to participate upon acknowledging the camp's re-opening by Margaret Booth.[5]

Personality and Appearance[]

Bertie is a scruffy middle-aged woman with a dark scrunchy hair strapped under a headband. She satirely flirted with Xavier, and seems to be praised by the camp's director Margaret Booth for her long history of serving within the camp.


In the summer of 1984, Bertie volunteered as a cook at Camp Redwood after discovering that Margaret Booth was planning to reopen the camp, since she had worked there as a chef when Margaret was a counselor. Bertie had only beautiful memories related to Camp Redwood, before a "bad apple" ruined everything. She greets the new counselors, sarcastically calling out Xavier on his snarky comment about her breasts. She then tells the kids to help her arrange the stockpile in the pantry.[5]

Chef Bertie is making sandwiches for the kids arriving next day when Xavier bursts into the kitchen. He tries to convince Bertie that they are in danger and she needs to come with him. Bertie doesn't believe Xavier initially. However, after hearing the sound of keys, Xavier hides under the table. Mr. Jingles walks in much to Bertie's surprise. Bertie starts to nervously chat with Mr. Jingles while she makes him a sandwich. However, their conversation is interrupted when Xavier accidentally makes a noise and Mr. Jingles is suddenly aware of his presence. Mr. Jingles tries to kill Xavier until Bertie interferes by striking him with a kitchen utensil. However, it doesn't work and Mr. Jingles maims Bertie. Mr. Jingles places Xavier into an oven, leaving him to cook in the heat.

While Xavier screams for help, an injured Bertie is able to release Xavier from the oven. Xavier wants to get help, but Bertie places a knife to her chest, implying that she wants Xavier to kill her out of mercy. A tearful Xavier does so and is devastated.[6] 

In 2019, the ghosts of Camp Redwood take turns killing Richard Ramirez, and on the night Bertie and Chet watch him, Bertie tries to convince Chet to have sex with her by telling him she can "teach him some things, or a few". While kissing him, however, Ramirez interrupts and frightens the two of them, allowing him to leave, but the rest of the ghosts later kill him. When Lavinia tells Bobby II to leave Camp Redwood and never return for his own safety, Bertie is among the ghosts who capture Margaret, and can be seen awaiting her turn to torture her.[7]


  • To Xavier: "You wouldn’t know what to do with it if you got it, handsome."
  • To Xavier: "Kitchen's closed, hon. Unless you're looking for a little midnight snack."
  • To Chet: "Not like I don't know you swing both ways."


  • Bertie is the first character portrayed by Tara Karsian.
  • She likes younger men having flirted with Xavier and made out with Chet.
  • She can remember everyone's sandwich order.



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