Beverly Hope is a fierce broadcast news journalist[1]. She is a character in Cult portrayed by Adina Porter.


Beverly Hope was recording a reportage on Michigan voting with her cameraman R.J. when she had a bickering with Serena Belinda, a colleague with whom she had an openly ongoing dislike.

Following an accident in which Beverly attacked some men who were harassing her with sexual comments, the journalist was sent on leave and sought treatment at an inpatient facility for a 30-days-long psychiatric rehabilitation. Once back on work, Beverly was exhausted of Serena's attitude and job at the expense of her work and valid news, so she confronted Bob Thompson, her boss, but without success given that Serena and he were having an affair. Angered, she cut the tires of Bob's car while Kai Anderson was passing by and offered to buy her a coffee. The two had a conversation about their goals, coming to the conclusion that they had to take over the situation by exploiting the fear of the people to their advantage. When Serena and her cameraman were slaughtered by a clown gang, Beverly rushed to Kai's house, asking for explanations and asserting that she believed in him. Later on, Beverly Hope returned to work on a report about the discovery of the dismembered corpse of Vincenzo Ravoli. [2]

Personality and Appearance

Beverly Hope is a woman of African descent with a wit acumen in commenting on the TV news, reporting interesting details and giving voice to thoughts potentially inconvenient to those trying to cover up certain events.

On the inside, Beverly has a fiery rage which displays itself in her questionless following of Kai, slaughtering individuals with no remorse.

Before her breakdown, she was a reasonable woman who just wanted to be a successful reporter. But after her breakdown, and joining Kai, she is a power hungry woman who has virtually no remorse for any action she commits. She hates the world and the people in it.


Beverly is seen by Ally in a grocery in her costume and later in her car causing a wreck. She is also seen by Oz coming out of the ice cream truck and later in the murders of the Changs. Beverly does a report on Kai's attacking and she is later seen in her costume during the blackout being knoced from the stairs to the floor by Ally. Beverly is seen in her costume killing Rosie and Mark. She is later seen doing a report on Ally's killing of Pedros, she also does a report on Rosie and Mark's murder and she asks Samuels a question which he responds no comment. Beverly does a report on the election where she gets in a fight with Serena. Beverly does a report on Vinny's body found in a ditch. Kai later looks her up and finds out she was suspended for beating up a teenager for making a pussy joke. She is told to cut out a minute of her segment because her boss likes Serena more than her. She later stabs his tires and Kai takes her to get coffee. Beverly later goes to see him after Serena's death and becomes a member of the cult. She later does a report on homeless people getting rounded up by police for a murder case. Beverly is seen talking to Bob where they get in an arguement and she leaves. She is also seen at a meeting with the cult and goes to murder Bob. Beverly does a report on his murder and later tells Kai to murder the weakest link. She is seen in a flashback with the cult decorating the about to be crime scene with the coffins and at the murder of R.J. She later links pinkies with Kai after he tells her about his parents. Beverly does a report on Kai at city hall and later goes to the murder of Sally. Beverly is seen walking and meeting Bebe where she has a breif coversation and then Bebe leaves. Beverly later goes and visits Kai where she is surprised to see all the men there. Beverly leaves upset with him because he did not give her equal power like he promised. Beverly later goes to talk to Bebe. Beverly goes to Ivy and Winter with Bebe and she tells the three the story of Valerie. Beverly later knocks out Harrison and the four kill him and she later does a report on where his body was found. Beverly later argues with Ivy while working in the kitchen of the Butchery on Main and then Winetr tells them about Kai's story. Beverly is later brought into the basement of Kai's house with Rudy tied up where Winter tells him that she killed Samuels ( she didn't ) and she calls Winter a liar which Kai hits her in response. They get in an arguement and she is taken away to her prison. Beverly is brought to the basement with Ally, Ivy, and Winter where they were forced to drink poisoned kool - aid, they did, and Kai then tells her it was a prank. Beverly does and interview of Gary's death and Kai tells her that she can't be so known hurt about people dying and he leaves. Winter later gives Beverly a passport to another state which she accepts. Beverly later asks Ally to kill her but she says no. Beverly is later found by police but is said to be innocent. Ally later has dinner with Beverly and she goes to Oz's party. Beverly also helps her with her campaign for senator. Beverly later shoots Kai in the head and that is the last we see of her.


  • Beverly Hope is the third character portrayed by Adina Porter in American Horror Story. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • Porter's portrayal earned her a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie.
  • Although she played a rather prominent role, appearing in all of the episodes of Cult, Adina Porter was credited as a guest star due to contract.[3]
  • She is a Hillary Clinton supporter.


  • Beverly Hope: "Coming to you from a neighborhood gripped in fear, this is Beverly Hope reporting."
  • To Serena: "Sucking dick is no way to build a career, sweetheart."
  • To Bob: "You cannot fire me. I'm the only black reporter you have."
  • To Kai: "I believe in you."
  • To Bob: "Ave Satanas, motherfucker."
  • To Kai: "Secrets are what make you weak."
  • To Kai: "Nothing is bigger than your ego."
  • To Ally: "I wanted to be the last person alive."
  • To Ally: "If Kai told me to, I would have killed you and gotten a cheeseburger right after."



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