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Beverly Hope is a fierce broadcast news journalist[1]. She is a character in Cult portrayed by Adina Porter.


Beverly Hope was recording a reportage on Michigan voting with her cameraman R.J. when she had a bickering with Serena Belinda, a colleague with whom she had an openly ongoing dislike.

Following an accident in which Beverly attacked some men who were harassing her with sexual comments, the journalist was sent on leave and sought treatment at an inpatient facility for a 30-days-long psychiatric rehabilitation. Once back on work, Beverly was exhausted of Serena's attitude and job at the expense of her work and valid news, so she confronted Bob Thompson, her boss, but without success given that Serena and he were having an affair. Angered, she cut the tires of Bob's car while Kai Anderson was passing by and offered to buy her a coffee. The two had a conversation about their goals, coming to the conclusion that they had to take over the situation by exploiting the fear of the people to their advantage. When Serena and her cameraman were slaughtered by a clown gang, Beverly rushed to Kai's house, asking for explanations and asserting that she believed in him. Later on, Beverly Hope returned to work on a report about the discovery of the dismembered corpse of Vincenzo Ravoli. [2]

Personality and Appearance[]

Beverly Hope is a woman of African descent with a wit acumen in commenting on the TV news, reporting interesting details and giving voice to thoughts potentially inconvenient to those trying to cover up certain events.

On the inside, Beverly has a fiery rage which displays itself in her questionless following of Kai, slaughtering individuals with no remorse.

Before her breakdown, she was a reasonable woman who just wanted to be a successful reporter. But after her breakdown, and joining Kai, she is a power hungry woman who has virtually no remorse for any action she commits. She hates the world and the people in it.


Beverly Hope was one of the journalists interviewing Kai Anderson outside the town hall about the attack that the young man suffered from a group of Mexican immigrants. [3]

Always on the ball, Beverly Hope commented on activist gathered outside The Butchery On Main, adding that Pedro Morales' murder was the second restaurant employee killed within a few days. Beverly's intuition pushed her to link the various murders that had recently tainted the small local Michigan community. When interviewing Detective Jack Samuels about a possible connection between Chang family's murder and the assassination of a young couple, she pointed out the similarities of crime scenes. The journalist, then, suggested the existence of a serial killer on the loose, getting only a dry "no comment" from the police officer. [4]



  • Beverly Hope: "Coming to you from a neighborhood gripped in fear, this is Beverly Hope reporting."
  • To Serena: "Sucking dick is no way to build a career, sweetheart."
  • To Bob: "You cannot fire me. I'm the only black reporter you have."
  • To Kai: "I believe in you."
  • To Bob: "Ave Satanas, motherfucker."
  • To Kai: "Secrets are what make you weak."
  • To Kai: "Nothing is bigger than your ego."
  • To Ally: "I wanted to be the last person alive."
  • To Ally: "If Kai told me to, I would have killed you and gotten a cheeseburger right after."