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Big Daddy is an anonymous assailant haunting the streets of New York City wearing a leather mask and harness. It is a character in NYC portrayed by Matthew William Bishop. Big Daddy is a manifestation of the deadly virus claiming lives in the City.


Big Daddy was photographed by the talented and sought-after Theo Graves. One of his portraits hangs behind the counter at the Neptune Baths. According to Sam, Big Daddy is dead. [1]


Big Daddy is a muscular man with his face covered by a leather hood and a harness like those used in the leather and S&M communities. He stalks the docks where gay men go cruising and the following morning Captain Ross whom Big Daddy had targeted is found dead; decapitated. Big Daddy continues to haunt the streets of New York City, preying on young and fit gay men. Although he targets Adam Carpenter, Big Daddy ends up being the last one to see Sully alive when Adam manages to escape. [1]

He seems to appear out of thin air before attacking, or simply stalking his preys like Hans Henkes and Daniel Kanowicz. Big Daddy or a man resembling him stands guard at Sam's sex dungeon, who does not seem to be aware of his presence or care. [2] When one of the prisoners, Stewart, manages to escape from the flat, Big Daddy does nothing to hinder him. Later, Big Daddy imprisons the patrons of the Ascension Club inside the building and sets fire to it with a Molotov cocktail, causing a dozen fatalities. [3]

Big Daddy haunts Central Park and attacks Detective Read in an ambush wielding a ball-and-chain flail. [4] Big Daddy is again on the hunt for Patrick, attacking him at his ex-wife's apartment. The hooded man comes out of the closet and tackles him. During the fight he overpowers Patrick in a sexual way, but is thrown back and disappears except to reappear in Barbara Read's shower the next day to strangle her. Big Daddy also appear outside Fran's apartment. [5]

Big Daddy observes from outside Dr Hannah Wells' window as she tells Adam she can't go to Fire Island with him and his friends. [6] Contrary to the doctor, Big Daddy is on the island where he first spies on Gino Barelli on a cruising spot and then Fran and her friends in the bungalow before being sent away by KK wielding a switchblade. As night falls, Big Daddy attacks Gino and Adam in their bungalow. After tossing them around, Big Daddy suffers a couple of stab wounds from the reporter and is eventually shot in the back of the head by Patrick. His body, however, disappears from the scene as the three men in shock decide what to do in the next room. [7]

Big Daddy haunts Sam's last delusional nightmares, torturing men who have abused Sam in the past and chasing him until he succumbs to death. Before dying, Sam kisses the hooded man who manifests himself to him as a handsome blond man. Big Daddy continues to claim the lives of those infected by the virus (presented as a montage for the viewers with the song Radio-Aktivität by Kraftwerk playing), waiting in front of an open grave for victims to fall into, and haunting Gino into the 1990s. His true nature is revealed by a graffiti with the word 'Daddy' sprayed in red paint across a poster depicting a Plague Doctor on the subway. [8]

Personality and Appearance[]

Big Daddy presents as a very tall man, with tanned skin and a muscular body. He always appears wearing a leather hood, a harness over his bare, hairless chest, leather slacks and boots as well as leather wristbands and gloves. Big Daddy's appearance is based on common outfits of the leather gay community. He towers over his victim that are easily overpowered by his strength. As for Big Daddy's personality, this entity did not disclose much except indiscriminate violence and lurking around his victims, especially those with the virus.

Powers and Abilities[]

Big Daddy is a supernatural entity who appeared to be the incarnation of the 1980’s gay BDSM and leather culture, as well as the mysterious virus taking the lives of those in New York City. As such, he possessed various supernatural abilities, even those revolving around the virus, almost acting as a violent Grim Reaper of the gay community and those who possessed the virus.

  • Nigh-Omnipresence: Big Daddy was present anywhere and everywhere the gay community was present, as well as the virus, which drew him towards his victims.
  • Teleportation: Big Daddy could transport himself from one location to another.
  • Claircognizance: Big Daddy also possessed knowledge and the locations of all individuals with the mysterious virus eventually identified as HIV/AIDS in their systems.
  • Enhanced Strength: Big Daddy possessed above average strength as he was seeing ripping through a solid wooden door with his bare hands and even hurling others halfway across a room.
  • Shapeshifting: Big Daddy showed one instance of changing his form when his mask was removed, he became an entirely different younger man.
  • Regeneration: Big Daddy was seen being shot in the back of the head with a gun, and survived, as if it never happened.
  • Invisibility: Big Daddy could only be seen by the gay community, especially those with the mysterious virus in their blood system.
  • Weapon Creation: Big Daddy has been seen creating weapons like chains, knives, and even machine guns to use to kill his victims.
  • Fog Generation: Big Daddy has been seen in golfed in fog, as if it was coming from him, lurking and watching his future victims.
  • Death Inducement (possibility): it is unclear or not if big daddy actually possessed the power to kill others, even though he was seen doing so numerous times, he could actually be acting as the mysterious virus itself when it takes the lives of those who have it in their bloodstream, no longer being able to fight it off.



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