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"Black Out" is the fourth episode of "American Horror Story: NYC". It premiered October 26, 2022 on FX.


As darkness consumes the city, evil takes root in the unlikeliest of places... [1]


As Gino tries desperately to escape, Whitely taunts Patrick on his way out of the hospital. Patrick hears a gentle thump from the exhausted and freezing Gino from inside the morgue drawer and pulls out the tray bearing his bound lover.

The next morning, Gino scratches what he believes are flea bites. He accuses Patrick of having brought them home. Patrick denies this and says he will bring home a cream to ease the discomfort. They prepare for the hottest day of the year.

At the Native, Gino reads aloud Adam's first article. Adam is using a pseudonym to distance himself from the article, and Gino encourages him to put more of his outraged recollections into the story.

At the Neptune Baths, Kathy auditions and hires a new singer in drag, Inappropriately Kathy. Gino asks for an interview, which she rebuffs. He threatens to call her a false friend to the gay community, based on her indifference to the missing patrons. She implies that the establishment is mob owned, and wants to avoid publicity. She eventually agrees to defend the community as a long time ally and concerned business owner, but is not sure it will help in ther much darker climate. Illnesses are becoming more common, as are blocks on emergency services. On the record, she asks the police to do something.

Mulcahey and Patrick investigate a messy crime scene with Marzara. Hans is a quickly decomposing corpse, discovered by Daniel, with slashes and blunt force wounds. Skin lesions and cat bites complicate the obvious markers. Patrick suggests that Daniel is not a suspect, and that they wait for the autopsy before accusing anyone. He stays behind to call Gino.

Theo returns home, and while Sam seems concerned he says he is checking for evidence of another man. Theo tells him about the fire at the Ascension, but quickly pivots to Sam's own activities with captive men. Theo is frightened about the growing darkness that Sam is clearly involved in. Theo wants something simpler, and Sam wants to redefine their relationship rules instead of breaking up. Sam asks if Theo thinks he is capable of being a violent killer, and Theo is forced to admit he does. Sam taunts him, threatening to pull all of his successful ventures. Theo gets as far as dialing 911, but walks away before saying anything.

Gino is furious at the Native and wants Adam to be more assertice in combatting the situation. A figure follows Adam to his apartment, where Adam finds Theo. Theo wants to make a grander gesture to show he wants to be with the young reporter, and Adam invites him inside. They move to the bed, and wake that dusk. A growling message awaits Adam on his answering machine as the overtaxed power grid blacks out. Adam answers the phone, thinking it's an aggressor, but it is Morris inviting him to a party at the warehouse.

Marzara calls Patrick into his office to confront him about Gino, and accuses him of leaking the investigation details. Patrick confirms to his captain that he is a gay man, but that he is also a decorated officer. The power goes out, and Marzara tells his detective to go out and keep the peace.

Barbara confronts Gino about Patrick, and insists that her former husband is involved in the killings. Gino accuses her of harrassment, but she insists that she sympathizes with Gino. When the power goes out, she begs him to demand the truth from Patrick.

Patrick's desk phone rings: Whitely taunts the detective with an open season on hunting in the dark. Whitely acknowledges seeing each other at the hospital, and says that Gino will soon write about something memorable. Patrick writes his notes about his suspect profile and takes Mulcahy to Central Park.

Adam walks the darkened street, and Sam offers him a ride. Adam says he does not want to get entangled with Sam and Theo's relationship, and Sam offers to buy the young man's distance. Adam refuses and gets out.

The detectives take a patrol car to a pay phone in the park, where a leather hooded and harnessed figure attacks Patrick with a melee weapon. Patrick gets a shot off, believing he has missed, but his assailant is gone. Mulchaey retrieves him, and Whitely hunts another victim.

At the warehouse, Daniel tries to wake and disperse the many men laying around in a haze. He yells that it's not safe, but Cameron tries to send him away. Daniel tells the assembled that Hans is dead, and was sick. Adam enters and backs Daniel up with a warning about the serial killer. Adam tries to organize a resistance.

Patrick finds Gino at home, and tells him that he came out to Marzara. Gino asks Patrick about the leather hood Barbara brought and wants full disclosure about everything. Patrick admits he has been with many anonymous men and always hid out of desperation and compulsion. Gino accuses Patrick of needing the secret shameful encounters more than needing a stable relationship, and only admitting truth when about to be caught. Gino's fury escalates into a heart attack. At the hospital, Dr Sandoval tells Gino and Patrick that the attack is from an infectious fever. She asks if they live with cats, as the "Cat Scratch Fever" is flea-borne. Gino glares at Patrick and turns away in accusation.

Daniel and Cameron walk through Central Park and see Whitely with a severed head. Daniel wants to follow, and Cameron does not. They follow Whitely to a powered area, and the pair enter the apartment building where they believe Whitely lives. Against Daniel's fears, Whitely holds the elevator door for them. The power blacks out, and Whitely says he was cramped in small dark spaces in a tank in Vietnam. Lit by matches, Whitely admits that he knows that they know what the meaty smell is from in his bag. He raises a knife overhead while the power flickers.

Featured Characters[]


Cultural References[]

  • Whitely and Big Daddy's murder frenzy is a reference to real-life infamous 25-hour blackout in 1977.
  • Gino gets diagnosed with Cat Scratch Fever. As the Kaposi's sarcoma from "Something's Coming", it involves afflictions in the lymph nodes, a similarity that could lend credibility to Fran's theory.
  • Kathy Pizazz claims she was Grand Marshal during the first NYC Pride March in 1971.

Raised Questions[]

  • Was Gino infected by Patrick?
  • Is Barbara right about her ex-husband?
  • Who killed Hans?
  • Are Sam and Theo safe from Sam?


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