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The official word on Charlie's death was a brain aneurysm. But the doctors had never seen anything quite like it before. The blood. All that blood.
Zoe Benson[src]

"Black Widow" is the moniker given by Madison Montgomery[2] to describe the involuntary ability to cause fatal hemorrhaging via sexual intercourse. It is one of the magical abilities displayed in Coven


"Black Widow" is the involuntary magical ability to kill someone by causing fatal haemorrhages through sexual intercourse upon penetration. This power does not work on those that were resurrected from death, as seen with Kyle Spencer and Madison Montgomery.[3] The witch Zoe Benson was born with this ability, and her great-grandmother had the same affliction (who was also a witch). Zoe first became aware of her power when she accidentally killed her boyfriend, Charlie, when she was planning on losing her virginity, much to her horror. She later raped Archie to exact revenge for indirectly causing the death of Kyle Spencer(who had led the gang rape of Madison), killing him violently with her dark power, and leaving him in the hospital.[1] She later admits to what she had done, but the officers she told were made to forget about it by Fiona Goode.[2]

Known Users[]


  • "Black Widow" clearly resembles the Succubus, which kills those who it engages in sexual intercourse with. However, the succubus also absorbs the soul of the men it lies with.
  • It is implied that Ghosts, Zombies and Androids are immune to the effects of Black Widow, as in the case of injury transference, as ghosts lack of physical bodies, zombies are already dead and androids' structures are different from Humans'.


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