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Bonnie Lipton is a young girl kidnapped by Twisty the Clown. She is a character in Freak Show portrayed by Skyler Samuels. She was held hostage in Twisty's bus after he killed her boyfriend at Lake Okeechobee.

Personality and Appearance[]

Bonnie was an attractive young woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. She was confident (taking initiative in her romantic relationship), compassionate (indulging dirty clowns), resourceful, brave, and maternal.


Near Lake Okeechobee, Bonnie and her boyfriend, Troy, are having a romantic picnic. Wanting to move things along, Bonnie produces two stolen condoms. However, Troy insists that he must first go retrieve a gift from the car. Upon his brief departure a clown in filthy clothes approaches the young girl. Despite his somewhat grisly appearance, Bonnie thinks he may have been hired by Troy. After accepting a bouquet of flowers, Twisty then prepares to juggle. However, when Troy rushes back from the truck in alarm, Twisty knocks them both unconscious with his juggling pins. When Bonnie regains consciousness she sees Twisty stabbing her boyfriend repeatedly with shears. Terrified, she tries to make a run for it but fails to escape the killer clown.

A few days after her imprisonment at Twisty's campground, Bonnie is joined by Corey Bachman, a second kidnapping victim whose parents were killed by Twisty. Corey sits huddled in a corner of the cage and hugs his knees to his chest. Bonnie shares her food with the younger boy, squeezing some bread through their cage divider. Corey accepts a single piece without a word and then huddles back into a ball. Bonnie attempts to comfort the boy, assuring him that they will be found eventually and that his parents will never stop searching for him. Corey looks deadpan and tells her that he thinks Twisty killed his parents.

It's not long before their dreaded captor returns. With intentions of entertaining his two prisoners, Twisty begins his performance. The confusion of the two captives quickly turns to fear when the clown accidentally pops his balloon animal and flies into a rage.[1]

She manages to rip a nail-spiked plank of wood out of the door and hides it, waiting for the perfect time to hit Twisty with it and hopefully make her getaway. Although she was scared by the decapitated head Twisty brought back into her cage, she successfully hits him and gets out of the bus. She runs into Dandy Mott and pleads for help but is instead carried by him back to her captor.[2] While trapped in the caravan, Bonnie is terrorized by Twisty's failed entertainments and becomes malnourished from a lack of food.

On Halloween, Dandy Mott dressed up as a clown to terrorize her and Corey while Twisty is away.[3] He finds Bonnie and Corey alone, and offers them some packaged candy. Corey reaches through the cage and takes a piece. Dandy then turns to Bonnie and offers the candy, but she is wary and doesn't move any closer. She flinches and scrambles further backward as Dandy begins to stab a knife and stick through the cage.

Twisty returns with an unconscious Mike, his latest victim. Mike wakes up inside the caravan and Bonnie assures him that neither of them are going to die there. Corey has fainted from hunger but Mike manages to untie Bonnie's feet at her instruction. She just barely manages to pull her feet free from the rope and hide the rope beneath her skirt before Twisty returns. Mike remains tied up. When Twisty opens the cage, Bonnie waits for Twisty to turn his back and then pushes him over, fleeing through the trees and screaming for help. Bonnie makes it to the road and manages to attract the attention of Jimmy and Maggie as Twisty tackles her from behind and knocks her out. Twisty throws Bonnie over his shoulder and returns her to his camp. Jimmy and Maggie discreetly follow Twisty back to the caravan, vowing to help Bonnie. They are captured along with her when Dandy sneaks up behind them and knocks them over the head. Bonnie is seated on the ground outside as Dandy and Twisty perform for them. She watches Maggie nearly get sawed in half during Dandy's act, before Jimmy knocks him over and yells at them to run. As they all flee, Maggie tells Bonnie and the other kids to run to the road. They are found by bystanders and the police are called. Their ordeal comes to an end.


  • Bonnie: (to Twisty) What happened to the rest of your mask?
  • Bonnie: (to Troy about Twisty) You didn't hire him?
  • Bonnie: (to Corey) Somebody. Will. Find us.