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"Boy Parts" is the second episode of Coven. It premiered October 16, 2013.


Fiona helps Zoe and Madison deal with a horrible tragedy. Delphine LaLaurie struggles to adjust to modern life. Cordelia faces a dark decision about her family. [1]


In the Louisiana bayou, two Cajun poachers return with their catch, a dead alligator. Misty Day appears and wanders around their camp, horrified by all of the hung alligators. She resurrects their catches, and the alligators kill both of the poachers.

In the Academy, Cordelia tells everyone to prepare for the morning gathering. Zoe is still upset over Kyle's death and obsessively researches him on the internet. Madison insincerely apologizes for killing him, saying that Kyle would have died anyway if he tried sleeping with Zoe and her Black Widow powers. Meanwhile, Fiona is holding Delphine LaLaurie captive, trying to find out what is keeping her alive, but Delphine's fear of modern technology makes her a difficult charge.

During the morning gathering, Queenie recalls her life in Detroit working in a chicken restaurant, where she used her powers to burn an unruly customer's arm. That incident eventually led to Cordelia finding her. Queenie tells the other girls that she is the heir to the slave witch Tituba, the first to be accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials.

Two police detectives come in to question Zoe and Madison about the bus crash because they were seen during the party. While Madison calmly denies being involved with their deaths, Zoe panics and breaks down when they point out the similarly odd deaths of Archie and her deceased boyfriend. They mention that Archie's aneurysm occurred immediately after Zoe's visit to the hospital. Zoe begins to babble about Madison's gang rape as well as their identity as witches, which gave Madison the power to flip the bus. Fiona intervenes by enchanting the police with concilium. She nearly kills a convulsing detective who tries to resist her control. She tells them to never investigate the bus accident again.

After they leave, Fiona marches upstairs to the girls' bedroom and promptly slams them both against walls with her telekinesis power. She angrily berates Zoe and Madison for leaving a trail that would lead suspicion back to them and is harder on Zoe, who not only visited Archie's hospital room but also tried to reveal their secret while under pressure. She reminds them that even the weakest (Zoe) among them is better than the strongest of 'them', and the only thing the girls have to fear is her.

Madison and Zoe break into the morgue, with Madison wanting to pay Zoe back for killing Archie. She stole a spell of Cordelia's and plans to bring Kyle back to life. When they find all the frat brothers dismembered, she plans to build the "perfect boyfriend" using the best parts of each boy. They manage to stitch up "the perfect boyfriend" with Kyle's head and perform the ritual, but Kyle's body remains lifeless. Madison goes back to the car, leaving Zoe behind when she sees another car pulling up to the morgue. Zoe kisses Kyle goodbye, apologizing for making him involved with witches but hides when a man enters.

Elsewhere, Misty senses that she is not alone. The driver finds Zoe hiding, but before he can react, he is attacked and killed by a reanimated Kyle. They flee the morgue with a lot of difficulties, with Kyle seizing uncontrollably and mute. While Zoe is driving, Misty sits up from the back seat and offers her help. They drive to Misty's cabin in the bayou, where Misty uses a poultice to fix Kyle's scars – the same poultice she used to cure herself after she resurrected herself after being burned alive. She offers to take care of Kyle until he is healed.

Cordelia and her husband Hank visit a fertility doctor for an ultrasound and consultation. Despite efforts to improve her fertility through medical means there has been no change and the doctor suggests IVF. Hank wants her to use her powers to help them, but creating life with powers is considered dark magic and she does not want to use her powers for self-serving reasons like her mother does. He tells her that using dark magic is not self-serving but will help them start a family of their own. Later, she brews a potion and performs a sex ritual with Hank using dark magic.

Fiona tries again with Delphine, who is shocked that nearly 180 years have passed. She recalls that the faux love potion was actually a vial of immortality and, upon waking up after passing out, found Marie Laveau outside her home with a mob of black slaves.  They had already hanged her family from the balcony. Marie Laveau then ordered the slaves to lock Delphine in a coffin and bury her.

Fiona visits a hair salon where a youthful Marie appears to serve her. Both women know each other for their titles. They debate on the origin of their powers, with Marie saying it originated from African priestesses who became slaves, while Fiona says that slaves were too dumb to be witches. Fiona subtly threatens to expose Marie and says that she wants immortality like Marie and Delphine, but Marie laughs at her and calls her bodyguards. In response, Fiona conjures a distracting fire in the shop, then leaves.

Back in the Academy, Nan is annoyed by Delphine's loud thoughts and sets her free so she may leave. Queenie runs into Delphine, who insults her at which Queenie fights back. Angered by the impertinence of an apparent slave, Delphine knocks her unconscious with a candlestick to the head.

That night, after her staff leaves her salon, Marie goes to her voodoo room, where she tells the Minotaur that Delphine is back, unchaining him and telling him they have business to attend to. On the streets of New Orleans, Fiona manages to find Delphine outside her old home, which has been turned to a macabre museum. Delphine says she does not care what others think of her and is still mourning over the deaths of her daughters, whom she loved very much, and wishes to die. Fiona sympathizes, feeling the same way about Cordelia, but warns Delphine to never try and run again or she will be re-buried.


  • Queenie: "I grew up on white girl shit, like Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Cracker."
  • Fiona Goode: "Maybe in another century, you could have two shit-hole salons."
  • Nan: "You think too loud!"
  • Zoe: "Did we just marry the Devil? 'Cause I don't know if I'm down with that."
  • Marie Laveau: "And what is your wish, witch?"
  • Marie: "The hammer wants the nail's magic? Oh, that is rich!"
  • Madison
    Is this where we all sing Kum-Bah-Yah?
    Bitch, I will eat you!