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"Boy Wonder" is the fifth episode of Apocalypse. It premiered on October 10, 2018.[1]


Beset by visions of a terrifying future, Cordelia lets Michael attempt the Seven Wonders. A wealthy new student joins the coven. John Henry's suspicions are short lived. Michael's test brings back a familiar face along with a chorus of warnings.[2]


While unconscious, Cordelia has a vision of the end of the world. In her vision, she's eaten by zombies that appear to be under the control of a white-faced demon. When she wakes up, she's reunited with Madison Montgomery and Queenie. She tells the warlocks of Hawthorne School about her vision and agrees to let Michael Langdon take the Test of the Seven Wonders in two weeks time. She tells him that if he succeeds then it'll change everything.

Back at Miss Robichaux’s Academy, Myrtle Snow isn't happy about Cordelia allowing a man to take the Test of the Seven Wonders. Cordelia says that she's seen what's ahead and that she's scared that if she doesn't let Langdon take the test she'll become just like her mother. Cordelia says that at some point she has to identify a successor. Myrtle mentions Mallory, about how she completely reversed the wounds of a dead doe and brought it back to its youth. Cordelia tells Myrtle that she can't deny Langdon's power and that she is fading. Her powers are growing weaker and she feels that she's dying. Mallory interrupts them and tells Cordelia that her two o'clock is here to see her.

Cordelia meets with Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt and her father. Her father is sure that Coco has magical powers but Coco says that she's only a gluten detector. Cordelia introduces Coco to Mallory and asks that Mallory show Coco around. Meanwhile, at Hawthorne School, the warlocks have gathered to bless Langdon so that he'll be successful in passing the Test. John Henry Moore isn't so sure about Langdon. He decides to go to New Orleans and warn Cordelia of his bad feelings about Langdon. Behold Chablis tries to stop him but John Henry uses his magic to get away. On his way there, he stops at a gas station. He helps a disguised Miriam Mead pump gas but she ends up cutting his Achille's heel. He collapses onto the ground and she slits his throat too. To finish him off she pours gasoline on him and sets him on fire.

Miriam returns to Hawthorne and reunites with Langdon. She tells him that she took care of John Henry. Langdon is relieved because now he can focus on infiltrating the coven and destroying it from within. Miriam reveals that it was Ariel Augustus who told her about John Henry. The day of the Test of the Seven Wonders arrives. Langdon passes each test with flying colors. They come to the final test, the Descensum, and Cordelia asks Michael to bring back Misty Day. Ariel gets upset because he feels that Cordelia is changing the rules. Langdon interrupts their squabble and agrees to bring Misty back. Langdon descends into the netherworld where Misty is stuck reliving her dissection memory over and over. Langdon returns and brings back Misty with him. He's obviously weakened from the task. Cordelia is overjoyed to see Misty but ends up getting a nosebleed. Langdon tells her that he did everything that she asked. Cordelia confirms that he is the next Supreme.

Misty brings some tea for Cordelia who's resting and tells Cordelia that she should've left her in Hell. That there is something wrong with Langdon. Cordelia tells them that Langdon will never be the next Supreme. That she only gave him the test because she had to know how strong he was. She tells them that she can feel something is coming but that they have an advantage because all her girls have been brought back. Misty tells her that she can't fight because she's been in Hell for too long. Cordelia tells her that she needs to heal and calls Stevie Nicks to come and sing for Misty. Cordelia pulls Madison aside and tells her to go to Murder House to find out more about Michael. Behold overhears their conversation and tells them that he's going with them. Madison asks what's so special about this place and Cordelia tells her that it's where it at all began.


  • Cordelia: "I saw what's ahead. Carnage. The end of the world. My girls.. dead."
  • Myrtle Snow (to Cordelia Goode)
    Let Fiona teach us one thing: Passing the Seven Wonders does not inherently mean one is fit to lead the coven.
  • Myrtle Snow (regarding Mallory resurrecting a deer)
    I was out with some of the girls, gathering herbs for a ratatouille, and she evidenced something... most extraordinary. Mallory did not just heal the wounds. She undid them. It was unlike any magic I had ever seen.
  • Cordelia: "My powers are leaving me. I've been growing weaker. I feel it... I'm dying."
  • Cordelia (to Coco)
    The moment you feel your powers growing, developing into something meaningful... There's no feeling on Earth like it.
  • Michael Langdon (to Miriam Mead about his plan)
    These people are the only ones who could pose a threat to me. Once I become Supreme, I can destroy them from within, eliminate their whole fucking coven. Then the road will be clear for me to do what I was born to do.
  • Ariel Augustus: "I for one can't wait to see those bitches squirm with a man in charge. Finally on top, where we belong."
  • Ariel Augustus
    What I think, Cordelia, is that you are your mother's daughter, who I knew fairly well. You may come with a kinder facade, but deep down, you're nothing more than a weak, frightened woman, just like Fiona.
    Cordelia Goode
    With a flick of my finger, I could crush your larynx and tear it from your throat. Do not for one second think I am weak. I have humored you men, and coddled your fragile egos, but in no way does that mean you actually have a say. I outrank you. I can destroy you. So I suggest you fall in line, because I am still your Supreme.

  • Cordelia to Misty Day: "I knew you for such a short time, and I've missed you forever."
  • Misty to Cordelia (about Langdon): "That man you sent to fetch me, he gives me the heebie-jeebies. There is something wrong with him."


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