Brooke Thompson is a wide-eyed ingenue whose new friends coerce her into spending a hellish summer at Camp Redwood[1]. She is a character in 1984 portrayed by Emma Roberts.


Brooke grew up being the smartest kid in her class, coming in first in many subjects. Joey Cavanaugh was jealous of Brooke's intelligence and always came in second. He began nasty rumors about her, which resulted in her classmates refusing to speak to her. Brooke purposely started to fail her classes so that the awful rumors would stop. Once Joey achieved being the top of the class; he asked Brooke out for ice cream. The two started to date and soon became engaged. 

In the summer of 1983, Brooke was planning to marry Joey, despite his jealous nature. During their wedding, he grows suspicious and shoots his best man, Sam and Mr. Thompson because he thinks Brooke cheated on him with Sam. He then shoots himself, leaving Brooke traumatized.[2]

Personality and Appearance

Brooke is a short brunette with long straight hair and is a jewelry enthusiast. She is often in formal and cozy outfits.

Brooke is an innocent young woman who appears to have interests in serial killers. Despite her purity, she happens to be fragile and easily peer-pressured into drinking with her fellow counselors. Her encounter with Richard Ramirez left her traumatized and highly cautious regarding any threat. Brooke carries minor knowledge of medicine from her veterinary background and assisted Ray Powell in bandaging his cut.

During the course of the series, after getting incriminated for the crimes committed by Margaret Booth, Brooke started to have a slow change of attitude, being more aggressive and hellbent. Despite that, she refused to give in to the darkness during her confrontation with Richard Ramirez in the prison, who asked her about a deal with Satan. After her execution, and later resurrected by Donna Chambers, Brooke promised that she will seek revenge on Margaret because she "stole" her life after getting framed for the crimes.

Although she was trying to avenge her lost life and stop the carnage in Camp Redwood, Brooke still showed signs of purity, specially with Ray, who knew that she "deserves better in life". At the end of the day, Brooke knew that there will be a better life by leaving the bloodshed in the past.


Brooke's plans to study veterinary medicine over the summer of 1984 were suddenly derailed after a deranged serial killer broke into her apartment, stole her jewelry, and vowed to murder her. Attempting to flee the killer's intentions, she joined her new group of friends to participate as a counselor at Camp Redwood, aiming to dodge The Night Stalker's menacing threat to return and kill her. Xavier accidentally hits a hiker and they bring him to camp.

After Margaret Booth gives a tour around the camp, the counselors settle down in a cabin and a heated arguement between Chet and Ray stirs up, resulting in Chet accidentally gashing Ray's palms with a beer can. Brooke volunteers to assist Ray with his cut, but spots the hiker in the infirmary, who expresses his confusion regarding the camp's reopening and urges her to leave. She instead guides him back to his bed, but, later on, is horrified to catch a glimpse of a figure in a raincoat out in the window, and turns around to notice the hiker's dead corpse on the door. Fleeing the place, she is immedietly followed by a limping Benjamin Richter but makes it back to the counselor's cabin and panics to everyone of Mr. Jingle's return. The skeptical crew search the camp which turns to be clear. Margaret Booth soon shows up, seperating the counselors and reminding them to brace for tomorrow's big day.

Unable to sleep, Brooke hears the pay phone ringing (despite the hiker saying earlier the lines were down). She answers the line and hears the jingling of keys, while she herself is observed by the Night Stalker from afar.[3] Brooke escapes Rameriez and goes to Montana. Brooke explains how she almost got married and Montana kisses her much to Brooke's surprise. Brooke goes to get fresh air and she finds Karen's body and Brooke is almost killed by Rameriez but she escapes again. Brooke runs into Montana and they find Blake's body. The consulers try to leave but they are stopped by Rita and they accidentally break the car. They need to split up to get Rita's keys. They go in a cabin and are being observed by Jingles.

Brooke and Rita escape Rameriez and they go to Rita's car and Rita drugs her and Rita explains she is Donna. Brooke escapes Donna but she is captured again by Donna and is bait for Jingles. Luckily, Brooke escapes Jingles. Brooke runs into Xavier and they find Blake's car.

Brooke and the others watch Margaret knock Xavier out of self defense. Brooke and Montana take Xavier into a cabin and when Montana almost kills Brooke, Brooke goes outside to see Ray. Ray and her go to the kitchen where they have sex. Brooke goes to get a drink and finds Ray's head and she screams and leaves. She goes back to Montana and Montana assures her she is not a ghost. Montana goes to kill her but she runs away and Montana follows her. Brooke kills Montana out of self defense but the kids on the bus see her do it. Margaret blames Brooke for the murders and Brooke is arrested. 

Brooke goes to prison and is constantly asked by Rameriez to follow Satan which every time she refuses. Brooke is later  put to death by the prison. She is later brought back to life by Donna.

Brooke is being taking care of by Donna and they go out for a day of fun where they meet Bruce. They later give Bruce a ride to his girlfriend's house. Brooke feels uneasy with him there and they get pulled over. Bruce shoots the cop and Donna and Brooke leave. They are later rear ended by Bruce. Brooke wakes up and sees Donna on the pavement of the road tied to the car. Brooke can either kill Donna or she can be killed. Brooke goes to "kill" Donna and Donna ducks down on the pavement before she is run over. Brooke shoots Bruce and the girls cut his thumbs off. Brooke and Donna head to Redwood.

Brooke and Donna go to have breakfast and have a little conversation with Stacey. Stacey later blackmails them. Brooke takes Stacey to Redwood where she almost kills Stacey but Donna stops her and Brooke and Donna decide to be final girls. 

Brooke brings Trevor into Redwood before he dies showing Brooke forgives Montana. Brooke and Donna are attacked by Margaret and Brooke is shot. Ray takes Brooke and helps her escape Redwood. Brooke escapes and doesn't die. Donna and Bobby go to visit Brooke and Brooke explains she has been giving money to Bobby. Donna and Brooke agree they are now final girls.


  • Brooke Thompson: "I heard serial killers become more active in the summer months when it's hot."
  • To Chet Clancy: "Just stay away from me. Everyone I get close to ends up getting hurt."
  • Brooke Thompson: "Don't have to imagine the worst when it's already happened."
  • Brooke Thompson: "Nobody ever believes me."
  • To Ray Powell: "Did you hit your head or something?"
  • Brooke Thompson: "Is everyone in this whole fucking place dead?"
  • To Donna Chambers: "I was wrong. I do have a reason to live... and it's to see her die."
  • To Donna Chambers: "1,825 days... that's how long I spent locked up in that hellhole. I counted every single one. I counted days, I counted cracks in the ceilling, I counted how many times I've blinked in a fucking hour, just to take my mind off everything I was missing on the outside!"
  • To Ray Powell: "I'm sorry if you have to stay here. You don't deserve this either."


  • Brooke is the fourth character portrayed by Emma Roberts. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • Brooke shares her surname with Bob Thompson, a news anchor from Cult.
  • Brooke also shares her surname with Nancy Thompson, the protagonist of the 1984 horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • She is one of the two main characters to survive the season, the other being Donna Chambers.
  • Brooke is the first character portrayed by Emma Roberts that survived the season(s) she appeared in. 



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